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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. # 1 and # 3 sound particularly painful. But it inspires people like me who still have a lot to accomplish in life. God bless you sister, and hope your list of non-painful accomplishments continue to grow
  2. YaFatema


    taking a walk, a cup of really strong coffee and lots of dua
  3. Salam to all brothers and sisters, I was wondering if there are any books on or by Ayatollah Bahjat in English that one can purchase online? If anyone knows of anything similar, please let me know. I have visited Ayatollah Bahjat's website, but I figured that most of his books are in Farsi, and even the Farsi ones are also not generally available for sale to people living outside Iran. Please help.
  4. To overcome my depression and focus on my work/study/plans
  5. Thank you and God bless you for your kind words :)
  6. Thank you for this post. We need more content on Ayatullah Bahjat!
  7. Dear brothers and sisters in faith, I am undergoing severe personal crisis at the moment. It looks like things are taking a turn for the worse every passing day. I have been so depressed lately and I sometimes feel all my prayers are going doing the drain. this depression is affecting me so severely that I not only feel mentally anxious, numb and overwhelmed at all times, but I also feel physically unwell.I am not sure if other people too have felt so depressed and hopeless at some point in their lives that they feel their life has no meaning, purpose or value. I'd be very grateful if anyone can share any short but powerful duas that I can read. I know the long acts of supplications like Zeyarat-e-Ashura for 40 days, but I feel so mentally tired, hopeless and physically sick that I don't feel that I have the stamina to even sit for an hour and focus on one thing. Also, please remember me in your prayers. I feel I am a terrible human being and maybe its some form of punishment that I am going through all these problems and maybe God doesn't listen to me because I am not a devout, pious religious person. I am on the verge of collapsing. So, please help me out through your prayers. Maybe God listens to your prayers for me. Waiting for some miracle. Haydar
  8. @WisdomAndAnswers - Be careful, never say YES, even if you doubt your choice right now, no matter how slight your doubt is. If you are for any reason uncomfortable now, don;t expect that your feelings will change or that you will 'learn to adjust' magically after Nikaah is performed! So please think very carefully about whatever you decide.
  9. everyone has a right to expect to get married to an attractive person. Why is it wrong if it's the girl who's thinking of rejecting a guy? In the usual course, thousands of girls get rejected by guys based upon their (girl's) looks.
  10. That's a very limited understanding of what Feminism means. In fact, there are many types of feminisms, and the use of a single label "feminism" has been frowned upon.
  11. @Iqbal1214 most of these books are in Urdu, English and Farsi. Hope it helps.
  12. There's a website called www.Islamicblessings.com and there you can find books on the biography of Ahlebayt (peace be upon them all). @Iqbal1214
  13. @Ashvazdanghe and Eid Mubarak to you and the entire ShiaChat community
  14. @Ashvazdanghe - Salam, can you kindly check the step # 7 in my post above? and answer to that, please?
  15. There are some good ones on Ebay too
  16. Worrying is a cognitive process as well. If we're conscious of our thought processes, we can try to find ways to channel our 'anxieties'
  17. The two sequence thing is entirely his (Haghshenas') own method. So he probably said this about the whole procedure (sequence 1 + sequence 2) and NOT just about sequence 2 (mafatih method)
  18. "recite it in two sequence first sequence say Allahu Akbar 100 time recite blessings & la'ns that are in end of Ziarat just once instead of 100 times then recite Ziarat unti you reach to la'ns & Slams make a two Rak'at prayer in intention of gifting it's reward to Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) say again Allahu Akbar 100 time Second sequence recite Ziarat Ashura as said in Mafatih caution:never forget two Rak'at Namaz" @Ashvazdanghe- Salam and thank you for sharing links. The text above is copied from one of your posts. Can you please correct me if I have misunderstood this process? 1) Recite Allah U Akbar 100 times 2) recite ONLY the La'an portion and ONLY the salam portion ONCE. 3) recite the text of Zeyarat Ashura and stop where the la'an portion begins. 4) pray 2 rak'at prayer of ziarat with the intention of gifting its reward to Imam Hussain ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) 5) Recite Allah U Akbar 100 times 6) recite zeyarat e ashura text FOLLOWED by Dua Alqama/safwan text 7) In Mafatih it says that we should offer 2 rakat salat after praying zeyarat text and BEFORE dua Alqama/safwan . So my question is : do we pray 2 rakat namaz again in step # 6 ? Please clarify this.
  19. Looks like this thread has been left unseen ! moderators can you please post this somewhere else where it gets the attention of some Farsi-speaking members?
  20. My goal today is to try learning how to stop worrying and having Faith in God!
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