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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do you suspect that foreign actors sabotaged and/or bombed the aircraft?
  2. Respectfully, how may one tell if one’s autism is truly inherited or a case of jinn-possession?
  3. How did they manage to eat less while engaging in very strenuous physical activity? What did their diet consist of?
  4. To your knowledge, how often and under what circumstances do these possessions tend to occur in your area? How many cases of possession are genuine vs. bogus?
  5. Plus, the demonstration of the missiles’ accuracy, combined with Iranian restraint, may cause American soldiers to become increasingly nervous about a war with Iran.
  6. Respectfully, I have one question. Islam forbids even the mildest criticism of or ingratitude toward one’s parents, even if the parents, as a result of their own background(s), may occasionally—in some cases more often—act in a manner that is either a) contrary to Islam or b) causes distress or c) both, whether due to misunderstanding or other factors. Islam also has a lot of rules about which sins are greater or lesser and the circumstances that mitigate or modulate them. Many other Islamic rules and practices are difficult to remember. or, in some cases, to carry out. For example, repeating some prayers for a certain number of times may prove difficult, if one cannot repeat the phrase and at the same time count the number of times it is repeated, much less pay attention to details such as tone, pronunciation, etc. These kinds of things may tend to drive a prospective revert away from the faith, especially if the person has complications such as autism, OCD, etc., along with a number of negative experiences in life. Dealing with these issues, daily responsibilities, and the practice of Islam can be extraordinarily difficult. It is obviously easier, however, for someone who does not have psychological complications or other dysfunctions.
  7. I recently located this topic. How does one learn to identify whether one has been possessed by jinn? What are the symptoms?
  8. But if they are the majority, why are they afraid of opposing the Wahhabi–Salafi minority? Can’t they simply acquire weapons if they fear violence? (I am just trying to understand.)
  9. I have a respectful question. If most Sunnis oppose Wahhabi–Salafi ideology, then why are they so submissive to its proponents and silent or neutral on General Soleimani’s death?
  10. Hypothetically, if the U.S. and Israel, in the event of WWIII, were to launch all their nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons vs. Iran, I doubt that there would be any person, much less a Shi’ite, left alive in the country, much less elsewhere in the MENA and/or North America, excluding leaders ensconced in self-contained underground settlements, perhaps. (The Southern Hemisphere might be relatively spared.) Nevertheless, there are many articles out there about how the U.S. and Israel alone have been preparing for this eventuality, using every available and conceivable means. If this is the case, then Iran may be taking quite a risk by abstaining from developing a similar arsenal of WMD to counter that of the U.S. and Israel. There may not be any Shia left alive to answer the call of the Hidden Imam. (Of course, I myself am merely a bystander and observer, being “on the fence” in relation to matters of faith and politics.)
  11. Regarding Iraqi politics, I find the official Iranian position to be contradictory. On the one hand, the Supreme Leader has stressed the bonds between the Iraqi and Iranian peoples, and has stated that Iraq and Iran have made great strides together against Daesh and its foreign (Western) backers. (Ironically, the West has basically concurred with and gone beyond the Supreme Leader in this regard, and has falsely insinuated that Iraq has become an Iranian puppet since NATO invaded in 2003.) On the other hand, if the bond between Iraq and Iran were truly so strong, then the West would not have been able to occupy Iraq with impunity up till the present, much less conduct numerous airstrikes and drone raids against anti-Western forces in the country. The Iraqi people, like their government, say one thing and do another, depending on the intended audience. The Iraqi prime minister is quick to condemn Western attacks but quietly collaborates with the West behind the scenes, while he and other corrupt elements leak classified information about the PMUs and IRGC to NATO. It is absurd that the American government is able to talk out of both sides of its mouth: Iran is supposedly taking over the entire MENA by force and stealth, yet it is too weak to stop Western aggression against neighbouring Iraq, a country that waged Western-sponsored aggression against Iran from 1980–89. (Another thing that I do not understand is the reluctance of the Supreme Leader and IRGC to take over the Iranian parliament, given that Rouhani, Zarif, and other reformists have been consistently acting against Iranian interests since day one, by forcing Iran to cooperate with the biased JCPOA, adopt neoliberal economic measures, etc.) Finally, I disagree with the notion that Daesh is defeated. It and its ilk are not defeated as long as the West continues to support Wahhabism financially and otherwise.
  12. This may work in some situations but not others, especially in today’s selfish world. Many people refuse to feed the homeless, thus putting them in difficult situations. People do not beg because they want to beg, but because they have been shorn of dignity and refused assistance, despite requests. It is not a simple matter of laziness. If a person is starving, then he is unable to think logically, so it is unrealistic to expect him to engage in self-scrutiny. Starving people’s brains do not function normally. It is easy for the well-off to criticise the not-so-well-off for their actions, even on seemingly sound religious grounds. Yet bourgeois moralising does not alter reality.
  13. Respectfully, God gave you a brain and logic to use. It is sinful to not exert every effort to conduct proper and logical research and instead regurgitate.
  14. This sounds a bit like fake news. Only Western outlets are reporting on this at a time when the West is backing Wahhabi–Salafi militants in Xinjiang and feudal separatists in Tibet, while spreading pro-Zionist versions of religion, including Protestant Christianity, in order to effect a Hong Kong-style colour-revolution in China, in accord with the Trump administration’s economic and foreign policies against Chinese influence. The West engages in similar subversive activities in Iran and elsewhere, so the trends in the media reflect PSYOPs geared toward misleading Muslims and others. Also, your comments about Chinese being “disgusting and uncivilised” sounds more than a bit Orientalist.
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