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  1. I haven’t read the article yet but I was researching more and this article supposedly shows the connection between Malcolm X and Shiaism: https://www.scribd.com/doc/111634680/Malcolm-X-and-the-Shia-Link
  2. Wow this is so surprising. First, I always thought Malcom X was Sunni and second I didn’t even know Tupac was Muslim.
  3. As a previous Sunni and now Shia I agree with most if not all of these points. A lot of the time people are out off getting to know the other view because they feel they are already judged etc.
  4. Thanks everyone for your advise, I guess I just have to build my confidence in being able to reject people whilst still being respectful. I need to prioritise how Allah feels and not the other person... which I’m learning to do.
  5. Walaikum salam, Not in an Islamic manner to say the least.
  6. Walaikum salam sis. Just one so far but I felt guilty about lying which is why I made this post asking fo advice. And yeah... your right it could backfire.
  7. I have no female relatives living near with a ring... even my mum doesn’t have her wedding/engagement ring.
  8. Salam everyone I hope you in the best of health insha’Allah. First, I just wanna establish some points so I’m not misinterpreted. I know it’s haram to lie and I’m not making this post to be egocentric, this is literally my last resort. Not only do I want an answer to this Q but any respectful alternative advice is welcome. So alhamdulilah I’ve learnt over the years the right manner of how to conduct oneself with the opposite gender. However, the older get the more unwanted and overwhelming attention I get, which I’m sure a lot of girls relate to. I literally don’t post any pics, have no guys on social media, the most I’m involved in is in a uni WhatsApp group that shares resources (I don’t even have a profile pic) I’m the type of person (which I don’t like) that hates confrontation so I find it easy to just say I’m engaged so it’s over with. I know... “why don’t you jus block?” Yes that’s good and well but I can’t block these people that I go university with in real life so it’s awkward if I act coldly to them especially when I’m involved in group projects with etc. When I tell a guy that I’m not interested and I’m keeping things halal they try to find a loophole, but when I say I’m engaged it’s finished and done with. Is that bad? I don’t like in my character that I’m doing this to avoid conflict or that I’m a people pleaser but it just saves so much time. Any advice?
  9. Walaikum salam brother. I completely agree. As a revert I still haven’t been able to fit into the community in real life in regards to majalis etc. I’ve also been given the cold shoulder at first because people were suspicious and questioning if I was an actual Shia or pretending because of my background (Palestinian)- you don’t rlly hear of Palestinian shias I guess so I see where they’re coming from but still.
  10. Even non Muslims are against the film calling it “soft porn” for its paedophilic nature. I don’t understand how this show can star children and yet the show is not aimed at them.
  11. I agree. I had to study Russian and Chinese Communism and it matches up. The supposed aims of Communism become weakened in effect and is just pragmatism with a different name. This is not even taking into account that Karl Marx condoned Orientalism and was an Orientalist at heart. To read more on this relationship between Karl Marx and Orientalism I suggest read “Culture and Imoerialism” by Edward Said.
  12. When I first saw the trailer and the description of “cuties” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for how ridiculous the storyline is. It’s either we’re stereotyped as terrorists or gentrified to the max. *facepalm*
  13. Salam everyone, Insha’Allah you are all in the best of health. My brother’s friend who is 24 has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. His cancer has spread and he has (according to doctors) little time to live. This is very shocking news especially to my brother who has grown up with him since they were kids. I ask you all for your prayers please. Also, I wanted to ask something that I don’t know is true or not. Apparently the turba in which we pray on has healing effects... I don’t know how true this is because I’m a new Shia. People have apparently talked about going to Karbala and getting healed of X,Y and Z etc. My brother nor his friend are Shia with my brother being extremely against Shiasm so I don’t know how to bring up the idea of the turba bringing healing effects or if it is even true. Again all I at the very least is for you all to pray for my brother’s friend Mohammad. He’s the most religious friend of my brother and of very good character. Subhan’Allah... Allah is the Best Planner. Jazak’Allah
  14. I agree, I have this translation of the Quran at home and it’s better than any previous translation that I’ve read. They also have a pdf version on the al-islam website I believe. Either way I found this pdf version: https://zawaar786.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/phrase-by-phrase-quran-with-english-translation-by-ali-quli-qarai.pdf
  15. I’m assuming your a brother correct..? Black magic is common in my community, coming from an Egyptian background witchcraft happens a lot. I’ve never heard of blood in that sort that you described being a sign of witchcraft however, I may be mistaken. Firstly, see if the same happens again. When you enter the toilet did u make Du’a before entering and leaving? If you fear of witchcraft here are some things to do to ease your conscience: 1) put the audio of Surat al Baqarah on your phone in the night and sleep to it. 2) read Surat al Baqarah over the course of three days and pray 2 rakkah istikhara and if there is witchcraft it shall be shown in your dream. 3) Eat 7 dates in the mourning or an odd number of less. These are tips that I’ve been told and that I’ve witnessed helping others. Insha’Allah this does not apply to you. Ma salam brother (assuming your a brother)
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