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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alikum Brother, I will look into the hawza course. This seems like a great opportunity for me to learn more and thanks a million for telling me how the banking will work. I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for all the answers. Well I guess if not Mutah then I will be looking for a permanent marriage in Iran. Would that be a viable choice ? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the video. I really liked it. It shows the day to day life in Iran and I am looking forward to see this.
  4. Salam Alikum Brother,

    Can you please see why I cannot reply back on my post? 

    Thank You 

    1. Hameedeh


      @AliAbbas1995 Salam. New members are limited in the amount of posts they can make per day. Please read through this topic, which might answer some of the questions you have:


  5. Salam alikum, brother you are entitled to your opinion on me and my life choices but please keep it respectful. Also you send knowledge enough to answer all my questions, so if you decide not to insult me further, them in request you to hello me answer all the other remaining questions. Thanks. Salam
  6. Thanks for this response. My question are being answered and I like where this is going. I have a follow up questions. 1.How are things in Qom, is it a little more Western city or conservative? 2. What is the most Western and liberal city in Iran 3. Banking system good in Iran for me to transfer my momey from US/London to Iran 4. If Pakistani's have a bad reputation in Iran what can I do to better it ? 5. Are there any English speaking Mutah agencies that I can reach out to. 6. Are neighbours going to be helpful knowing I am sorry of foreigner ? 7. Avarge
  7. Salam alikum Brother, may Allah brings joy to you on this new year. Yes I think locals so be better able to assist me. Would you mind messaging @Ashvazdanghe, for unknown reason, I can't message through my account. Thanks again Allah Hafiz and thanks for your good Dua and wishes
  8. Salam brother , thanks for your response. You are right Mutah is not my main focus but I'd like to stay away from fornification anywhere. So I'd appreciate if you could help me answer my questions Thanks
  9. Salam Mohammadi, Thanks for your response. Brother I am planning to learn Farsi there when I am in Iran, but the things I asked are what I need to establish my self there. I hope you can help answer my other questions as it will be of great help to me Thanks
  10. I have a steady stream of income from London that will help me pay my expenses. I am just extremely tired of that life over there. It's a bit hectic. I know there are some members from London here as well who can vouch for that. Hence my decision to go to Iran is firm. I am meerly looking for all of your expert advice as to what to do there and how to make my self more strong loving there both financial and in relationship manner. Please help guide.
  11. Salam alikum, old time member of Shia community. I am moving to Iran to resettle there from the London. I want everyone's sincere advice on this new move. What seems to be the best bussiness to start there ? What seems to be the most Western country in Iran ? Is Mutah Nikkah possible in Iran and if so where can I find it and how much will the Mehr be for that ? Will it be hard for me as a British Pakistani who doesn't speak too Farsi? What are the event prices there ? Would anyone give their daughter for Mutah Nikkah to me ? And last but not least how
  12. Salam, I am a very old visitor ShiaChat. This is my very first post here with this ID because of the type of Topic and because of needing help. I have been living overseas for a decade and now moved to Pakistan to make my religion stronger. One thing that is bothering me is the companionship of the opposite sex. I’d like to tell you I am a new convert to Shia from Sunni and my family disowned me and blocked me from family acitivities on that ground, but mashallah say by the grace of Allah, I have a high paying job and so it was easy to move on but feel lonely, left out and often wanders a
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