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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Israel, like its Western patrons, is always looking out for its own self-interest: that is, endlessly seeking concessions and coercing its foes via any and all means, including fabricated incidents and false flags. The West and Israel will always blame their foes, regardless of what objectivity and reality say, so calibrating one’s responses based on what the West/Israel (might) say or do is both a sign of weakness and an exercise in futility. (This holds true not just for the West and Israel, but also for all empires throughout history. History says that the “strong do what they will/can, and the weak suffer what they must,” to paraphrase Thucydides.) It’s dangerous for the “Resistance”—or anyone, for that matter—to downplay these large-scale false flags and engage in endless tough talk without actually having the will or the means to back it up. So far the “Resistance” hasn’t done anything to respond to the innumerable assassinations of high-ranking commanders, including General Soleimani of the IRGC, and keeps talking about evicting the Americans from West Asia without actually having the will to do so. Sabotage occurs on a daily basis in Iran and the government is totally infiltrated by Western agents, as the recent explosions and the downing of the Ukrainian airliner have amply illustrated, yet the Supreme Leader and IRGC use the Iranian Constitution as an excuse to stay on the sidelines, letting the “reformists” and their allies undermine the government and society on every conceivable level. Now Israel is nuking the port of Beirut and the “Resistance” colludes with the corrupt Lebanese government to cover up the truth, blaming the explosion on ammonium nitrate, saying it was an “accident,” suppressing public evidence of Israeli involvement and orchestration, denying the reality of Israeli mini-nukes, etc. I’m sorry, but the “Resistance” looks not just weak, but also ridiculous. Merely pointing out the facts doesn’t make one a Western agent.
  2. Firstly, the West has never been interested in restoring “orthodox” Islam, be it Sunni or Shia. It has strictly confined its aims to controlling valuable global resources. To this end it has consistently fostered the growth of deviant sectarianism, including the counter-modernist “revivalist” movements, e.g., Wahhabi–Salafi. The Zionist-run West created the crypto-Zionist, Wahhabi–Salafi Saudi dynasty as a weapon against the Sunni Hanafi Islam of the Ottoman caliphate. Originally, Wahhabi–Salafi ideology, like all deviant “religious” sects, originated in Freemasonry, namely its Sufi branches (Ibn Tamiyyah, like his heirs, borrowed heavily from Sufi and other occult/mystical concepts, including Jewish Kabbalah, vis-à-vis anthropomorphising trends), and was disseminated by the British imperialists to secure their empire. The West, imitating its imperial predecessors, sought to maintain the Muslims and other colonised peoples in a constant state of violent disunion. Sectarian violence would gradually reduce the indigenous populations, destroy entire civilisations, and facilitate Western control of global resources. To paraphrase the Roman Imperial strategy: Divide et impera (divide and rule). Today, thanks to Western efforts, orthodox Sunni Islam as such no longer exists, but is heavily infiltrated and controlled by Wahhabi–Salafi ideology, the financial exponent of which are the crypto-Zionist “Sunni” regimes in the Persian Gulf. The West’s creation of the Masonic “Muslim” Brotherhood has also played a major role in this development—the MB being the major driver behind “Islamic” revivalism, including not just “Sunni” movements, but also some “Shia.” Some sources have even argued that the MB influenced the leaders of—and/or the other participants in—the Iranian Revolution, even if only indirectly and circuitously, since the MB envisaged the Platonic form of the “ideal ‘Islamic’ state” and readily borrowed from Western modernism, as one can see in the works of the Freemason and MB member Sayyid Qutb, whose works were reprinted in the IRI following the Revolution. Prior to and during the Cold War the ideology of the MB dovetailed with Western goals, forged a syncretistic symmetry with its Saudi patrons, and gained global influence through the Anglo-Saxon financial network(s). This remains the case today. The MB’s chief aim is to perpetuate underdevelopment and backwardness in the Muslim world. Allying with the West against the supposed threat of secular nationalism and Marxian socialism has not done the Muslim world any favours. The imperialist West, now neocolonial, has always relied on the deployment of “controlled chaos” to maximise its financial returns. During the Cold War the Muslim world was drifting into the Soviet orbit, which offered the promise of industrialisation. Secular nationalism offered the Muslim world an opportunity to bridge sectarian and other divisions. The West, for obvious reasons, could not tolerate this and marshalled its deviant “Islamic” sects to spread anti-Soviet, pro-Zionist, and sectarian propaganda via its Wahhabi–Salafi clients, especially the Saudi regime. The result: Sunnis and other Muslims, to not mention the world, paying the bill for the Masons, both in blood and treasure. (As for Syria: roughly three-fourths of the Syrian Arab Army consists of Sunni conscripts. Most of these conscripts have ardently supported the pan-Arabist, secular government of Bashar al-Assad, whose anti-Zionism and anti-imperialism is congruent with the aims of Lebanese Hezbollah, even if its ideology differs, even crucially so, from the secularist Baathist vision.) The West has the financial and military clout to intimidate or buy off just about anyone, including a great many members of the “Resistance.” Even Lebanese Hezbollah, like Iran, is far from immune to the guiles of the West. Hence the “Resistance” is propping up Western propaganda. They are propping up Western propaganda by refusing to contest the “official” narrative. They are covering up Israel’s blatant nuclear attack(s).
  3. I meant the Soviet famines, not the Iranian and Indian ones. Those British-induced famines clearly occurred and were whitewashed by the West. I meant to state that the West exaggerated the Soviet famines and concealed the very real ones in Iran and India (to not mention Ireland et al.). This isn’t a conspiracy theory. A nuclear attack by Israel is a very big deal and shouldn’t be covered up by the “Resistance” or anyone else... The Israeli jets and missiles were both seen and heard by numerous credible witnesses in Beirut. The nuclear blast is amply confirmed.
  4. Historically, China has not been an expansionist, militaristic power, unlike the West. Geography played a major role in this. The European (petty) states frequently warred with one another due to geographic barriers resulting in a want of resources. That is why the Renaissance greatly augmented the military and economic power of these states and facilitated aggressive European expansionism, even genocide, at home and abroad. On the other hand, China, like ancient Egypt, developed as a highly centralised state and a coherent civilisation centred on its major rivers and hence based on agriculture/hydropower. China forged strong tributary alliances with its neighbours through intermarriage and infrastructure, while the West has always tended to invade and plunder for the sole benefit of the metropole. China, unlike the West, has never been responsible for genocidal, militaristic foreign policy. China, like Russia, has typically reacted to foreign invaders, be they nomads or highly civilised peoples, whether Mongols, (Meiji-era) Japanese, or Imperial British. China, like Russia, has never stationed hundreds or even thousands of its forces abroad, unlike the Anglo-Saxon and other Western empires. The two sources you mentioned were written by Westerners with a strong anticommunist, Orientalist, and anti-Chinese slant. Right now the decadent West is trying hard to create fissures between the global ummah and China, given that the West’s coercive economic primacy is inevitably giving way to China’s cooperative Belt and Road Initiative. All these fabricated tales of Uighur being sterilised and whatnot merely project the West’s documented use of eugenics (Tuskegee experiments, Planned Parenthood, Nazi euthanasia, etc.) onto a rival. Western elites then marshal the forces of racism and xenophobia against a fabricated “threat.” It is the height of Zionist chutzpah when the Western/Zionist elites, the biggest killers of Muslims in all human history, try to blame China for “oppressing” so-called “Muslims” who happen to be Western-backed Wahhabi–Salafi terrorists financed by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, et al. and allied to international Zionism. The very same Zionist elites who destroy other countries and import massive numbers of criminals disguised as “refugees” are also recruiting Wahhabi–Salafi Turkic groups such as Uighur to wage Zionist proxy wars against Russia, China, and Iran vis-à-vis Turkish-backed al-Qaida and ISIS in Syria.
  5. I’m getting a little tired of Muslims pandering to BLM and postmodernist identity politics.
  6. Sarcasm aside, this post is technically true. The British continually sided with feudal Muslim elites against the mixed peasantry and played a major role in creating Pakistan in order to prevent the emergence of a unified Indian federation. Many Muslims like to ignore this fact, but it is historically salient. People like to pretend that the West discriminates against the Muslim ummah as a whole, but in fact Muslim elites, especially Sunni, have been the West’s preferred neocolonial clients. The Wahhabi–Salafi regimes beside the Persian Gulf have long played a major role in financing pro-Western/pro-Zionist Sunni regimes from Pakistan to Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia, along with the Gaza Strip and Sudan. During the Cold War even the IRI sided with the West against the USSR in Afghanistan—thereby facilitating the eventual victory of better-financed Wahhabi–Salafi forces. Muslims cannot be whitewashed as simply “victims” of Judaeo-Christian Western imperialism. Historically, they have more often than not been allied with the Judaeo-Christian Western imperialists against secular, nationalist, and/or socialist governments. Muslims have often played the role of “useful idiots” against modernising regimes; cf. the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in sponsoring Western proxy conflicts against the USSR, Indonesia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, India, Myanmar, etc. Many of these “famines” either didn’t take place or were greatly exaggerated. A good source in this regard is Douglas Tottle’s Fraud, Famine and Fascism: the Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard (Toronto, Ontario: Progress Books, 1987). The West has long played a major role in sponsoring the myth of genocidal Soviet famines. This myth was and still is heavily promoted by anticommunist groups, especially Neo-Nazi and fascist elements, e.g., the Western- and Zionist-backed Ukrainian nationalists currently tearing down statues of Lenin and waging war against the Russian-speaking portions of Ukraine. The IRI is clearly “whistling past the graveyard.” Israel bombed the port of Beirut with nuclear-tipped missiles and the “Resistance” covers up the Israeli role.
  7. “America ShiaChat has gotten this way because the people have lost their fear of Gov’t conspiracies.” It’s a little odd that someone who is so critical of government is even more critical of “conspiracy theorists.” But to each his own. I do find it odd that neither Iran nor Hezbollah has publicly disclosed Israel’s mini-nuke. There is a lot of evidence that Israel used a mini-nuke in its attack on the port of Beirut (yes, it was an attack). Someone should be asking why the “Resistance” is so silent about this. Why the PMUs have not acted on their own to kick the U.S. out of Iraq, but have continued to wait for the traitorous, reformist-infested Iranian government to give the order. Why the facts on the ground don’t seem to match “Resistance” claims that the defeat of the U.S. is just around the corner. Why Hezbollah is (so far) accepting the official cover story that ammonium nitrate was the culprit, all the evidence of a nuclear attack notwithstanding. Why Assad keeps working with Russia, even though Russia (like China) is too scared of the Zionists to oppose them. Why Russia’s and Iran’s vaunted air defences seem to be vulnerable to Israeli hacking. And so on.
  8. @Abu Hadi Is it also possible that the Akhbari minority turns out to be in the right, given that hadith indicate almost all Shia end up in Hell, to not mention all the non-Shia?
  9. @AkhiraisReal The very first picture isn’t infrared.
  10. Polytheist, Zionist Christians using Jews as scapegoats to foment global apocalypse? On the other hand: “Suicide” of Hans Herzl Comment: The truth about Theodor Herzl Herzl: Christian antisemite posing as a Jew? Source
  11. Some comments: Definite Proof that Israel Nuked Beirut This horrific scenario has been planned for generations. The first two world wars were part of the set-up for this final apocalypse - as is the centralization of financial resources that was precipitated with the equally well-planned financial collapse of October 2008. As if all this were not enough, our source speculates this is all set against the backdrop of a coming "geophysical event" (possibly a pole shift – ed.) - the same kind of event as was experienced by our ancestors approximately 11,500 years ago. If this event occurs - not necessarily expected in 2012, but sometime in the next decade - it would destroy civilization as we know it, dwarfing even the effects of a nuclear war. ... What may have been carefully planned on a covert global scale, for the last several generations, is nothing less than who will inherit the Earth. Who are the "right" people? The white (Christian-Zionist, antisemitic, racist – ed.) Caucasians. This may be why the name of this project is The Anglo-Saxon Mission. Hence the justification for the planned genocide of the Chinese people - so that the New World is inherited by "us", not "them". Project Avalon Anglo-Saxon mission Regarding Iran’s vulnerability to Western/Zionist nuclear (and other) attack: Scandal in Iran Satanic bloodlines?
  12. Apparently, the Zionists are also engineering similar disruptions in Saudi Arabia and the UAE: Source Source All this fits predictions of global food shortages by 2030, in line with UN’s Agenda 2030 and Zionist depopulation goals. Vaccines help the elites too. HAARP, genetically engineered viruses and insects (locusts, hornets, et al.), microchips, “sustainability,” controlled chaos ...all fits the Zionist agenda.
  13. U.S., Israel (and Iran!) back Turkey, Qatar in Libya vs. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and UAE Iranian reformists openly back NATO, Israel in Libya Iran backs one of the West’s pawns in Libya (the other being the LNA) Regarding the Pantsir system(s): Failure of Russian Pantsir, interlocking air defence(s) Erdoğan, Dönmeh, Muslim Brotherhood, AKP, Wahhabi–Salafi ideology, Saudi royal family, Zionism, and Masonry Sayydi Qutb and the Masons Declining fortunes: Turkey aligns with U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia against Russia, Iran
  14. Controlled-opposition “alternative” media are now telling their agents to suppress the reality of Israel’s mini-nuke attack: “Anti-imperialist” Web site adopts CIA tactics against “conspiracy theorists” Former Israeli MP celebrates Israel’s nuking Beirut
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