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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I’m slightly annoyed that this thread has become about ghost but if you’re still reading your answers.. I just wanted to say that I was in the same boat. I tried everything to overcome it, but eventually went to the doctors and told her about it, I told her how I feeL anxious all the time and she made me do this quiz and came to realise that I have anxiety with underlying depression. She gave me medicine. I took them but they made me feel sick so I told her & she encouraged me to take them at night, before I slept. After just 1 week.. I was feeling better. I started having the energy to get up at 6am to go to the gym.. I barely listened to music & instead listened to podcast called “happy” by Gretchen Rubin. It’s really good, she talks about small steps to become happy. Just please don’t rely on suicide for people to realised what was going on with you.. infront of your family.. just feel/look sad.. don’t cover up your sadness too much.. it’ll only hurt you. Please inbox me for anymore advice & what you’re worrying about that makes you think suicide is the best option. I’m happy to help! We can even share stories & come to realise that we’re not alone and there’s so much other Muslims going through this. Praying for you @Maryamayram [Mod Note: New members cannot send private messages (PM). Please continue to post and when you become an Advanced member (25 posts) you will be able to inbox other Advanced members.]
  2. Salam everyone. Please read this, any kind words will help, I promise you. I know it’s very long but there is soo much emotions going through my head at the moment 4 years ago, I found someone perfect for marriage. We told our parents 1 month after. I’m Iraqi & he is Lebanese. We knew it would be an issue but we are both Shia and we just knew this is the right choice for each other. when I told my dad, I was crying. I told him he’s a great man & a great family. He has so much deen in him, has a great character and very family oriented. My dads problem was only the nationality & our generation talk about us. Which aren’t valid for him to reject it. 3 1/2 years later, he allowed for him to come over and he absolutely loved him. He said as soon as I laid my eyes on him, I knew he was a very innocent good guy. Which is great right? It’s been 1 month since they came over twice and my dad is making this his last priority! He wants to go overseas, and my mum keeps telling him to go after I get married but it seems he gets annoyed when my mum talks to him about it. He will talk about my brother getting married but not me. So again, my mum would said stop talking about our son when our daughter is more than ready to get married, his family is waiting to hear from us. this situation in my life has broken me soo many times. I have cried over it way too many times, I will act like I’m not hurt infront of anyone, as I’m driving off crying my eyes out in the car. Everytime I smile I’m dying inside. I feel so drained, this is not far.. 4 years is way too long to wait when I was ready so early on. It’s not fair to me or him or his family. I don’t know why my dad isn’t making this his priority. I know what sabr is and I am, I mean 4 whole years of sabr but it’s sooo hard. I’m still doing my duties of being the perfect daughter, I help my dad out in any way possible but it’s gone to the point where I will be dropping him of somewhere and I’m literally tearing up driving while he’s in the passenger seat. Doesn’t he know that this is killing me? I have already finished 3 degrees because there’s nothing else to do, I’m ready for marriage, I’m ready for kids, I’m ready to do the duties of a wife. Why from all people, my dad is stopping me. I Don’t know what to do anymore. My sisters and friends will tell me “omg I would’ve lost my calm if I was you” “how are you so patience” or others will say “just be patience” & it’s starting to make me angry because I’ve been patient for 4 years, Don’t tell me “there’s no need to rush”. I honestly feel numb. Please someone say something just to make me step back & fall back on wallah. Sometimes I think to myself, why isn’t Allah helping me.. he knows the pain that I’m going through. Waiting to hear from you all, thank you for reading this. Btw I’m 24 now.
  3. Salam everyone, I know to some of you this would be ridiculous but I hate that sometimes I stop praying for a period of time. Any advice on praying and not skipping any or missing days??? I’m 23 and not praying is just sooo disappointing but sometimes it happens. Please any advice or tips would be appreciated!
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