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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. @Guest_313 The ruling or Hukm on the punishment for Ridda حدّ الردّة (denouncing Prophethood, Islam and Allah) is not disputed between Sunnis and Shia, although there are slight differences on the rulings pertaining to Murtad Fitri. This also has no relation to Jews and Christians living in an Islamic jurisdiction; it specifically deals with Muslims who denounce the Prophet saw, Islam and Allah. It's important to understand first and foremost, that these rulings can and are ONLY to be applied In a proper Islamic system such as the time of the Imam AJF being the Hakim Shari' as opposed to anyone setting up an 'Islamic' jurisdiction and chopping people's heads off. Also, the Hakim Shari', at his own discretion, can waive the said punishment if he feels it will serve in the best interests at said time. Such was the case when the Prophet saw refused to allow the punishment on a Murtad (even mentioned in 'Sahih' Muslim: 3/109-111) Once you've understood just how difficult the requirements are, that need to be met before such punishment is to be handed down, you can look into the reasoning behind it. 1- Every jurisdiction has laws that its citizens must abide by. These laws protect the people as well as maintain peace and harmony amongst its citizens amongst other reasons. People who break the law are punshied and the severity of the punishment is reflective of the type and seriousness of the crime committed. Murder and Treason would be the two most common crimes that get handed the death penalty which is something many seem to agree with. One could argue that living in a jurisdiction where a system of set beliefs, morals and ethics (Islam) is not only rejected but spoken out against by the Murtad, amounts to much more than murder and treason. As it's targeting Islam and undermining it from within to destroy it. This is something that is actually widely used by world powers nowadays and is often referred to as 'fifth column'. 2- Defending the Aqeeda: because the Aqeeda is the source of all actions and a corrupt Aqeeda results in corrupt actions as well as the spread of corruption in society. No jurisdiction would allow someone to sell poisonous food or spread disease amongst its citizens. A corrupt Aqeeda is the most serious disease that affects us both in this life and in the afterlife and destroys the future generations. Can there be a more serious crime? Finally, one can simply leave the jurisdiction as opposed to stay within it and publicly denounce every set of ethics, beliefs and values that it lives by.
  2. اهل العلم Or the people of knowledge refers to the most learned scholars around. Technically, that would be the ones who have reached the level of -Ijtihaad- اجتهاد whereby they have the knowledge and skills to extract and derive the Ahkaam/Fatwas from the Qur'an and Hadith etc which is referred to as استنباط Istinbaat These are usually the scholars that teach and hold بحث خارج which is the highest level of studies that Hawza students attend. Afterwhich, the students can reach the level of Ijtihaad themselves. These scholars would know, who amongst them is 'the most knowledgeable' الأعلم, most pious and who is most worthy of being followed.
  3. This sweeping statement is flawed to say the least, as it suggests that striving to strengthen ones faith and Deen is 'something worldly and a vain pursuit' The Prophet saw and Imam Al Sadiq (عليه السلام) taught their followers a Dua: 'يا مقلب القلوب ثبّت قلبي على دينك' 'O changer of hearts, keep my heart firm on your Deen -faith-' Al Ghaiba -Alnu'mani 161 Mujam Ahadeeth Al Imam Al Mehdi - Al Sheikh Al Korani 3/399 Levels of faith decrease and increase, and seeking to increase them is not a 'vain pursuit'.
  4. It's narrated that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) said: ما جاع فقير إلا بما متّع به غني 'No poor person has gone hungry except with what a rich person has enjoyed' ما جُمع مال إلّا عن شُح أو حرام 'No -wealth- has been accumulated except through stinginess or Haram' Rawai' Nahj Al Balagha By George Jardaq page 233 I've personally yet to come across people of 'great wealth' that do not cut corners or take advantage of their employees, or abuse the resources which they rely on for their wealth. Just my personal experience.
  5. The 'sweetness of faith' that the OP describes has in fact been described by the Prophet saw and Ahlul Bayt (عليه السلام). They have encouraged and taught their followers how to reach It. حلاوة الإيمان Literally translates to 'the sweetness of Iman' رسول الله (صلى الله عليه وآله): من كان أكثر همه نيل الشهوات نزع من قلبه حلاوة الإيمان تنبيه الخواطر ٢/١١٦ It's narrated that the Prophet saw said: 'One who's more concerned with fulfilling his desires will have the sweetness of Iman removed from his heart' Tanbeeh Al Khawatir 2/116 الإمام الصادق (عليه السلام): حرام على قلوبكم أن تعرف حلاوة الإيمان حتى تزهد في الدنيا الكافي ٢/١٢٨/٢ It's narrated that Imam Al Sadiq (عليه السلام) said: 'The sweetness of Iman is forbidden on your hearts until they abstain in this world-Dunya-' Al Kafi 2/128/2 الزهد being abstinence from self indulgence. Striving to reach that sweetness of faith with self discipline is encouraged by them (عليه السلام)
  6. Basing ones opinion on a single propaganda video made by their arch rivals will not help in reaching an informed decision in the search for the 'most knowledgable' الأعلم. The level of defamation I've seen from both sides against eachother is truly sad. What's comical is that if you ask 'the people of knowledge' اهل العلم they will question the Ijtihaad of both leaders. But my money, power and politics talk.
  7. I wouldn't go as far as claiming a liar would be a non believer and is simply a 'ritualist'. Only Allah can make that judgement. The point was some who appear to be 'religious' can in fact be very far off the mark.
  8. Judging a woman's level of faith by her hijab is as nonsensical as judging a man's level of faith by the length of his beard. These are extremely subjective choices after the bare minimum is met. Although some 'modern' types of hijab defeat its original purpose which is Sitr; who am I or anyone else to judge a woman who made an informed choice on how she presents herself and is content with the way she covers up? I'd also like to add that some people who are classified within our communities as 'religious' or of high levels of faith, yet they are abusers or liars or just horrible in the way they treat others. There's also plenty of people who wouldn't be classified as 'religious' yet they treat others with respect, they're not abusers, not liars etc if you ask me, I would say that the latter has more faith than the former because faith is how you treat others, not how much you pray or how you cover up or how long your beard is. The point is one needs to look beyond the surface to make an accurate assessment of a person's character and levels of faith.
  9. Yaaaa Allliii What a suspenseful thread.. @starlight it was as if we all had that snake in our bedrooms lol
  10. I can't believe this guy has 29 pages of Shia chat forum space to his name!!! Maybe if everyone stopped scapegoating the Shirazis for every conspiracy under the sun, this nonsense would stop lol
  11. Not much that needs figuring out really.. These are just some of the many videos that have surfaced the last couple of days and even though a lot of them are posted by 'anti revolution' sources, the content of the videos speaks for itself. The fact that Iran felt the need to shut down the internet points to a serious probelm, as serious as the Iraqi one as they also have been shutting down the internet to maintain control.
  12. Funny enough, I was hit with precisely that line yesterday by a 13 year old! Lol
  13. Trust Fars news agency or press tv to give you a balanced view lol They're just as bias as the Saudi funded Al Arabiya or the US funded Al Hurra. They focus solely on pushing the agenda that serves their respective interests. Press tv didn't even cover the Iranian protests until they had footage of protestors acting stupid and damaging public and private property. No doubt these protests will be used by Iranian and outside forces to weaken the government. Suggesting that it's an absolute US/Zionist/KSA conspiracy is stupid because it was the Iranian government that decided to cut the subsidies on fuel at this point in time. Not 'outside, enemy, anti revolution forces'. What's different about these protests compared to the ones before, is that there's already a revolt against Iranian influence in Lebanon and Iraq. Also, I haven't previously witnessed Iranians burning their leader's posters in public, let alone calling out 'down with the dictator' or burning the statue of the ring of Sayed Khomeini, burning police stations and Basij buildings etc A simple YouTube search of Iran protests will show the above and much more. The situation is worrying to say the least and the heavy handed response by Iranian law enforcement will only complicate things.
  14. They've actually (males and females) also been posting lip syncing latmeyat!!
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