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  1. you can become Sunni or athiest or mushrik for all I care because there are Shias who convert to Sunnis and Sunnis convert to Shias so its not a big deal its the reality but I think you are lying that you were Shia and you convert to Sunni ,I think you are a born Sunni pretending tobe Sunni convert because the reason you give is like a typical stereotypes of the Shias by radical ignorant Sunnis who only talk about matam black banners blood sword miniature shrines and other reasons you gave . and I do agree there are few things in our Shia Islam which I myself disagree with them too and they are all those cultural things which are added in our Shia Islam and I use to question those things too because they don’t seems tobe a part of Islam but I did my research ask proper alim e deen contact hawza in Qom and in Najaf talk to people who are in high authorities there like teachers big time scholars in hawzas in Qom Najaf about them and they also say these things have nothing todo with Shia Islam its just people added these things but hey there are aot of things in Sunnis too that are misleading Sunnis and I also agree we have some ignorant molvis zakirs too who are misleading Shia people I do agree...but don’t Sunnis have misleading molvis too ? ,, anyways you did not gave any proper reason or said you had debate with any Shia alim e deen contact them and question them instead you just went straight Sunni just like that is a bit sketchy ....you did not mention anything whats in our text books and compare our text with Sunnis or the way we understand Qur'an wilaya and immamat and why we reject khilafa ..you just seems to be fake convert I don’t think you are a Sunni convert I think you are some radical Sunni pretending to be a Sunni convert ..well either way though enjoy being Sunni while you can ..
  2. we just quote things about what she did from Qur'an and their own sources I mean their books bukhari Muslim which they admit themselves is true but they don’t like that..go look on youtube what they did to one of their own Sunni brother junaid jamshed when he quoted a sahih hadith about ayesha and they beat the crap out of him even though they admit it is a true hadith ,,its just weird and funny they admit its true but they say don’t say that
  3. Well there is no problem making non-Muslim friends I have non Muslim friends from work but I keep my distance still I am not to close with them like visiting their homes or eat food prepared by them ...We Shias Consider Kuffars unclean we don’t even eat food prepared from their hand or eat in Their restaurants. its haram for us...on the other hand Sunnis are allowed tobe friends with them and they are also allowed to eat food prepared by their hands its halal for them ..I've seen all Sunni owned restaurants hire kuffars as cooks in their resturants and they eat in kuffar resturants too its all halal for them....
  4. would you be ok if some stranger ask your sister if she prefer mutah or permanent nikah?
  5. I have few questions for people here who are saying or think its ok to smoke weed its not haram or smoking weed is not intoxicant, first can you offer salah while your high? and can you read Qur'an while you are high?and lets say if Imam Mahdi reappear tommorow do you think he will be ok with you smoking weed? can you come infront of him while you are high?
  6. اللّهُمّ صَلّ عَلَى مُحَمّدٍ وَآلِ مُحَمّدٍ O Allah: (please do) bless Muhammad and the Household of Muhammad
  7. very sad news Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un may Allah grant shaheed Qassim Soliemani highest place in jannah,to much injustice now going on in this world for Muslims from kashmir India to mayanmar to china to Middle East and everywhere Muslims have been killed and oppressed ..May God hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (AATFS). The world is waiting for justice, and justice is waiting for you, Oh Mahdi
  8. Ayotullah Khomeni Ayatollah Sistani Ayatollah Mousawi Jazayeri Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani they all have talked about Shia Sunni unity that Shia Sunni should have unity..I personally have alot of Sunni friends I went to school college with them and my grandmother was a Sunni who converted to Shia after marrying my grandfather so I have Sunni cousins as well from my grandmothers family so I think Shia Sunni should have unity keeping their diffrences asides.
  9. this is what I think too its not about as some people say it was a Sunni wahabi mosque so its cool, its about Indian gov saying you Hindu extremist have a free pass todo whatever with Muslims now and their mosques and the so-called riots have always been Hindus massacring of Muslims in India relating to these type of situations
  10. I actually experienced that in this site ShiaChat that some of Indian Shias are so hateful disgusting people, they are so pathetic that they will defend their Hindu gov oppression over Muslims and there excuse is oh because those Muslims are Sunnis so we don’t care .and if I a Pakistani Shia defend those Sunni Muslims they start calling me that im a wahabi supporter loll.. , these people are definitely not Shia, a Shia would never defend a oppressor no matter what even if the oppression is against Sunni wahabis Hindu Christian black white or whatever , because we are Shia of Ahlulbait(عليه السلام) ,,... and I wont be surprise if those some hateful extremist Indian Shias celebrating this news ...because all they see is oh its against Sunnis so its all good ,,these people don’t understand its against Islam not Sunnis alone.
  11. YA ALIiiiii HAQ HAIDERR You too brother and everyone
  12. I still think there are knowledgable people over here but not alot and its not all religious discussion only website
  13. Inna lillah inna ilayhi rajiun these scholars are backbone of our Shia Islam they stand like a Wall infront of Sunnis to defend us Shias and prove them wrong and also prove following Ahlebait(عليه السلام) way is the true Islam.
  14. I was like mashallah a Shia religious website with alot of knowledgeable Shia brothers and sisters sharing their knowledge about our fiqh and answering questions about our fiqh issues with references and helping out people like me to learn more .
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