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  1. What are you talking about?A narcisistic person search for approvation not someone who disapprove her,and do not mind of discussion or of the truth!Are you one of this instead?Cause people tend to use construct that fit with themself. And,are you sure to know what a narcisistic persone is?Someone who lack of hempathy and tend to think only about herself and judge people basing on degrees and job!
  2. Assalamu alaykum.To who are you referring?I only thinking to what is best,not basinf on my own thinking,but based to the fact that Allah mare things perfect and to work perfectly if done like works better. And when we say "Allah knows best", I want to say,Allah,who created us(and everything and every being) and know what we truly need,knows best! So,we have The Holy Qur'an and Ahkul Bayt,Alhamdulillah! Allah knows best,and yes,He truly knows best!Alhamdulillah Rabbi Alameen!
  3. Thank you so much sister(?)! May Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) bless you for this comment! What a muslima have to know?
  4. What do you mean with "I supported myself,then later I supported my husband and children"?
  5. Someone that want her success out in the society at the expenses of her husband and children happyness and who think only about herself is a narcisistic!Do you know what this term means? Narcisistic:Someone who thinks to be more than anyone.To explain the first meaning.
  6. Assalamu alaykum! Which are the things that a reverted to Islam have to know?
  7. Assalamu alaykum. So is there something(and I suppose yes)from some Marja about who are considered Ahlul Kitab?And Ahlul Kitab refers to people who had a book inspired from Allah?
  8. Wa alaykum salam. Situation 4? Sorry I reverted not so much time ago,and Alhamdulillah that Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) allow me to be muslima!But I never gone to Masjid so,I have very basic questions(but important things to know I think)!
  9. All explained.You live in the house with your parents,this is why you do not understand "dirt mud outside". Good for you sister,but how I'm saying,the world out there is not what you think about.
  10. Did you live with your parents during the years when you studied to keep the degree?
  11. I know.It's only that is not an "Islamic concept", right? And more precisely is "do whatever you feel to do". And it's not the Islamic way to think...or not?
  12. Than " just that"?Sorry...How old are you?And,do you live in the house with your parents?
  13. Are you talking about something that you know or something that you just image?
  14. Do you know there is fitna right?Do you know there is dirt mud outside...but you,like a young woman,want to go out anyway?
  15. May Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) help her and all the Muslim women who need help! But our risq is in Allah's hands right ?So,why thinking about work if we can think about marriage?
  16. Wa alaykum salam sister!Qui dall'Italia!=) Tell me that you are here in the forum...maybe we can meet? Insha Allah!
  17. Wa alaykum salam. I did not base my enterpretation on this.
  18. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. Someone from Italy?
  19. Assalamu alaykum. This means that your oppurtunity is going to be missed when you are waiting. The moon is Islaam,and the world that is going to finish is yours opportunities to quit your\yours sin\sins to be clean in front of Allah. Do not waste time.
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