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  1. What things are you doing to stay busy during COVID-19? How bad is it where you’re living? What have been your go-to recipes?
  2. I have a really good Baklava recipe if you’re interested.
  3. Brownies are my weakness! I am the exact same way, thanks for sharing!
  4. I live in the midwest of the United States. Where I'm located I don't have a ton of options in foods aside from American, Italian and Mexican. I love to cook! Do you have any recipes that you and/or your family love that you'd be willing to share? I do love spicy food so don't shy from sharing recipes that are hot. Any dishes are acceptable from desserts to vegetarian dishes to dishes with meat. Also - if you have a dish that is special to your family that you're willing to share, I would be honored to make it and share it with mine. For those of you outside of the states, if there's a particular recipe that is special to your country I'd love it as well. Thank you
  5. I am interested to hear some of your favorite baby names (girl or boy), what they mean and why you like them.
  6. When Christians refer to God is that the same God found in Islam, or are they two different Gods? Please share your thoughts. I've heard some say they're the same God and others say they're not.
  7. I only know English. I would like to learn Arabic. Does anyone have any resources they recommend to learn?
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