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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ayotullah Khomeni Ayatollah Sistani Ayatollah Mousawi Jazayeri Ayatollah Nouri Hamedani they all have talked about Shia Sunni unity that Shia Sunni should have unity..I personally have alot of Sunni friends I went to school college with them and my grandmother was a Sunni who converted to Shia after marrying my grandfather so I have Sunni cousins as well from my grandmothers family so I think Shia Sunni should have unity keeping their diffrences asides.
  2. this is what I think too its not about as some people say it was a Sunni wahabi mosque so its cool, its about Indian gov saying you Hindu extremist have a free pass todo whatever with Muslims now and their mosques and the so-called riots have always been Hindus massacring of Muslims in India relating to these type of situations
  3. I actually experienced that in this site ShiaChat that some of Indian Shias are so hateful disgusting people, they are so pathetic that they will defend their Hindu gov oppression over Muslims and there excuse is oh because those Muslims are Sunnis so we don’t care .and if I a Pakistani Shia defend those Sunni Muslims they start calling me that im a wahabi supporter loll.. , these people are definitely not Shia, a Shia would never defend a oppressor no matter what even if the oppression is against Sunni wahabis Hindu Christian black white or whatever , because we are Shia of Ahlulbait(عليه السلام) ,,... and I wont be surprise if those some hateful extremist Indian Shias celebrating this news ...because all they see is oh its against Sunnis so its all good ,,these people don’t understand its against Islam not Sunnis alone.
  4. YA ALIiiiii HAQ HAIDERR You too brother and everyone
  5. I still think there are knowledgable people over here but not alot and its not all religious discussion only website
  6. Inna lillah inna ilayhi rajiun these scholars are backbone of our Shia Islam they stand like a Wall infront of Sunnis to defend us Shias and prove them wrong and also prove following Ahlebait(عليه السلام) way is the true Islam.
  7. I was like mashallah a Shia religious website with alot of knowledgeable Shia brothers and sisters sharing their knowledge about our fiqh and answering questions about our fiqh issues with references and helping out people like me to learn more .
  8. I'm curious to hear what all the nationalist Indian Shias have to say about this . https://www.bbc.com/news/world-Asia-India-48278441 AND this https://www.ncronline.org/news/world/indias-Christians-Muslims-face-higher-persecution-modi-government And why Indian Shias support Modi ? When its clear he has blood on this hands? few examples https://www.scmp.com/week-Asia/politics/article/2100513/modis-party-stokes-anti-Muslim-violence-India-report-says https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/the-kashmir-crisis-isnt-about-territory-its-about-a-Hindu-victory-over-Islam/2019/08/16/ab84ffe2-bf79-11e9-a5c6-1e74f7ec4a93_story.html https://time.com/5617161/India-religious-hate-crimes-modi/ Why Indian Shias Support India when is clear there has been Violence and Persecution against Muslims in India ? ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Violence_against_Muslims_in_India https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persecution_of_Muslims Its Mindblowing to me that Indian Shia go out of Their way to Defend Modi and Indian when Its clear what Muslims go through in India they get killed raped for eating beef like literally just eating beef Muslims have no freedom at all in India but still Shia Indians defend India and Modi its just Amazing I am extremely Curious to know why Shia Indians defend India ?
  9. I am a proud Pakistani Shia and almost all Pakistani Shias are proud Pakistani Shias first of all we call out our government when they are wrong we protest against our government when our government is wrong, but when our government do good we back them so I don't know what are you talking about.we don't worship Imran Khan blindly like some Indian Shias do to their Hindu Leader modi who massacred Gujrati Muslims and killing and oppressing Kashmiri Muslims. We oppose Imran khan when we have to and we support him when we know he is on rite. And our Jahil Zakireen Openly Curse Umar Abu Bakr which I think is wrong to do it openly... I am against it because it disrupt the peace between Shia Sunni living side by side in neighbourhoods and Shia Sunni kids studying together in schools colleges universities ,its wrong its like starting a war with them instead of living with them peacefully. so that guy was wrong in doing that there was no need to openly curse them unless you want to disrupt the peace with them.you can have ilmi debate or discussion and I don't know if you are one of those Pakistani hating Indian Shia who defend their Hindu Modi Oppressing Country but if you are then go out Curse Hindu Gods openly in Hindu majority Areas and Eat beef there and also record yourself doing all that and put it out on the internet you'll find out what will happen to you very quickly. Bahraini Government are Oppressing Bahraini Shias ,Saddam use to Oppress Iraqi Shias ,should they hate their nationality and countries for that? Oppression or problems like these happens in every country(Muslim or non-Muslim) with every Shia non Shia Muslims but that doesn't mean we hate our country or our nationality your propaganda will fail miserably if you want Pakistani Shias to hate Pakistan because we don't we love Pakistan we will gave our life for Pakistan ,my Cousin was a Pak army soldier he is a Shaheed he lost his life on the Afghan Pakistan border and Our Entire Shia Pakistani Family is proud of it.
  10. my cousin studies in Qom too and hes a western born and raised he moved to Qom after his highschool and he tells me that he doesn't get along with iranians they are racist and act weird he always get into fights with them he also told me that no international student get along with iranians ,only iranians get along with iranians ...
  11. I don’t have no ikhlaq for you I don’t respect you once you defend Hindus or any kuffar oppressing Muslims you are my enemy
  12. You sound like a Hindu nationalist you don’t have any facts to back up your statement still and you are posting some Indian propaganda video to prove your statement ? how about posting something from independent sources ? There are countless videos of Indian army shooting Kashmiris in Present and oppressing them in Present And I don’t support Pakistani government or any Kashmiri sympathizers in my country who are quite about Uyigurs oppression or Yemen or Any Muslim being oppressed ...I am not like you who’s blind following your Hindu government and defending them oppressing Muslims .you disgust me I don’t want to reply you anymore because it’s a waste
  13. Some quotes from Imam Ali(عليه السلام) for cowards who support oppressors
  14. So somebody who can change things around in this website moved my reply to"Sirius" who ever that person is. from here in this thread to "Why is PressTV so concerned with Kashmir" thread...I replied to this guy over here not on another thread so be brave and let the comment stay here ...I don't care if that guy with that goofy name reply me back or not but moving my reply to other thread is a weak move.
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