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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Buddha was born in Bharata when there was a decline in Dharma. Termed as dark age of India. As Gita says..... Whenever virtue subsides and wickedness prevails, "I" manifest Myself. To establish virtue, to destroy evil, to save the good "I" come from Yuga (age) to Yuga." Buddha reformed the Dharma again, this happens around 2400 years ago and he was the last Prophet born in India. In ancient times writing materials were not easily available, and it may have been customary in those days not to write down the teachings of the Buddha. So the teacher taught, and the students learned by list
  2. Souls cannot be recycled. Soul is commonly referred to in the Upanishads as the Atman, which means, “the Self.” Atman and Brahman refer to the same One. In other words, Vedas declares that God and the Self are one: God is who you are. Whether you know it or not, you are That; tat tuam asi. This is not merely a pleasant and convenient theory; it is the truth that has been experienced directly by countless souls since the beginning of time. The changes made only to the chitta (mind). With every birth our chitta is purifed of it's ego. For this reason, it is often said that the Sel
  3. Shias get along better also with us (Hindu). I think because of good behaviour.
  4. Namaste, You may be on the right path, getting closer to God. As you get closer to Him you know Him better. This knowledge of Him makes you feel depressed in the beginning because this knowledge of truth turns an eloquent wise and active person into mute, empty and inert . You are depressed because love of this world slowly leaving you.
  5. Same thing here, may God curse the animals that plundered my nation and raped its daughters, they were indeed no different to the zionists and crusaders. any of us here would stand to defend our nation against such an invasion, can anyone answer why a single innocent Indian defender needed to die at their hands?
  6. What ? ??????? That is new information, a section of Muslim do not believe that Qur'an is correctly preserved word by word. What is qiraaat ?
  7. There are mosques in India they are having illegal electricity connections and every person who pray there know this. What about there prayers is it Halal ?
  8. It is called Advaita (non dualism). We say "Aham Brahmasmi" I am the Brahman. Jesus telling the same thing "I am the truth"
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