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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I found that in a lot of aethiest Muslim discussions the defention of the philosophy of science has been brought up a lot as it clears things and puts the defenitions in the right place which would basically force the aethiest to agree that what his scientists are saying isn't the ultimate truth and that science too is imperfect. Good example of this is newtons law which actually managed to put the first man on the moon, even tho this theory worked, it was proven wrong by einstein with his theory of relativity for example. The reason I bring this up is because a lot of these aethiests beleive in some of these theories "because they work" but they fail to realise that a theory that works does not equate to truth and this also answers the question of the OP.
  2. What the op seems to reffer to is the new aethiest movment wich over glorifies science because they have a naturalistic world view, this movment is called scientism and its been growing in popularity to the point where Muslims in the past decades felt an inferiority complex and decided to prove Islam by showing "scientific miracles in the Qur'an" for example Now of course this scientism movement is fallacious as science is not the ultimate truth and we should aspire to use other tools like phylosophy and logic , etc
  3. It seems that no one is agreeing here , so lets put it this way, Christians beleive that Isa(عليه السلام) was crucified to atone for their sins (basically a human sacrifice so they are forgiven) now obviously we Muslims beleive that forgiveness only comes if the person who did the wrong asks for forgiveness not with human blood or God blood(God forbid), which is where this whole crucifixtion subject is mostly based on , debating on wether he was crucified or not seems pointless to me , lets say for arguments sake that he was crucified , to Muslims that still wont mean we beleive in that atonement of sins thing, it just wont change anything from a deen point of veiw all this does is cause pointless debates, if we don’t know then we will know when we die and were in heaven inshallah.
  4. To the OP according to the bible his diciples fleed the scene when he was "crucified" as a matter of fact this was a matter of debate in the first centuries as a lot of Christians doubted this word of mouth that Isa(عليه السلام) was crucified, as a matter of fact the only reason why people accept this is because the paulean Christians took power and they have reportedly slaughtered or forced converted every Christian that contradicted their beleif that was cannonised in the niecean creed 300 years after Isa(عليه السلام) as they were considered heretics Also, it would contradict the fact that Isa(عليه السلام) was holy, the reason why Jews wanted him to be crucified was because "any one that hangs of a tree is cursed" they wanted to prove that Isa(عليه السلام) was cursed, obviously Allah(stw) said that they SLEW HIM NOT and that they made CONJECTURES , he was obviously saved from this humiliation, the crucifiction is based on forgiveness from punishing someone innocent, this is obviously not devine justice for us Muslims. It also obviously says : It was made to appear to them that he was crucified why do you think this clear verse was put here? The verse is clear, the Jews wanted Isa(عليه السلام) crucified but they failed, the Jews said he was crucified, Allah(stw) said that it was made to APPEAR that he was crucified, it realy can’t get clearer then this, the word apear is here for a reason the word of them making conjecture is also here for a reason, Allah(stw) is clearly saying that the Jews are saying nonsence and that he wasn't crucified and to confirm this even more the word "NAY" is here to say "no what they say isnt true" , youre trying to phrase it as if someone else crucified him by saying "oh he said they",which there wasnt ,but it was ONLY the Jews who wanted him dead and obviously the Qur'an said that they were wrong, he was "RAISED UP" thats not death thats a litteral he took him up as in a miracle happened and he was saved the same way ABRAHAM(عليه السلام) was saved from the fire. Also the huge majority of ismaili scholars in all oh Islamic history have said he wasnt cricified, in fact im only putting the huge majority because what you said is a first, even in a lot of discussions between Muslims and Christians ive never even heard this, because these verses are extreemly clear and this is comming from someone who saw a lot of christianity and Islam comparisons in the past. Also one last important thing , you just rejected our hadiths to make a point, you have to realise we are Shia Muslims not quranists.
  5. Obisety : probably one of the main reason of high deaths in us Smoking: Probably the reason of high deaths in Iran, italy, china Bad coal air quality: Big reason why people died in initial days in china Drinking alchool: Probably huge reason of deaths in italy Sleep deprivation: THE BIGGEST RISK FACTOR Practicing less hygene: Other deseases might infect with coronavirus Men do these way more then women which explains why they have more male deaths I heard a perfectly health girl 20 years old that did exercise many times a day got the corona and had severe pneumonia and a guy in his 30s who had 0 symptoms from the virus, which to that ill say: OR Allah(STW) will: They die because it was their time, these are just statsitics and people should look over their healths but it also has to coincide with Allah(stw) will.
  6. Children don’t die for this simple reason: Unlike adults who have anti bodies to other coronaviruses children don’t have them, now it might sound like children are disatvantaged here until you realise that some of these anti bodies to other coronaviruses are extreemly harmful to tbe body when treating the new coronavirus which would explain a huge amount as to why older people suffer more then younger.
  7. Its pointless at this time because its spreading, but if america really made this virus then damn that backfired quickly.
  8. This desease isn't world ending, but if there is an economic crisis worse then the 1920 one, we woulf potentially be looking at a potential ww3 and deseases will defenetly rise up if one decides biological warfare. Just think about it , people who lived before ww1 never thought they would have crazy lives , you never know what can happen.
  9. The problem is , many things can cause the economoc crisis, now the world economy is basically at a halt , its so bad the fuel prices are like they were in the 1980s, the economy isn't running. One thing you seem to be forgetting is that america has been predicted to have an economic crisis soon even befote the coronavirus, all this virus did was accellerate that process , america is already is intense debt and looking at where things are heading none of this looks good
  10. hasanhh , why do you disagree that we could potentially have a great depression 2.0 ??? America already lost 20% in just 21 days thats extreemly alarming , in the great depression it took more then a thousand days to loose 80% also , litterally a lot of people in my job got fired because of this so did I , the number of people on a govt payroll is growing by the day here in Canada
  11. Is everyone just going to ignore the fact that we could potentially experience a great depression 2.0
  12. Man kills himself because he wrongfully thought he had the choronavirus: https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/wrongly-believing-he-has-coronavirus-andhra-man-kills-self-order-stop-spread-117979
  13. Because china overreacts everytime, they banned people from calling their president qinnie dapooh and they imprison uguir in conentration camps for being Muslims. That said, lets hope this virus does not end up becomming the next h1n1 2009 where 89.3 million people were infected and 200 thousand died if I remeber estimates as high as 1 million(not confirmed) too, or in the wrost case scenario in case we start living like its 1920 and we start throwing bags of feices in roads because we have no running water and not using soap, lets hope it does not kill 50 million and infect 500million.
  14. The guy who said the 25% figure said him self that the number is much higher of infected (probably at around 40k realistically) which changes the statistics quite a bit, don’t forget a lot of poeple infected only got mild cold symptoms and did not even bother to go in hospital, also don’t forget china has a bad air pollution problem they are litterally breathing coal air for years now, which plays a huge part in the fatalities as their lungs would be ill eqquipped for this.
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