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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams, Yes I KNOW that there's already a thread for the Shia in Lebanon (from Da7yeh and jnoub... oh, my heart!), but it's all cluttered up and full of posts by people who aren't active anymore. So this is to get to know the Shiachat community IN Lebanon. Lebanon's a small country so we should be able to arrange real-life meetings for the Shiachatters in Lebanon. It could be fun!!! Please post if you live in Lebanon.
  2. (salam) Apologies if this has been posted before. I've been having really bad nightmares lately and I was wondering if anyone knows of a duaa that can help me stop having them. That is all. Thank you.
  3. WRONG!!! This is a LIE. This is a MYTH. I lived in Saudi Arabia for SEVEN YEARS and I will tell you outright that this is the most ridiculous STUPID thing I've EVER HEARD. Christians, Jews, Buddhists, etc, could all practice their religion however the hell they pleased as long as they didn't take it out onto the streets. Some compounds had chapels and churches... there were crosses over doors and Christmas trees galore, lights and Christmas concerts and plays... I remember in school being forced to participate in these Christmas events even though I'm a Muslim. Go figure. But I will tell you w
  4. YOu know this is extremely interesting. The world operates according to the English language nowadays... we all speak it, study in it, trade with it... But to show that the meanings of the names of the genealogy of Adam through Noah foretell the coming of Christ in PERFECT GODDAMN ENGLISH GRAMMAR is too much. For God's sake, who the hell told you that in Hebrew those series of words make any sense??? What, do you only speak one language or something? Do you think that every single language is as idiotically simplistic as English: subject-verb-object, subject-verb-goddamn-object?? How stupid do
  6. I have a confession to make... I started wearing hijab when I was 9 because my parents made me basically. I turned athiest for a while but because of my parents I still wore hijab and stuff. I never prayed. Now that I've come to my senses, I have around seven years namaz to make up and I have cried tears of blood over them because I realized that for so many years I was disobeying my lord. I am now glad that AT LEAST I wore hijab all those years, even if I did it because my parents made me and not because I believed in it. And hijab is my treasure, my wonder, my glory. I'll never give it up, e
  7. You like that word, ethnocentrist, don't you? I guess you're right in a way. I myself didn't mean anything bias I assure you... it's just that I'm very attached to this guy and even though I don't have a problem with his being Iranian I think my family will. See, my aunt married an Iranian and she went to live there, learned Farsi, took the nationality, her kids barely speak any Arabic, she has forgotten a lot of her Arabic, and basically, she's not Lebanese no more, she's Iranian. She gave up her nationality for her husband and kids, and her husband isn't really a religious man. It wasn't for
  8. (salam) So here's the deal. Do the sisters here advise an Arab woman to marry a non-Arab, in this case, Iranian man? I realize that there would be many difficulties, such as language and culture and customs as well as the possibility of her having to leave her country... is it advisable if she's really attached to the person in question and of course he is a very good devout Shia Muslim? Are the problems more than the good stuff? Thanks for your feedback in advance, Fatema
  9. Wa alaikum assalam, brother Rick, will ALL MY HEART!!! AND I LOVE YOUR AVATAR!!! Welcome to learning more about Islam, Rick, and thank you for your friendly attitude, it's rare and welcoming, you've made my day!!! Just one request: please spell it MUSLIM and not Moslem. I'm a bit paranoid on the subject of spellings, and I know you didn't do it intentionally but spellings like Moslem and Koran instead of Muslim and Qur'an are offensive to many of us. Just a hint for next time. :)
  10. Someone ANSWER Lester's Q cuz I can't... he assumes that all sin is based on or a variation of theft and he asks how homosexuality is theft of any kind... well, we have to verify that assumption according to Islam, don't we? Who here knows??? And Lester, where did you get that information, that the Commandments are all a variation of Thou shalt not steal? What, can you deny that LYING is wrong? What about thou shalt not lie? How is lying theft of any sort? And don't give me [Edited Out] about stealing the truth because the truth can never be stolen and even if a lie leads to theft of some sort
  11. Here in Lebanon we call January 6th the "Armenian Christmas." It's a national holiday (no classes this Friday!!!! I can go to dahye!!!). I don't know why it's labelled as "Armenian", I guess because it's only the Armenian Lebanese who celebrate it. Does anyone here know what the major religions in Armenia are?
  12. I wanted to mention something interesting in relation to sunshine's protest against the word "The God"... oops... I mean, the word "Allah" Tele Lumiere, a religious Christian local channel here in Lebanon, is always interesting to watch. The other day I was flipping through, and there was a prayer on Tele Lumiere that kept repeating... Ya qudeesa Maryam, ya walidatu Allah... which means "Oh Holy/Saint Mary, Oh mother of God..." (astaghfurillah astaghfurillah astaghfurillah) and I could never imagine anything more Christian. And as for ARabic Bibles being approved by the authorities... what aut
  13. I think I have a good idea as to why Jews have stopped inviting people to their religion. It's in attempt to keep up the wholly-Semitic front and keep people fooled into thinking that they are indeed the same people when it comes to race as the Jews that once upon a time held the Kingdom of Israel briefly. If Jews were coverting people eveywhere it would become more apparent than it is and they'd lose their racial belonging excuse. I wasn't going to mention this, but going back to my previous post about the wholesale conversion of the Khazars, it really leads to a conclusion that is simple but
  14. I don't know if anyone here is a studier of history but I assure you there have been conversions, even mass conversions of pagans to the Jewish religion. Perhaps the classic example of this occurrence is the Khazar tribe living in present-day Russia. Their wholesale conversion took place in the 8th century AD and many of the present Russian Jews are descendants of this tribe. The Khazars were a seminomadic Turko-Finish people who settled in what is now commonly known as southern Russia, between Volga and Don, then spreading to the shores of the Black, the Caspian, and the Azov Seas. When all t
  15. Just a quick little note that is off topic maybe but going back to idolatry and praying towards the Ka'aba. that is an illegitimate argument because the QIBLAH, or the direction Muslims pray, WAS NOT ALWAYS THE KA'ABA Muslims in the beginning used to pray towards Jerusalem. that was the first Qiblah. It was later changed to the Ka'aba because of some nasty remarks from some Jewish people. That shows that there is no intrinsic value to the direction in which Muslims pray. It is for unity and so people don't squabble about which way to stand every time they want to pray.
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