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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My favourite masjid to go to are the ones just so simple. 4 walls with paint and carpet that’s it. Nothing too fancy or distracting.
  2. I know the feelings bro, me personally I wouldn’t move but I do wish there was a hawza institute or madrasa for people our age in Sydney. Not everything should be online and I feel like there needs to be more than just 3 local masajid with 2 being only Arabic. There needs to be more of a brotherhood and classes for reverts and young/adult muslims who didn’t get the chance to learn out of ignorance or just want extra knowledge. We shouldn’t have to travel overseas there should be things here.
  3. Yes please find out. Also when my sister in law got married the Her husband said we have to kiss the sheiks hand as a form of respect even the females which didn’t make sense. My wife didn’t anyways but the other females did which I was confused as they are no mahram. I’m not hating on Alawis they are my brothers but there’s things I don’t understand
  4. Why are alawis allowed to drink alcohol? I’ve worked for Alawis and done jobs for other Alawis families also my sister in law is married to a Alawi. They all drink sura baqara verse 219 They ask you about wine and gambling. Say, “In both there is great sin, and some benefits for people. And their sin is greater than their benefit.” And they ask you as to what they should spend. Say, “The surplus”. This is how Allah makes His verses clear to you, so that you may ponder
  5. Allah yerhamoun, the way the media over does everything of coarse it’s gonna sound fake and in Australia a lady died from a heart attack what did the news say? She died from covid until her own family commented saying it wasn’t from covid.
  6. 2020 beginning of the covid and peak covid outbreak Australian news where saying people are dropping dead left right and so many people dying not enough body bags and too many dying at once not enough time to bury each body separately. Now covid has turned to a virus where you lose your taste for 2 weeks and nothing else happens just lock down. sounds shifty to me lol Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows best
  7. I find it hard to concentrate as well man. My mind wonders but I’ve always been someone who’s mind drifts away wether during salat or not just becomes worse when I’m praying. As brother layman said I think it’s because we are to eager to pray so we can continue doing what we where doing even if it was just relaxing.
  8. Thanks I was just wondering if they did lol since earth is Tahir and it cleans sandals. They would take it off as respect yes but is it haram to pray with sandals. I’ve seen Shias pray with shorts. Now in respect you’d cover up but according to some scholars it’s not haram to pray on shorts it’s just respect not to.
  9. I always take shoes off but why is it looked down upon and made fun of? Does that mean you can wear shoes like Nike that are thin material from where the toes are? It’s just like wearing thin socks? The main of the 7 parts required to touch earth is forehead . https://www.farfetch.com/au/shopping/men/nike-air-max-270-sneakers-item-12884954.aspx
  10. Salam waalaykoum so in the link provided it says earth is pure and walking a set amount on earth makes shoe Tahir therefore why can’t we pray with sandals on? The big toes have contact with the ground and also the main body parts is of coarse 7 points but the forehead is the only part that needs to touch earth eg turbah. Why can you pray with thick socks on but not shoes with thin soles or sandals. Couple hundreds of years even 1400 years ago people travelled a lot would they pray with sandals or take everything off? Now in regards to praying with shoes in a masjid people wouldn’t do that because of mud or earth dust particles spreading on carpets that’s why sunnis take of in masjid just like taking shoes off before entering house. https://www.sistani.org/english/book/48/2140/
  11. Watch video has your answers. also don’t forget back In those time even let’s say 150 years ago people travelled and lived different life styles compared to how we do now. Sometimes warriors/travellers would be gone for years and need to you know do certain things. Also forget about those certain things a lot of females became widows due to males going into wars and need a male figure or protection. What is halal then is halal now only difference is society makes you think it’s wrong. Laws of the lands and culture change everyday but Islam will never change.
  12. A brother I know was in the same situation and shame on the parents the only reason why they didn’t want him to get a job was because of the Goverment benefits they where getting. Is money worth more than your child future? He ended up not listening to them they kicked him out of home and now he sells drugs. Kind and loving person but I blame the parents for being the wrong type of strict. not trying to scare you lol and don’t sell drugs or do haram it’s not worth it but try get to the bottom of why your parents are the way they are. If it’s not going out with certain friends I can understand your parents but if it’s not working and doing things that may benefit your future try get them separately on good days and speak to them.
  13. What young person will even listen to classical lol. Imagine going for a drive with the boys and pumping classical it will be weird depending on the scene or it will become a joke. back when they first introduced classical music I’m sure people then where partying,drinking doing haram even using it to jazz up the vibe with the other gender. it’s all about the time and generation your in. Why would classical be haram then for example but today is halal. shouldn’t it be still haram? Then again you can turn anything halal into haram such as a drum which is halal but use it for parties and weddings and dancing hence making it haram
  14. Personally I don’t like tattoos and one reason for not getting any is that it’s not a nice look if I’m trying my best to follow the sunnah of rasool and ahlul bayt. I understand don’t judge by looks but I can’t imagine the prophets and imams repping 313 and having zulfiqar tattooes yet same time being the best of people it just doesn’t look good.
  15. Lmaoo the amount of brothers that have Tattooes of imams it’s not funny. They also have 313 and quran and I promise you they do not even pray nor fast. Their aklaq is disgusting and every second word is F this F that. Massive trend is Australia. Religious tats but no religion in themselves.
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