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  1. Assalamu alaykum. Doubt:If I order something to be send at my mother's house and I put the name that I choose after the Shahada,like the name that I choose Maryam with my surname(my surname on the id),is this mixing truth with falsehood?Cause it's not the same name in my id. Sorry for this stupid question... And again...if I present myself to someone...can I use my Muslim name or I have to present my self with the name on my id(identity card)? And is better to change the name on the id too and to put the Islamic name?And like Islamic name the changing of the name suffice or is intended the surname too? Sorry for the multiple questions...!
  2. Yes.For the kitten...cause I'm going crazy for this...and I do not know how to react without do something wrong. And my mother make witchcraft on me and if I'm alive right now is only thank to Allah!Alhamdulillah! Du'a for me please...and for every Muslim!
  3. Italy.There are not children...but I came back to my mother's house cause of the effects of her witchcraft on me...!
  4. Assalamu alaykum. A Muslim/Muslimah can denouce to police a parent(his/her mother) for domestic violence(psychological violence) and violence on pets too(violence toward kittens anc cats in general). The mother is a non Muslim and she practice witchcraft.
  5. Assalamu alaykum.I started the registration for the course done in française(the only language with english that I can understend in whom the course are done!),for the bachelor of Islamic Studies but online...In Sha Allah! Dua'a please!
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