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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Exactly what I am thinking, he made it clear he does not support extreemism.
  2. Your average aethiest will say it is a fact because they are just desperate and want it to be true because it means in their minds that evolution disproves religion and it proves that creatures can come without Allah(stw), this is obviously the wrong way of thinking and its fallatious. Even the big aethiest names such as AronRA who have well researched evolution do not know simple concepts that relate to science like metholigical naturalism and philosophical naturalism as the guy whom youve shared in a video(Ahmad Souboor) pointed out after debating with AroonRA. Scientits concieve i
  3. Thats an adaptation not macro evolution. Think about it, if this was ultimate proof of macro evolution, we would not call it a theory. To everyone here: The theory of evolution as proposed by Darwin and which has been evolving(no pun intended) ever since and is a theory with very good evidence and it is the best that the scientific community has at this point in time, in the future another theory might completly disprove it, only Allah(stw) knows, the fact of the matter is, it is not gospel truth, just a very good theory with evidences such as speciation, fossil records and many
  4. They defently need to explain what they mean because it is something that I always found odd since they reject the nonsense from the salafi side.
  5. The majority of sunnis also dont beleive in this stuff, only a few from certain madhabs and the salafis and wahabbis ofcourse. The only thing im aware of that mainstream sunnis beleive in that we reject is that they say they will see Allah(stw) face on yawm al qiyamah.
  6. This video clarified to me that salafi kind of thinking. Before that video, I used to listen to salafi majalis and whenever they said nonsense like this, I just shrugged it off as they don't mean it litterally, but turns out they do. Even after this video the sunni defence force tried to "refute" this video by posting more random narrations from the shia and when they did find sound narrations they interpreted it with their litteralistic world view.
  7. From what I heard, some journalists recorded the entire thing including the candy giving part and then some (dont know who) decided to edit/manipulate that part out of the footage and give the "explosive footage" as they said and then reuters and fox and cnn reports their fake story.
  8. The video of ryan dawson I shared did exactly what you wanted, the video is titled "9/11 for grownups" he basically emphesises that we should look into the "who" and not really the "what".
  9. I was going to share this video with you, I completly lost this video and searched it for years, the video was defnetly deleted by youtube because the original video was very viewed, this video contains only 44k views.
  10. The mini nukes and energy weapons and all these crazy conspiracy theories have made people not question the story because they don't want to be associated with these crazy claims, the fact you put this simple argument too should be enough to discredit these nonsense claims, there are much more credible evidence of 9/11 being an inside job but some charlatans choose to spew nonsense as a distraction, it feels as if they were paid to do this.
  11. his channel seems familliar I must have forgotten him. EDIT: I remeber him now, I watched this very video too, his points were similar to that of Ryan.
  12. They defently suppressed it, I remeber hundreds of videos especially in 2014 and 2015 where these videos were exposing a lot of what happened in 9/11, syria, iraq, lybia and who really funded isis, are now unfindable, especially this documentary detailing the origins of isis which was extreemly viewed and is now unfindable even when I put the title exactly how it is and I dug everywhere for it. The documentary was so good it detailed exactly who gave weapons to who, how terrorists in syria had weapons from lybia shipped to them as an example or the interactions between the us and the dirty sec
  13. This was a reupload of the raw footage that some of the western medias in 2001 used to claim the video was palestinians dancing to 9/11, without giving any context to the video whatsoever. This video was defently uploaded in 2001 9/11 but as I said the media gave no context about this, as a matter of fact from what I remeber, the video tape was edited and these peple were told they would get food and the kids would get candy if they celebrated and put on an act, a huge amount of people who have claimed to have watched the FULL video said they saw the news reporters do this or something of
  14. Thats a lie, he clearly doubts and denies the story and litterally asks what the context for the video is, you dont ask what the context of a video is if you "dont deny the fact that they were celebrating because of 9/11" it is clear the article doubts the original story and asks the reader to ask for the context: "Why the need to run over to Palestinian areas and start to video tape? What is the reaction of Palestinians when camera crews come and people come handing out candy? Almost universally on U.S. networks, anchors presented the footage as if it were representative of all Palestini
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