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  1. Can there be understanding, tolerance and mutual respect toward Salafis and Salafism under the, in the Islamic Republic of Iran anyway, oft-propounded ideal of Islamic Unity?
  2. We happen to agree on this point. Otherwise I think sometimes tough questions are how we move forward though. Allah protect us all.
  3. Its especially crazy that Iraqis are so anti-Iran and their militias when they just sacrificed stopping ad dawlah
  4. How quickly everything can become nice & halal with a little semanitcs
  5. 1. There is no right that you, me, or anyone else has to an intellectually satisfying justification for many aspects of shari'a. We will never know WHY there are 5 daily prayers and not 4 or 6, even if we feel our entire belief rests upon such an explanation, we are no more owed one. Islam means submission, do we submit to our creator or not? 2. Yes, in the time of the Prophet, there were Jews and Christians as there are today, and they were and are Kafir Asli, Original kuffar. They didn't reject the truth after embracing it like the apostate.
  6. Exactly. Many things in the religion are this way. Why are there 5 prayers instead of one, because it is, and we as Muslims have no right to demand logical justification, as Islam means Submission and the Muslim is the one who submits.
  7. It would not be wise to interrupt them, as they themselves will tell you "we don't feel the pain, we are not in our senses, we are only concerned with the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (ra)", not in debate. Perhaps try to give da'wah after the sessions during Ashura pass.
  8. Yes first of all blood is najis in Islam and there is principle of not bringing harm to the image of Islam. Not to mention upon who's minhaj is this? Who's Sunnah in order to call it mustahhab? Certainly not the Prophet or Ahlul-Bayt. Abu ad-Darda’ (رضي الله عنه) said: “You will never be misguided so long as you follow the footsteps [of the Prophet (saw)].” [Ibn Battah in Al-Ibaanah]
  9. No, I was being sincere. Looking back I can see how it might've come across that way. In my own experience I've seen how it helps for whatever its worth.
  10. Also because it abrogates any averse feelings between you and that person and because Imam as-Sadiq (‘a) says: “The prayer of a person for his brother {in faith} in his absence showers sustenance (rizq) and averts calamities.”
  11. Lol some of us might never make it to 5k comm rep at that rate
  12. Just some lively discussion - on the topic, unfortunately people oftentimes only accept haqq when it comes from the tongue of their scholars
  13. From what I understand he initially tried to gain the support of the majority of Shia marja in Iraq in the beginning ('99-'03). Now cites various narrations to say that all the ulema will oppose the Mahdi? Also, at least his European branch office calls not only to beleif in reincarnation, but also that the Kaaba and therefore qibla is Petra, Jordan...
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