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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Im not sure about the religious ruling but I know that ANC can only filter out monotonous or repeating sounds. Like engine sound or a neighbor using a drill but it can't cancel out voices or music. So the only thing reducing the public is the headphones normal insulation material.
  2. Im not an expert but as far as I know it is actually haram to forbid ur daughter or son to marry or do mutah if they are on fear of falling into haram except if the is a very important reason. I am 20 years old and I grew up in a western society. And I think a lot of parents who grew up in islamic countries underestimate how hard it is to avoid haram. They say we dont understand sexuality bc we live in a hypersexualized society. But thats one more reason to allow ur children a halal alternative. I have seen so many muslim boys and girls having sex behind their parents backs bc they
  3. Tbh everyone is looking for the perfect partner. But who of them is really trying to be a perfect partner.
  4. Well... That's the first thing I have told them but they don't care. Otherwise I wouldn't have asked you guys.
  5. This doesn't make sense bc if they are ahlul kitab they believe that there is only one God and if they also believe that Mohammed is a Prophet of God that that is basically tashahud wich makes them Muslim and not ahlul kitab. So instead of getting your answers from a yt video just ask a mujtahid Even if marriage was the right thing for me and could cure my depression, low self esteem etc. and I'd agree to marry. Then I would still have the problem of my social anxiety which would prevent me from getting to know the girl and my trust issues wich would prevent me trusting her enough to m
  6. I know they can't physically force me to marry and that I could just walk away from my parents and do my own thing. But this would be without my parents blessing. I want them to be proud of me. The funny thing about them not letting me go to university is that I only want to go there to please them. As a matter of fact I always wanted to become a police investigator. But I know that my parents would not approve of that so I wanted to go to uni to make them happy and proud of me. So just disobedience is not an option for me. Then there are only two options left. Either marriage or convincing th
  7. I have been in therapy multiple times but nothing has changed so far. Now concerning the trust issue. Even if I don't have them... How should I just trust a total stranger. A woman I have never met before. How long do I need to get to know her to know if I want to marry her? How can I decide that this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with? And isn't it weird to ask for the hand of a total stranger? And asking for a someones hand and getting to know someone forces you to be in a social situation which is really nerve-racking if you have social anxiety. I feel uncomfortabl
  8. No I was hospitalised bc the doctors feared that I might commit suicide
  9. Unfortunately I don't have time to go through this. By reading the title I am not sure if you have understood my problem. Is there anything relevant for my question in it? And if yes can you please give me the time stamp. Now concerning the question if a man can marry a non Muslim woman. I think that everybody should follow his marji's ruling. Fo example I am Sistani and his ruling is that it is allowed to marry ahlul kitab women in a temporary marriage but only if you aren't married to a Muslim women. Or at least that is what I remember. I don't want to be responsible for spreadin
  10. I hope you are right. But as far as I have witnessed quite the opposite is the case. But you never know. Maby was just unlucky and I have just seen the bad cases. I am from Hamburg, a city in the northern part of Germany.
  11. Swimming is the best for burning calories. But not for strength. If u want so gain muscle mass you need to take in more calories than you burn. (if you aren't obese) You also should hit the gym regularly. I would recommend a 3 split HIT workout. You also should eat food with a lot of protein. (for example chicken breast or eggs) you could also use whey protein aslong you don't have a lactose intolerance. But I would be careful with such supplements. Another very important thing is to improve your technique or check if it's correct. There are tutorials on YouTube for tha
  12. I know. And I wish them all the best of luck and Allah's (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) help and guidance to find suitable spouses. In my case tho I am afraid that a marriage would be a burden for me and for the person I marry. I come from a background where divorce is seen as something very shameful and it's only acceptable if the spouse is a bad person or an unbearable to have as a partner. Also I don't think that a second wife will make my situation any better. My problem isnt about who I marry. It's rare that I don't feel ready for it. PS: I like you username XD Yes tha
  13. Al salamu aleikum brothers and sisters, I am male, 19 and live in a western country. Ever since I have become 16 my family father and my grandmother started to try to get me married. Now it hit a new level tho. My family threatened to not let me go to university if I don't get married. I can understand that they are worried about me and that they just want to protect me from sinning, which is a reasonable thing to do. Especially in a western society where all the women are half naked etc. But my problem is that I personally don't feel like I am in a position to marry. I suffer from
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