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    إن الحق لا يُعرفُ بالرجال، إعرف الحقّ، تعرف أهله. أسد الله الغالب علي بن أبي طالب
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    Truth is not measured by men; know the truth, you will know its people. Imam Ali (as)

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  1. الرِّفْقُ مِفْتاحُ النَّجاحِ۔

    "Leniency is the key to success" Imam Ali (عليه السلام)

    1. Moalfas


      Being lenient with words/actions and more empathetic as well as less stern/harsh in our dealings will have huge benefits, from within our households, to personal relationships, workplaces, the community and beyond-

      Examples of the success reaped from leniency can range from raising confident, empathetic children/ happy understanding marriages >  relationships / easy going, successful and growing workplace or business / people naturally gravitate to such qualities so one can start spreading the leniency and goodness. And above all, when we’re lenient with others, Allah Ta’ala will surely be lenient with us inshAllah.

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