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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. But do you know if the source is authentic or not?
  2. not all Sunnis hate us, and I've known many Sunnis who dislike Shias but not hate, all I wanted to know was if the sources are authentic or not, because the sources are calling Shia Muslims "disbelievers" which confused me because Shias are Muslims as well.
  3. Wasalam, from what I understand you are addicted to masturbation? If so, what I would suggest is for you to block any inappropriate websites using a website blocker, this way you can keep your mind more clean and there's less chance you will be encouraged to do it again. And change settings in your web browser to children mode in order to have the web browser automatically remove inappropriate content and to make it even more annoying to watch inappropriate stuff because you will keep needing to switch the settings back in order to access the inappropriate content. I would also suggest n
  4. I just wanted to know because the sources seem to be against Shia Islam describing them as disbelievers
  5. Are all the sources on this website really authentic? https://sunniconnect.com/m3/2019/05/the-ruling-of-our-salaf-on-the-shiah/ some sources mentioned: "Ibn Hazm said, ‘The Rāfidah are not from the Muslims’ [Al-Fisal]." "Ahmad Ibn Yūnus (died 227AH) said, ‘If a Jew were to slaughter a sheep and a Rāfidī were to slaughter one, I would eat from the sheep slaughtered by the Jew and not eat from the one slaughtered by the Rāfidī, because the Rāfidī is a murtadd’ [As-Sārim al-Maslūl – Ibn Taymiyyah]" "Imām Al-Bukhārī said, ‘It makes no difference to me whether I we
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