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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. remove this comment for your safety , they might track you online who knows
  2. Salam alaykoum, I heard you had some knowlege about biology , I made this timeline of human evolution in accordance with Islam, maybe you could comment on it ? Thanks 

    here is the immage :



  3. Question is simple, which is the least worse PM for Muslims and in turn the whole country ?
  4. I know a guy who took weed and many times hed laught and cry for no reasons some times and he defently did not react like you (laughting or crying during prayer is NOT good, its like when someone took alchool and started praying during the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) time and started twisting verses of the Qur'an) , infact ever since hes been more agressive the more the years pass, so I don’t know , I even have a freind in college who smokes weed too and I can see a lot of times when we work in teams of 2 that hes always late , does not answer all questions in an assignment , etc... not saying its extreemly bad , but im just saying there are also bad experiences and on a societal level it seems to be degrading , when it got legalised here in Canada , the number of car accidents rose and ive seen more coco people since then, like wayy more when I take the bus from college to home and a lot of studies pointed out that long term use of marijuana did not have a good effect om the brain , maybe short term as you described but for long term a lot of people it seemed to have had negative effects hope you the best of luck
  5. Lets make things clear , to start off , Jesus(عليه السلام) in Islam was created without a father , is that possible with a God? yes as Allah(stw) made the universe.Now Jesus(عليه السلام) was a fully anatomical human being , which means he must havd had 23 Y chromosomes from the Dad side , but the thing is , he did not have a Dad, thing is were talking about Allah(stw) the litteral creator of everything in existance, he could have placed these 23 Y chromosomes inside of his mother to form a full human being without the need of a dad.The same could be said to Adam(عليه السلام) he was created without father or mother , BUT he was created with the body of a homo sapien sapien, he probably even had the mutations of homo sapiens before him , there is no problems about earlier human species , infact narrations from our ulemas mention early human species which existed before Adam(صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) on this planet and did their daily actvities but had a lower intellectual capacity, and it seems to make sense , as when we see human evolution , we see humans progressivley become smarter over long periods of time and Adam(عليه السلام) was created probably at the begening of the neolithic revolution which makes sense as ONE of the reasons why Allah(stw) sent him to this Earth was to cultivate this Earth , to settle in , to make civilisations , to make great acheivments , etc... another was to be the Khalifa on this planet , be the representatives of Allah(stw) on this Earth. hope that answered some questions.
  6. thats the hadith I was searching for thanks for putting it up
  7. one way of countering this is that the Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام) surely mustve had better brains , I mean they had the knowlege of the unseen and the seen all at once and they gave the best answers to questions , with the will of Allah(stw) they mustve had powerfull minds the same way as Prophets(عليه السلام) were given miracles by Allah(stw) will so as far as transhumans are comcerned , they can be as much intelligent as they can , they would never reach the level of the Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام) , since they would never have all the knowlege of the seen and unseen and etc... Also thanks for the reply
  8. What about mentally ill people or children who haven't or don't have developped PHISYCAL brains like our brains , they can't do morality or spirituality like us normal humans , a lot of times children can't tell whats right from wrong , obviously evolution also deals with spirituality , morality and ethics since the more the PHiSYCAL BRAIN evolved over time with species the more they became spiritually , morally and ethically aware and if thats the case , then if humans in the future have better brains than now trought microchips in brains(cyborg) or trought genetically modified human DNA(more neurons?) then doesnt that mean that the Prophets and immams were not the most perfect beings (godforbid) if Adam(عليه السلام) was chosen as the khalifa on Earth because of his intellectual capacity , then what about futute humans , they would surely be potentially much more moral , spiritual.
  9. Salam, I once heard Prophets and immams were the smartest people to have ever lived , but know were entering the age where we can insert a chip into someones brain and increase their memory or make them think faster , etc... is what I heard false? Maybe they were the smartest in the sense that they chose the best option and they had the best moral character ? Wsalam
  10. I meant this kind of life where its all chaotic no God etc... just didnt do it for me , it felt off , didnt add up and especially did not feel right , this ideology of "optimistic nihilism" is a form of make belief for me, if God did not exist then things like morality don’t exist because this world is all materialistic as there is no metaphysics and this means killing a human being and destroying a 6 ft chocolate bunny is the same thing for materialists YET these same people beleive in ideologies such as liberalism and etc.... which to me is just delusion , they arent being honest and that did not do it for me , this life style of materialism had a lot of inconsitensies in it and it made me depressed at first when I didnt reason especially when I beleived that when I die nothing is going to happen its just this chaotic world and thats it , you live , you get married have a job and die , there is nothing more to look up to in this boring and dull purpousless world , basically we are an accident BUT with reasoning it got much better , I still have some small doubts that come there and now but they always get extenguished by reasoning and knowlege from the Qur'an and Ahlul Bayt(عليه السلام).
  11. These things were temporary in nature , they came and then these problems went away , the loosing faith part was the worst thing because if Allah(stw) did not exist then there is no life after death, no justice no nothing and this life just didn't do it for me especially the more I think about it
  12. I've experienced a war , a terrorist attack , my parents going trought bankrupcy years ago and a schizophrenic familiy memeber , but none of these things compare to the time I doubted the existance of Allah(stw) because I knew this life without Allah(stw) is an extreemly grim one , I legitimatly was depressed because of that , unfortunatley im kind of rexperincing a small bit of lack of faith this week which prevented me from enjoying life this week
  13. Salam, From my knowlege a lot of Shia Muslim scholars agree that Adam(عليه السلام) was created 15k to 10k years ago , now it is agreed that from that period of time till todays period of time most of human development has taken place , the thing that bugs me tho is that before the time of Adam(عليه السلام) specifically from the 50k time period , humans became very sophisticated in their tool making and art, etc... (when they started having modern human behaviour) which means they were kind of smart and correct me if im wrong but tribes today live the same life as these early humans lived , which if true , why are they more special then older human species that had the same life style as them .All of that confuses me as what was the reason that Adam(عليه السلام) was sent on Earth why were the angels so amazed by Adam(عليه السلام) if earlier humans had kind of his intelligence? Could it be that Adam(عليه السلام) was created 50 thousand years ago ? or is that a strech , if so humans interbreed with neanderthals at that time(don’t know if fact or speculation) which means we did not all decend from Adam(عليه السلام) if he was created 50 thousand years ago , can that be reconciled?
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