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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have no any issue with Nasarullah being questioned, he can be questioned for he is human. So is the false media accountable. Why is that Nasarullah is questioned but not holocaust ? And, you should sympathize with Jews if they are on truth, but if they are wrong about something, they can be corrected. Is this website being funded by Jewish Lobby that you cannot say that holocaust is lie. otherwise, why would this site sympathize with them. Is Western Media infallible ?
  2. I don't know brother what is wrong with their heads. But what they are doing, they are doing wrong. And, like some blog led to think about the bias of the Admins and Owners, I think my input about their current behavior would reach to some people at least.
  3. @AkhiraisReal I read a blog where it was said that owners and admins are biased and they do not honor other's thinking, they just pick and choose, and what they dislike they delete it.
  4. Don't know about it brother. That is what I am asking that why are Owners and Admins playing hockey with the topics.
  5. Just for the sake of finding that my questions are invalid through your answers, I will read this thread to see if Admins and owners of this page website has any answers to my criticisms. And, if you give satisfactory answers, then I will also apologize for asking invalid questions. But if not then my concerns are right about you people. May Allah (عزّ وجلّ) have mercy upon us all.
  6. And, I know that this thread be deleted because you people don't have any answer. You just brag about it that every human is accountable, you allow Shia clerics to be lied in here but when someone says why you keep double standards, you just say there is no merit in your claims, this is not an answer. This is ignoring questions.
  7. Yeah, you say there is no validity but you have no answer to them. I do not came to your place, I came to names of Ahlebait (عليه السلام), people do not have meaning to me because most of them care for their interests.
  8. @Haji 2003 Why is that some posts are kept and others are deleted. Don't you have answer for that.
  9. hmmm after all that I be back what I want to get married here brother Why is that you are always seem worried about coming back of people instead of giving some input as to why it happens on here ?
  10. I have been a follower of Shiachat since many years and came with different names. In the beginning I came with the thought that this is a Shia site and it is better staying on a site which is managed by Followers of Ahlul Bait (عليه السلام) rather than those chat sites where idiocy rules and one cannot find peace of mind because I thought that like Ahlebait (عليه السلام) allowed freedom of speech, and not hiding the facts and not protecting lies and not protecting wrong people. I stayed for some much time here in the hope that what wrongs I found here by the Admins might be my own misunderstanding. However, I found out recently that It was not misunderstanding rather defection, promoting one's own vested interests and perverting people from freedom of speech. It was not that I did not ask Shiachat Admins to address my objections, I asked them about it and they just ignored and deleted the post which shows that they just care about one agenda which has nothing to do with Ahlebait (عليه السلام) for example: - 1. I have been seeing that gay people's threads get locked while people are answering them which I see support to such a notorious crime. 2. There are threads where Marajas are insulted such as you can find threads about Ayotullah Khomeini where his personality is targeted although the sources which are attributed to him are considered as doubtful among his own student. 3. You will also see here Hezbollah's opposition here to the extent that they will forget every goodness done by them and magnifying some of their mistakes to the extent of Kuffar while I do not think that Admins here are fallible either. 4. You will find Holocaust threads where Jewish Holocaust is proved as fake to be banned. 5. You will also find threads questioning to Admins and Moderates being deleted too. My simple question is that you support gays, you insult marajas, you insult hezbollah, you delete holocaust thread and you do not find yourself to be accountable, which of these things appears to you to be Islamic. I do not see anything Islamic in these or in agreement of Twelve Imams. Why you are doing these things? I am hurt that you consider religion to be useless and you prefer your wishes more than religion and more than your vested interests. This name Shiachat attract followers of Ahlebait (عليه السلام) for they see name of Ali and fourteen infallibles in it. Do not lead people to perversion by hiding behind the names of Ahlebait (عليه السلام). Although I could not do anything extra but I will try to make some blogs and make youtube videos to convey my experience to people so that some of them may know that behind saintly personality, there can be a shaitan.
  11. Tere Hakmatein hain alag, Mere Mehboob, Merey Khuda, Jagata hai tu piyas, phir rakhta hai Aab say Juda, Tu hai Ustad-e-Khizr, Teri tadbiron par hai bharosa sada, Jo tu torey mujhe, tu torey na bewaja, Teri hikmat par jo na ho bharosa, tujh par yaqeen ka haq na kiya ada.
  12. The Sajda of Yaqood was in the direction of Yousuf and not to Yousuf as Sajda of Angels were in the direction of Adam (عليه السلام) and not to Adam (عليه السلام) similarly like we make Sajda in the direction of Kabbah but we make it Sajda for Allah (عزّ وجلّ) and do not regard Kabah as deity but compass to the direction of Allah's wish.
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