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  1. Are there any other Shia matrimonial sites out there, I tried shiamatch Mod Note: https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235047390-marriage-help-and-advice/
  2. How does a Shia respond to this? I thought it was just Sunni? Brethren of Sincerity The Sabians were an important influence on the fifty-two treatises of the Ikhwan al Safa wa Khullan al Wafa, or “The Brethren of Sincerity and Loyal Friends,” a brotherhood that flourished in the city of Basra in Iraq, which was an important source of inspiration for much of Sufi tradition, as well as Jewish scholars of Kabbalah.[14] It is also generally agreed that the Epistles of the Ikhwan al Safa wa Khullan al Wafa were composed by leading proponents of the Ismailis, a sect of the Shia.[15] According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Shia sect was founded by a Yemeni Jew named Abdallah ibn Saba who embraced Islam. When Mohammed’s son-in-law Ali became Caliph, Abdallah ascribed divine honors to him whereupon Ali banished him. After Ali’s assassination, Abdallah is said to have taught that Ali was not dead but alive, that a part of the Deity was hidden in him and that after a certain time he would return to fill the Earth with justice. Until then, the divine character of Ali was to remain hidden in the Imams, who temporarily filled his place. As the Jewish Encyclopedia notes, “It is easy to see that the whole idea rests on that of the Messiah in combination with the legend of Elijah the Prophet.”[16] This office of Imam was thought among the Shia to have been passed on directly from Ali to the sixth Imam, Jafar as-Sadiq, and then on through to the twelfth Imam, who disappeared in 873 AD. The Shia majority, following twelve Imams, were known as Twelvers. Some of Jafar’s followers, however, remained loyal to his son Ismail, and were known as Ismailis, or Seveners.
  3. What does the term infallible mean? How does it apply to the Imams(عليه السلام)? I heard different definitions, some say in knowledge, others say sinless and error less others say choosing not to commit sin.
  4. Are there any Shia duas for repelling jinn and black magic?
  5. At first the series appears that al masih is a Shia from Iran, but its later found out hes a universelist jewish person, so it can’t be reffering to the Imam(عليه السلام) as the series seems to be agreeing with a Sunni concept.
  6. I have a question on that, what if the friend is harming another Shia or Muslim or mistreating them and causing fitnah with him?
  7. I know theres Sunni ones and groups lke the ISNA and CAIR, and Muslim Defense league, but do Shias have similar organizations to help Shias, are there Shia charities and Shia rights and social orginaziations?
  8. Do Shias belive women and Jews will be majority of Dajjals followers, are Shia hadiths similar to Sunni?
  9. when will a translation of Biharul Anwar be released?
  10. What is the Shia view on taking non Muslims as friends I know in Sunni its non recommended, but what is Shia view? is it different of the same? Any hadiths Marjara opionions?
  11. Gain knowledge of the Qur'an and Sunnah and teachings of the Ahlul Bayt, Reasearch, don't accept unsourced opions or personal ones,Read about Islamic history and history of 14 Infallibles(عليه السلام),And follow the moral code(sharia), that's pretty much my advice, welcome to the deen sister!
  12. Are all the world events setting the stage fro the sufani and dajjal, events in Syria,Iraq, possible Iran US conflict,Yemen, Palestine,And ISIS?
  13. The Shias that conspired with the Crusaders were an off shoot of the ismalis called the assassins. Also the Shias Salahidin fought were in Egypt and they were Ismalis not 12ers. They were a heratic branch of the Fatimid Ismalis, who were rulers of Egypt at the time, also Salahadin was a follower of the Shaf'I School.
  14. I heard things from people that women don't like me, that ill never get married, and Some even said Shia girls said things about me to( although I will have to investigate these allegations as required by Islam!), any way they said some Shia women saw my brothers and said they were hot and looked better then me!! I had bad experience with non Muslim women before I reverted and when I was Sunni, even though I didn't persue them!! They keep making a mockery out f me for no reason!! I was told by my gradfather that I was cute like a girl, but these kafir women and fasiq women keep being mean and cruel to me for no- reason!! What have I done, will Shia women hate me too?
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