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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I want to ask my fellow Shia brothers and sisters a question about the prayers. As you know the salat is one of the most important parts of our religion. do you guys Combine or separate your prayers? and Give your reasoning to why you choose the method that you do. may Allah Protect you all. یا امام مهدی
  2. Salam. could someone suggest the best App or website that displays Accurate prayer times for (London) according to Shia ithna Ashari fiqh. It would really help me to keep up with my prayers on time inshallah یا امام حسین ع
  3. Salam alaykum , I want to know when does The Asr prayer become Qaza? I read on some pages that it becomes Qaza once the maghrib prayer sets in, but some other pages say that Asr becomes Qaza at actual sunset ( approximately 15 minutes before Maghrib Prayer) can someone confirm which one is correct? do i have all the way till the Maghrib Azan to pray the Asr or does it become qaza before that. یا عباس
  4. Salam ramadan mobarak. as we know sunni’s practice Taraweeh prayers during the month of ramadan. And we do not follow these practices. I wanted to know are there any Mustahab prayers/ Ramadan prayers that I could offer during the month of ramadan as currently i am doing the 5 daily prayers as usual. if there are could you please tell me what niyaat it needs to be and how many rakats they are. یا حسین
  5. Thank you everyone for your responses , just to confirm how long should I wait between each prayer before combining? For example should i sit for 5 mins then do asr or 10 minutes or should i pray asr as soon as possible after zohr is completed?
  6. Salam, ive been praying all my prayers according to a Sunni timetable for about a year where I have been praying all the prayers separately for example : “eg. Zohr at 1:05 and Asr later on at 4:30” I would do something similar with the magreb and esha. my question is, I want to know if this way is still correct and has no issues with it or it is better To pray then together eg. Zohr and then straight after offer the Asr prayer a few minutes later like most Shia’s do. which method of prayer is more recommend by our scholars/Imams. Please let me know. Ya Allah.
  7. If praying in a Sunni mosque, is it permissible to prostrate on the back of my hand? One Shia friend told me this is correct. Can someone provide evidence if it is permissible.
  8. Salam. can someone tell me the meanings of the wordings of namaz. I mainly want to know the meaning of what we say in ruku and sajdeh. If someone could break down the exact meaning of the words it would help, for example: what does “Subhana“ mean what does “Rabial“ mean what does “Azeemi” mean .... and “wa behamde” same with the words in Sajdeh. that would help alot inshallah if someone could break it down for me. Ya Ali.
  9. Salam. Why do most reverts become Sunni. There Are Hardly any Shia reverts
  10. Salam I have a few questions about sexual relations. I am married alhamdililah 1. I want to know if (pre cum) invalidates someones Wudu? and if it does do I just repeat the wudu or take a Ghusl? 2. Once a person is in the state of Janaba, can he take a regular shower as any person would whilst making sure water reaches all parts of the body. is this a valid Ghusl?
  11. Salam, Alhamdulilah I have been practicing Islam for a few months now. I am still fairly new so I don’t know many Surahs. I know (Hamd, Tawhid, An Naas, Falaq, kuthar and Surah Qadr) and I want to slowly learn more. Can someone recommend me another Surah to start learning inshallah. It would help if its a short surah so its easier for me to learn. salam. Ya Khoda.
  12. Asalamo Alaykum wa rahmatullah, I have an Iranian friend who wants to start practicing Shia Islam but he does not know how to pray. Could someone possibly send me any links to any Iranian (Farsi) speaking videos so he can watch to learn Namaz? his English isn't too great so if the video is in Farsi it would help very much inshsallah. May Allah Guide him and us to the straight path, Ya Imam Reza.
  13. Salam Alaykum, I recently went to a Sunni brothers wedding and during the Prayer time hours they gave the Azan and everyone had to line up to pray as well as me. I didn't have a Mohr (Turbah) on me or anything to prostate on such as plain writing paper so I prayed along with them and I prostrated on the carpet as they do. I want to know If this prayer was still accepted or not. the rest of the prayer I performed as how we Shia usually pray except the prostration on the carpet. hope that makes sense. inshallah someone could let me know if this prayer is still valid. salam, Ya
  14. So Iranians were definitely forcefully converted at the early stages of Islam?
  15. I had a conversation with a friend recently.. and I was told that Islam was spread by the sword to Persia through the Islamic conquest and that they had been Zoroastrians but had to accept Islam by force (by the orders of Umar) ,how much of this information is true?. When I researched the topic on the internet some of it came out as truth however I couldn’t find enough information.
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