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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So basically, my family got a proposal for me from a person who has been really close to me all my life, he and I have spent our childhood like bestfriends and specifically from my side, as brother and sister. He’s 7 years older than me. We lost contact for quite a while because of busy schedules. However for my family’s sake, I tried communicating with this guy, thinking if it might change my perception on our whole relationship thing and if it might work. Sometimes I would feel like it would work, but mostly my heart didnt feel it was right. My family is really fond of him since childhood as we are cousins and have good family relations. So after a lot of back and forth I told him it’s better to stop talking for now and if it is any better for us it will happen as I don’t hold any strong feelings towards him. I understand this proposal is really good, in terms of his wealth education and appearance, but I don’t feel for him in that sense, and im afraid I can never due to our past. Also, after I stopped talking to him I found myself thinking about this guy whom I really liked even back then but we stopped talking due to our family issues. Even though we’re cousins, our families are not on the best of terms. I don't know how but we started talking again and it was quite evident how we wanted to committ more than to stay in a haram relationship. My mother got to know about our intention through a mutual cousin but she clearly declined. She said except for good looks he’s good for nothing and that our families are never going to make it happen so I should end it. My mum is afraid because of not so much education he might be conservative, but I’ve discussed working after marriage and other issues and he has no problems with it. I know he’s not as wealthy or educated as the other guy but I know he has a pure heart. I cut off ties with him of communication but I pray Allah has decreed him for me. But im really confused, sometimes I feel like what im praying for is right, but then I see my family’s concern as well and think it’s not right. But I don’t and can’t ever feel for the other guy in a romantic sense even if he can provide me with every luxury. Im really confused as to what to do and whether what is right. It’ll be of great help if you could shine some light upon this issue. I really need help as my family is not willing to talk about this topic as of now. Thanks.
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