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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have heard from a Maulana that if someone is entering Makkah during a month for the first time he can only enter in Ihram and must perform an Umrah immediately before tending to other business or personal matters and that once they perform an Umrah in that particular month they can next time on go in and out of Makkah freely without Ihram and need to do Umrah. Just wanted to make sure if this is correct or maybe I misunderstood the concept.
  2. Salam. So I just shared my muscle relaxant cream with one of my team members since he was in pain. I use it occasionally as well. After sharing it struck me, what if the whole cream is najis now... coz its a liquid? Does anyone have any answers to this? I am sticking to, its najis, until then.
  3. However, lately his majalis is going a bit downhill. No offence please.
  4. Hi guys so this is the official lecturers corner when we can all discuss different lecturers we listen to on a daily basis and share the pros and cons of these of their lecturing style. Please feel free to post about your favourite lecturers and share things you like about them and what topics you prefer listening to. Looking forward to all your replies inshallah will be posting soon myself.
  5. Salam, Just wanted to put forward a quick question regarding namaz of ziyarat, can we club the namaz of two different ziyarats in one namaz if it's the same ziyarat recited more than once and what about two different ziyarats? Thank you.
  6. This month I have been switching between different Lecturers online, namely; Allama Aqeel Ul Gharavi Abid Bilgrami Sheikh Mohammed Abbas Panju Ammar Nakshawani So far Sheikh Abbas Panju has been super interesting with his majalis.
  7. Salam, I was thinking of making a post where in member can post about the Lecturers they listen to for majlis etc, throughout the year or during Muharram. (me no judgy) This could include a bit of background on the person, along with the types of majalis/lectures they read, along with some pros and cons ( if they aren't too controversial) This would be a great way to exchange info on our regular speakers and also to illuminate us on new speakers, especially for ppl like me that stick to just a handful and also to expand our knowledge base at the same time. What say? Based on the feedback I would inshallah create a new post next coming sunday on, hoping to hear from all.
  8. Perhaps you talk to your parents about your problems first, lack of communication here seems to be an underlying issue. Be vocal about what you are going through, ask them to take you for professional guidance(if your parents are one of those that shrug off mental issues, I feel sorry for you mate). Tell them that you would agree to their idea of marriage after you seek help. Maybe they lowkey know your mental state and for them they see marriage as a means to help you go through things, maybe its just that they don't want you to go astray, only God knows. In the end try to go for a mutah which would able you to communicate with your spouse, inshallah that might help as well rather jump into a nikah.
  9. @Hameedeh Thank you for your support to help change my username... Although the warning notification did give me a mini stroke.
  10. I do have options for VPN, but I speak of the website banning me while I was using a VPN. (this was while I was an unregistered member)
  11. You start by simply accepting the fact that you will die one day. Death is a form of relief for the believer from the treachery that is this world. You will meet your Imam in your grave, the Imam, we all love to talk about. I say you start focusing on improving your akherat and see the fear of death dissolve in your mind and heart and at the same time pray for a dignified death. Hope this helps.
  12. I wish to use a VPN to access ShiaChat for obvious reasons, initially as a guest it worked fine for me then later I got banned. Now that I am a registered member I would like to know the protocol to access this site using a VPN. Thanks.
  13. I recently had a cousin watch a majalis at home along with his family members, of some maulana that addressed regarding citing things without sources.It was indirect yet effective in combating the problem at large in our community.
  14. How about moisturizers? If I apply them at night do I need to scrub them off before I do Fajr Wudhu?
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