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  1. in my opinion everyone should balance marriage and career, but keep in mind deciding to have a family is a responsibility.
  2. you can’t, whatever you post will forever be on the record! No seriously, I don't actually know
  3. Hiiii! Oh I was jokin about the burka, so ur an aussie! cool! hijab is about us women, we don't want to be objectified, its degrading, so if your current hijab is dignifying enough for you, than that's it, don't think too much over it. You're good girl How some men act is between them and God.
  4. @Ruqaya101 I remember I used to get cat calls and hit on when I used to wear hoodies and trackies (honestly, just couldn't be bothered), but after that, once I improved my hijab I stopped getting cat calls. So I know you don’t like to hear it, and I am sure you wear amazing hijab, but maybe ur so pretty that even with your current hijab guys are still attracted to you. So how about wearing a burka?
  5. Makeup from my understanding is haram. So I don’t put makeup on alhamdullilah. I also don’t see a point to it, like when I go outside, no one actually cares about how I look . And I am not trying to impress anyone. It also feels so good to be confident enough to not care, so I totally recommend it to all the ladies.
  6. Brah! how weak do you think us girls are? My parents are not the reason I choose not to disobey Allah. I want to obey, so I will. Simple. And fyi I don’t live with parents, living in London as well. Girl power. Screw dem boys, worthless rats. Just kidding, I mean how can we ever live in this world without our percious men, I personally would be so lost.l without them You know wat maryam your right, find me a sexy men. I'll marry him tomorrow. He better work his butt off as well, I like to live an expensive life style. I don’t even wana see his face at home, just his wallet is fine.
  7. The oxford handbook of clinical specialties #nerdalert
  8. Braaaaah! And Oh my days! Got 3 brothers so kinda influenced by their roadman slang a little.
  9. Had chicken tortillas for dinner! Yummy! Right now: green tea and camomile tea For breakfast: I am planning to cook eggs and potato waffles, Oh and some green tea. can’t wait
  10. Because, why not? Marriage is not the only thing in life, its definitely a huge portion, but there is alot more to do. That's wat I think at least. Personally, I am not married yet, and have only recently seriously thought about marriage. So I know I can’t speak as if I am well versed on the concept of marriage. For all I know maybe I'll get married and wana be a house wife too. Join the club ygm. Allahu aalam. You do you maryam.
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