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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. https://www.who.int/genomics/public/geneticdiseases/en/ As per WHO. Please don't say that they are also stating blatant false. Again, this was the broad headline, "Genetic variation" under which comes the mutation & polymorphism. Polymorphism is the normal variations and mutation is the abnormal alteration or deviation from normal variant. Will you still want to say that everyone is wrong except your mentioned website?! Maybe your referred website used the word "mutation" as a vague term for "genetic alteration" just to simplify the definition so that everyone
  2. I have given references from textbooks that are taught in medical schools. But as we are not agreeing on definition of mutations. Its not going to end the dispute. So lets put this aside. Now tell me, as the evolutionary process is continuous there should have been an intermediatory phase of an evolving organism. A monkey doesn't turns into a human overnight, right? So, why we can't see any of these creatures that is half the way of evolving to human? Like a HUMONKEY perhaps. And also, human are existing for a long time. Why they are not evolving to a different species? And last
  3. Mutation always causes disease whether classic disease or complex.
  4. Definition of mutation. Variation that causes disease are called mutation.
  5. You got me wrong. I didn't asked why there is an existence of lower species. Exshia stated, "The new species can be equally as developed or even less developed." So, I asked in the evolutionary process why there will be a rise of new less developed species from a relatively higher species? This is contradictory to laws of natural selection. The examples you are refering to, like eye colors, that is not due to mutation. Instead its the different promoter and different expression of genes that leads to different eye colors. As for bears, they are genotypically different. Not
  6. Rasul s.a. wanted to declare Imam Ali's (عليه السلام). guardianship at Hajj. But He anticipated that Quraysh tribe will deny his declaration and make chaos. As there were other ayats and confirmations from Rasul s.a. regarding Imam Ali (عليه السلام). but still people showed enmity against Imam Ali (عليه السلام). even when Rasul s.a. was alive!! If He declared Imam Ali's (عليه السلام). guardianship on his sermon there would have been rebellion and apostatic movement. So instead of loud declaration in his last sermon Rasul s.a. emphasized greatly on holding on two things after him, Qur'an &
  7. This is exactly what I said. As OP asked, "sperm - fetus - baby" if this is a proof for evolution? To what I said that its maturation not evolution. Thank you for clearing my point. As per evolutionists, evolution occurs in a population to survive with the environment, then why there will be a less developed species in the process of evoltuion? Instead nature is supposed to select the best species for survival. So your above statement also gives a point to refute the "evolution theory", proving that this natural selection theory is controversial & unnatural itself. Thanks again f
  8. Nah, can't do these hard workouts. I am good with what I have.
  9. While I agree with the part that men should lower their gaze, but I don't think this will decrease the tendency of non-hijabi woman to show off their beauty. As it is not the only reason for women to put away their hijab. Well, a non-hijabi woman doesn't seek attentions from pious men & pious men don't cast lustful gaze. So, these type of women will eventually get the ego boost they need from like mineded men, doesn't matter what pious men do.
  10. Easiest way to stop a crime - just decriminalise it. Legalisation of drugs may reduce some crimes apparently but in long run it won't be helpful at all. Instead other crimes will increase drastically.
  11. As a general rule, najasat spreads through wetness. But do you wash leather products with other garments? You are supposed to wash them seperately.
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