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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Source The Additional Protocol has probably facilitated external intrusion, sabotage, assassination, espionage, and so on. Internal division between the pro-Western “reformist” compradors and patriotic elements has effectively weakened Iranian national security and has abetted external control and influence over the economy, military, national security, and so on. Iran is too divided to act effectively and accordingly. Source
  2. Source Iraqis in general—though not uniformly—seem to prefer being oppressed and exploited by the West, for whatever reason. Iran’s relatively quiescent response, for the most part, has only encouraged the West, including Israel, to increase its overall footprint in Iraq and occupied portions of Syria, in coordination with Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, as part of a pan-Sunni alliance against Iran. The bottom line is that Iran does everything to avoid “firing the first short” because Iran knows that it cannot win against the U.S., Israel, the EU, Russia, China, the GCC, and Turkey. I
  3. For example, most Christians since the time of Constantine were forcibly converted to Trinitarianism and anti-Judaism, based on Saul’s Masonic doctrine(s). Contrary to the words of Prophet Jesus in, among other places, Matthew 23:2–3, the Trinitarian Church(-es)—in particular, the Latinate (Roman Catholic) Church and her offshoots, including all the Protestant sects—forcibly prevented Jewish Christians from adhering to the 613 mitzvot, dietary prescriptions, ritual ablution and prayer, circumcision, and so on, all of which Prophet Jesus upheld, given that he only criticised the Pharisees’ insi
  4. @313_Waiter Many Masonic awards, emblems, coats of arms, orders, medals, and so on are named after—that is, commemorate—Saladin, whom the leaders/commanders of the Latin (Frankish) Crusades greatly respected. Saladin, like the Latin Crusaders, also opposed both the Orthodox Byzantines and the Shia (Ismaili) Fatimids. Saladin’s personal standard also featured the double-headed phoenix (so-called “eagle”) that is a common signifier of Masonic bloodlines or dynasties worldwide. All Masonic bloodlines respect and collaborate with one another against the masses and the truth(s) throughout hist
  5. @313_Waiter In other words, because (the) God is more-than-finite and more-than-infinite simultaneously, His essence cannot be defined, given that our plane of existence is not identical to His, and therefore His essence cannot “become” ours. On the other hand, some Trinitarians may point to Prophet Jesus’ breathing life into figures of clay. Given that clay consists of organic matter, and living organisms are made of organic material, the transformation was only “miraculous” in its instantaneity, as opposed to the drawn-out “evolutionary” model. So, unlike the divine essence, the essence
  6. @Ashvazdanghe Trinitarians often justify their theology by pointing to the miracles of the Tanakh and the Qur’ān, including the seemingly anthropomorphic descriptions of the theophanies in the Tanakh, e.g., the Merkabah (“throne” or “divine chariot”) narratives of Ezekiel and Daniel, as well as the prophetic miracles by Moses et al. The Trinitarians often argue that, since Muslims, for instance, also believe in the occurrence of supernatural miracles, seemingly in contravention of (known) natural/scientific law(s), then there is little to no practical difference between belief in the prop
  7. It is rather evident, historically, that the Catholic Church, Seljuks, and Saladin (Illuminati) collaborated vs. the Fatimids and Byzantines during the various Crusades.
  8. Source So it is clear that all the crimes of the Roman Catholic Church throughout history are inextricably based on religion, at least in the minds of the rank-and-file perpetrators, even if the very top is carrying out financial objectives, at least in part. The fact that most rank-and-file Catholic militants who committed these crimes were genuinely driven by religious fanaticism, or believed themselves to be acting on a religious basis, shows how religious fervour provided the justification for the use of any and all means in service of the desired or imagined end. Of course, the Vatic
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