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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thanks a lot man, JazakAllah. As of now, what am I supposed to do? I've even had dinner now but I'm still passing wind
  2. I have no idea what to change like I think it's better that before. I've tried to lower my meat intake by having salads and vegetarian meals for most dinners
  3. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, this is really bothering me. Like I had to delay maghrib and isha because I constantly had to fart again and again. I sat, waited and tried to do wudu. Again same thing. After some time of waiting I decided to just have dinner and pray afterwards. This fart problem isn't new but I think it's getting worse. Like there must be an exception in the rules like I only want to pray but yet I have to go through hell to do it. Like usually I have to grow through salat worrying if I'll start or not and some of the times I do in the second prayer of the two(is
  4. Indeed, I don't know, maybe I'm getting these feeling due to ignoring doubts but JazakAllah thanks a lot
  5. Well I didn't smell anything during the salat my doubt is me *possibly* smelling afterwards and saying that it could've happen while I was still praying. The problem is, by acting like this I feel like I'm just trying to avoid repeating it, again, that might be shaytan. Like this in itself, me blaming shaytan for everything, I don't know if that's correct
  6. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, in salat I felt like I passed wind but ignored it because I wasn't sure. When I checked afterwards I felt like a smelt something for a slight second now I don't know if this is me being an idiot and saying it's shaytan when I had actually farted in salat or it was actually a fake smell because I don't think I smelt it when I tried a second time. I wanted to ask if me not repeating the salat was a correct matter and what exactly are the abilities of shaytan on man?
  7. I did isha and still made mistakes I don't know how to say this word properly InshaAllah my salat is accepted
  8. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, earlier I realised I was saying rabbial instead of rabbiyal in rokooh and sajdah (I noticed after dhuhr) but instead I continued to make error in future salat but saying rabiyal astaghfirullah I've asked Allah عزّ وجلّ to forgive me and to accept the salat do I have to repeat them?
  9. @3wliya_maryam @starlight@realizm Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh once again, sorry but I had another question. If I feel something (at my anus excuse my language) and think that I'll past wind but there's no smell or sound is my wudu still valid? (I become unsure if I've past wind due to no smell or sound) once again, sorry for being an annoyance
  10. Thank you all, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) knows how many times I have repeated wudu today, I don't know how I'm still alive honestly Astaghfirullah. JazakAllah to all of you, thanks a lot for the help, this masah thing has been bothering me for a long time
  11. Yes the particles getting the way is what bothers me. So I can just wipe and ignore even if I see a lot?
  12. I did that but somehow it was still there
  13. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, I think I have pushed this question out before but no one has helped me. Please, help. In wudu, when I do the masah of the feet there are pieces of fabrics(I think), they're small and when I wipe they move around so it ruins my masah. Today I cried because of this as I repeated wudu many times and there still were pieces of whatever that is on my feet. In the end I just did wudu again it happened again but I prayed. InshaAllah the salat is accepted but I need help to stop this, please
  14. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, I know that it renders the salat void but is the wudu invalidated as well or do you have to only start from the beginning of the salat?
  15. What if it is not possible to do tayamum?
  16. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, is one excused from salat if they feel bad? I woke up for fajr and went to the bathroom but my blood pressure dropped a lot and I felt very weak. I was thankfully aided by my parents but my mum instructed me to sleep and not pray. Will I get sins for missing salat? I am feeling better but not sure if I am capable of praying properly
  17. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh,in wudu, I sometimes see bits of fabric(very small dots of it) these give me doubts about the masah but I still pray. Is my prayer valid?
  18. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, what is the method of exactly calculating midnight
  19. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, I was praying in asr and in towards the end of the prayer I had to speed up as I really had to pee.just before I ended the prayer I was just about to pee with my body's last struggles to hold it back. I said the tasleem and got up. Now, I am unsure if any urine leaked before the tasleem, during it or after. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do now. After I finished peeing peeing, I had washed my hands so the wetness got to my shorts and therefore I couldn't tell if there was urine there
  20. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, can someone explain how they are performed and when they are performed? Additionally, if there is a doubt about the number of sajdahs in a rakaat, is sajdah al sahw wajib or must one be sure of a mistake?
  21. Assalam alaykum wa rahmatolahi wa barakatoh, is it ok for salat to be offered in a place of some wetness? For example the bottome of my sajadat was wet so the bottom of my right foot got wet. Is this permissible?
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