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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalamu Alaikum. There is a story before my question but I REALLY need your help PLEASE give me ANY advice you may have. My brothers/sisters I am having a VERY VERY rough time in my marriage. My wife and I recently moved a few states away. I had to return to our state of origin for a week or 2 to straighten some things out. When I told my wife I was going to be home soon she told me "do not come back. I don’t want you anymore we are done and Im going back to my ex". She WAS married to a brother who only cconverted to be with her and then refused to pray, shaved his beard and beat her. He went to jail for beating her. While he was incarcerated she informed him that because his actions clearly showed he wasn't a Muslim (not praying, shaving the beard, beating her, doing drugs) that their marriage wasnt valid and ahe was moving on. After 3 month waiting period her and I were married by contract we BOTH signed. So here I am 3 states away my wife will not return my calls she claims we were never married and that she is still married to her ex and that he is a Muslim again (he has clearly deceived her). She was put out of the room we were renting and is currently in a homeless shelter with her children. I am TRYONG to contact her to send money and I am trying ro make it right but I can’t even get in contact with her. Her knowledge and wisdom are vast she has up until now been sooooo extremely supportive and has helped to make me a much better man and Muslim. She literally just changed overnight. I don’t know how or why this happened. The day before when we spoke everything was going to be ok. She said ahe loved me and we were ok. Then out of nowhere she hates me and wont speak to me. I LOVE MY WIFE SO MUCH. My heart is so broken. PLEASE are there ANY dua'a I can make? Is there ANYTHING I can do to get my wife back to remain her husband. I have prayed to Allah in the manner the companions of the cave did when the rock block their way out (asking in the name of a righteous act I did PURELY for Allah), I have heard that if u ask Imam Hussein (عليه السلام) for anything for the sake of Zuqaina(عليه السلام) that he will respond in giving what you ask out of his love for her. I have asked Imam Hussein (عليه السلام)to ask Allah to grant me one last chance with my wife for the sake of Zuqaina (عليه السلام). I have even read that if we write our need in a letter to Imam Al-Mahdi and cast it into a body of water that the Imam will receive it and respond to your request. So...... 1. I have recited Dua'a Zalool 2. asked Imam Hussein (عليه السلام) for the sake of daughter Zuqaina 3. Written and called out to Imam Al-Mahdi MY QUESTION- Is there ANYTHING else I can do? Are there ANY dua'a that will help me get just 1 more chance (thats all I need)? Is there anyone I can call on? Anythong I can say or ask for? Any action I can take. This woman is an AMAZING muslimah and if I lose her I REFUSE to EVER marry again (I'm only 34). I love her so much. Can you PLEASE make dua'a for me (Abdullah) and my wife (Nikema). She was even willing to go to Iran with me. When I met her she was Sunni but accepted the Ahl al-Bayt (عليه السلام) IMMEDIATELY when I taught her about them. She is a newer shahada only about a year old. Could you please make dua'a and offer ANY advice or help? Thank you so much. Assalamu Alaikum.
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