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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree, that some things about the perfect Creator can never be understood by his creation. But I feel we should not linger around these questions, because it leads to confusion, and confusion leads to denial. May Allah protect our faith until the day we die, Inshallah.
  2. Walaykum Salam, Dua Adeelah Munajat Imam Ali Ziyarat Ashura (not really a dua, but very helpful for reaching that connection with Allah before you make your dua.)
  3. The concept of Allah, is that Allah created time and space, and he exists outside of it. How can a thing occur in him, which he himself has made to occur! Yes Allah is eternal, his being precedes time itself. The Islamic concept of Allah, is that he is a perfect being, following this, he must be outside of time and space.
  4. I am not simply "asserting" it. Please read online about necessary/possible existent, you will find that an eternal "thing" had to have existed for us to come into existence, with this, the eternal "thing" had to be intelligent, and have a will to be able to decide to create us. It does not work any other way. If the eternal "thing" did not have a will, it would not have randomly decided us to come into existence. But again, the truth is clear only for those who seek it. Please review evidences with an unbiased heart, and you will realize that God is the only thing that makes sense.
  5. This Universe needs an intelligent being to bring it into existence, no other way is possible, not infinite, not eternal "thing", it has to be willing, perfect, necessary existent, Creator
  6. You would believe something like the "Theory of evolution" which is so impossible, it has an absurd amount of coincidences, and flaws. And you reject the belief that makes so sense, to have a perfect creator based on the design and planning we see, the miracles performed by the Prophets and Imams, the arguments to prove Allah; ethics and morality, human rationality, cause and effect, necessary existent, possible being, and the innate nature we have to be lead to religion.
  7. It is wrong to say we have been veiled about the reality of our sins. Because we know about the equivalent of committing some acts, as you stated, we know exactly what the reality is. If you don't like to engage with people that makes assumptions and personal analysis', why are you doing the exact same by stating things about historic religions with no proof, or outright false data.
  8. Maybe the prophets were killed, maybe the people deviated from the right path. One thing you need to understand is that humans have had major growth in population; a community could have gotten a messenger to warn them, accepted them or denied them, and had grown so much so, that the generation of maori, aborginal people of Australia etc forgot the teachings, or lost them. Again, as I said, maybe hindus got a messenger and the Islamic path, from which they deviated, and grew greatly, Allah knows how many nations were destroyed though.
  9. This Universe does need god in order to exist. Something unconscious could not have brought this Universe into existence. That "thing" needed to have a will to bring this Universe into existence, to design it, to plan. It was an intelligent being, with a will and conscience; Allah.
  10. Yes I agree, he needs to elaborate on the Quran. Muslims today understand everything from Quran, and ahadith, and they go hand in hand.
  11. Even if there isn't "proof" for 124,000 communities believing in monotheism, there is no denial that monotheism is really large today, which shows how acceptable it is by people who conclude it is the most rational. There is obviously evidence for monotheism? All the muslims today are included. Please explain. It could not have been fabricated, based on the trustworthy people who wrote about it, and described it in exactly the same way. It was not a one time thing, Imam Ali was a lion on the battlefield, and his fighting has been called miraculous, and you can't claim that all the battles were fabricated. Seriously, people had better things to do than fabricate an entire religion, and have the exact same detail. People had better things to do, but of course there have been small fabrications to either attack someone or change for their liking certain subjects. However, these fabrications are easily debunked, because of how we know to prove ahadith authenticity, by the narrator chains. They can't be found everywhere, and even if they are, based on Islamic beliefs, most muslims have been truthful. You don't need to be biased, you can see for yourself with the miracle we have present today; Quran, and then based on the miracles in the Quran, which are there because it is the word of Allah, you can conclude that it is possible for other miracles be performed by prophets, and by Imams (another debate) Im sorry but I will need you to write out your understanding and doubt about the Quran, everything comes back to this fundamental belief, especially on miracles.
  12. Since the earliest times of human history, man had attained faith in God, worshipped Him alone in sincerity and manifested a deep relationship with Him. This took place before man reached any stage of purely philosophical reasoning or the comprehension of the methods of demonstration. This faith was not the child of class struggle, nor was it the invention of exploiters or tyrants as a justification of their exploitation. It was not the invention of the exploited in order to justify their own suffering. This is because faith has preceded all such conflicts in human history. Faith in God was not born out of fear and the feeling of awe in the face of natural catastrophes and nature's unpredictable behavior. For, had faith been born of fear, or had it been the result of awe, then the most religious among men throughout history would have been the ones most given to fear and dread. On the contrary, those who have carried the torch of faith across the ages have been people of great strength, of character and will. This faith, rather, expresses a fundamental inclination in man to be devoted to his Creator. It manifests a pure conscience enabling him to discern the connection between man and his Lord and between God and the universe which He created.
  13. These people are searching for the truth, all we can do is provide it, and hope they have an unbiased heart to allow them to understand it. These people used to be muslims, and might just be going through a difficult time, we should try to help.
  14. Interesting that you did not challenge my cause and effect explanation. Regarding your counterargument. Firstly, you need to acknowledge that the 124,000 Prophets were sent to every nation, but obviously, many probably were killed before they made an influence. As you said, people were already worshipping "something". This provides three points: 1. The people would have gotten frustrated when a man, sometimes from their own community, tells them their gods, and idols are fake. This lead to Prophets being killed. 2. As seen in the Quran, the people who rejected the Prophets probably met a punishment 3. The Prophets gave the supply of religion, people were already demanding for. Point 3 is exactly why the atheists are to be pitied, for they reject their own self, the satisfaction of following the right path. Everyone already has the natural inner search for a creator, or religion. All the Prophets were sent to do, is follow the right path, and follow it correctly. In fact, the basic preaching of all the Prophets was a call to monotheism, not a proof of the existence of God. They negated the worthiness of idols, of the sun, the moon and the stars, to be worshipped, so that man's inner and natural thirst for worship should not be satisfied by recourse to external objects such as these and they might, instead, seek all their aims and values in a firm arc ascending to the true object of worship. My claims of people performing miracles can be confirmed if one understands. If you accept the Quran as the word of Allah, then you will accept the Prophets and the miracles they performed. As for the other miracles, for example Imam Ali lifting the door in Khaybar, a door that took 40+ men to lift, he lifted with ease. When I read the ahadith from the time this happened, there are many accounts that tell the story. It is literally in history. It wouldn't be in history if it was a fake. If the battle of Khaybar is in history, then it means it is true, since the people experiencing it were held accountable. If we know the battle took place, then all the people who saw it have told us that Imam Ali lifted the door, and they are primary, truthful sources. Many ahadith can be explained by the sheer number of people reporting it. It is absurd to think that so many people would fabricate the same event, with some people who did not even know others. The Quran is not just amazing writing, it is impossible writing. The Quran has scientific verses, every single one has either not happened yet, or it was true. 1400 years ago, you think some illiterate arab pagan would just think he wants to say all of this, all made up by him? It is simply impossible to think like this. A book written 1400 years ago which is 100% truthful until today, and it still has relevance today. We are lucky to have this book today, because it is a guide and a miracle for us. As for my last paragraph, I don't know some Pascal, but I do know that this wager was taught by my beautiful Imams, 1100+ years ago.
  15. I understand because I have taken martial arts, and have also prayed with no result. You cannot say that there haven't been results, because you do not know the result that would have been, if you didn't pray during that time. Prayer is a beautiful thing, and it cannot be compared to martial arts, but I understand what you mean. Maybe whatever prayer you had has not been answered because it is not good for you, and maybe you will receive it in the future. I advise you to stay a practicing Muslim, even if you think it is useless, or even if you cannot practice with complete faith, for indeed if there is a hereafter, then the Muslim will be saved, and the Atheist will perish, and if there isn't, then the Atheist and the Muslim will be on the same level. Pray with sincerity, for Allah to guide you, he hears all prayers. I know you are going through a difficult time, but you will get through it, Inshallah. My prayers are with you.
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