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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ignorance is a stretch. It would be naive to pretend the practice of temporary marriage is not used in inappropriate contexts, jumping from partner to partner and/or without the proper guidelines being met. Popular TV shows and movies such as “Ali’s Wedding” illustrate this. Why should we not question the motivation behind someone doing a temporary marriage? Was it done the halal way or a quick whisper before the act? Context is important. Using a blanket statement to declare all temporary marriage permissible is reckless. you seem very learned in this matter so must appreciate that there are specific guidelines and conditions to be met. Please don’t be so quick to judge. No one is saying they know more than their Marjah. At the same time we need to be educated about our practices and the nuances that make them permissible. The Muatah described here does not appear to meet the basic guideline as detailed on a certain Marjah’s website.
  2. Meaning it was the result of a pre-existing relationship that culminated in a temp marriage for a few short hours in the night ... hopefully u understand. It seems it was primarily to meet specific urges.
  3. It’s a fairly taboo topic - her alarm seems warranted as a girl who has never had any experience. Let’s not call her deen into question as she is allowed to have an opinion
  4. I believe it was a “12 hour” marriage - and since she is young and inexperienced in that arena she feels uncomfortable. thoughts?
  5. Salam my cousin is talking to a potential rishta right now, and he revealed he has had a mutah previously with one person. As it is technically permissible and the man seem pretty interested in deen and justified it through deen as well, would you guys be ok with this? She is very conflicted and not sure what to do as she has never done anything like this nor had any experiences like this before.
  6. Salam! wow this was exactly what I needed to hear tonight. thank you.
  7. Salam all. I was wondering if anyone has any insight for me. I did a manaat (prayer for a specific wish) and asked Allah to grant me Shifa (I have a health related problem that has been ongoing for 2 years, for which I had surgery). I read Ziyarat ashura for 40 days with complete conviction. I felt my Imaan grow and my Akhlaq better itself throughout this process. After the forty days, I did not improve. In fact that same week my condition worsened out of the blue! Subhanallah Allah works in mysterious ways. I am content with the will of Allah. My family recently went for ziyarat where they even meet an Ayotallah and he promised to pray for me. I myself went for Ziyarat three years ago. Subhanallah a lot has happened since then, and I feel overall that I am improving myself. My career has taken off, alhumdulillah. My family is content with me and our relationship is stronger than ever. Unfortunately, this issue prevents me from doing many of the activities I enjoy. Even basic things like walking around at school and work are painful. I am not asking to know why my wish was not granted - it is Allah’s will and I am doing everything I can on my end to help myself. The rest is the will of Allah. Really, I am asking for you all to provide some insight. How have you coped with having your duas not answered? I think because this is so recent I am struggling a little bit. What’s the next step? Other than continuing to strengthen my Imaan and work towards the akhira. Perhaps I answered my own question with this post haha. I think I know deep down to just trust Allah and Maula - they have never let me down. I’m just looking to hear your stories - miracles you observed, dreams you have had. Stuff to just inspire me and keep me on this right path. I don’t want to become angry, upset or hopeless. Jazakullah in advance
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