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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^ Sister, I am not sure where is your frame of reference. I am from Lebanon and do not claim to understand the blood lust that happen between some Sunnis and Shias in other lands and hope to never understand it or witness it ... You raised the issue of Iran and stated that you "have heard this Nasibi accusation over 1000 times that Shiaism spread in Iran through Sword (of Safawi dynasty)." This is very much a historical fact that I raised when some on this forum wallow in self pity and perenial victimization which is not healthy. Sunnis were forced at time to convert to Shiasm and vica versa. Sister, you belong to faction so zealous that never consider the consequences of their word. You know that many fellow Muslims revere the Sahabah ... That should be enough to cease insulting and demeaning them. Sister, what do you think Imam Ali (who is revered by Sunnis as well) would think about you and some other Shias whose psyche has been damaged to a point that they must lash out - damned the consequences? Sister, time to move on ... Sunnis believe that Imam Ali was the righteous caliph and that Muawiya was an usurper of the caliphate. They do not like Yazid and revere Imam Hussein ... Sister, most Sunnis do not like Zarqawi and what he stands for. In Ramadi when the Zarqawi gang tried to force the few thousand Shias in town, it was the other Sunni resistance and tribal groups that fought and drove him off. Sister, what is stoking the sectarian pot in Iraq is the position taken by part of the Hawza acquising to sending Shia troops into Sunni areas with the American occupation forces to suppress the resistance. The Americans are causing terrible damage in Iraqi Sunni towns (for every insurgent they kill, Americans expand 250,000 --- yes quarter of a million! --- bullet. Sister, Visit the web site of Imam Khumaini and Sayyed Fadlallah (http://www.bayynat.org.lb/) and read. Let us move beyond the dark age. I am including below a statement by Ayatollah Khomeini ------------------------------------------------------------------- Muslims should be awake, Muslims should be alert that if a dispute takes place among Sunni and Shi'ite brothers, it is harmful to all of us, it is harmful to all Muslims. Those who want to sow discord are neither Sunni nor Shi'ite, they are agents of the superpowers and work for them. Those who attempt to cause discord among our Sunni and Shi'ite brothers are people who conspire for the enemies of Islam and want the enemies of Islam to triumph over Muslims. Muslims are brothers and will not be segregated by the pseudo-propaganda sponsored by corrupt elements. The source of this matter - that Shi'ites should be on one side and Sunni on the other - is on the one hand ignorance and on the other hand propaganda of the foreigners. Shi'ites and Sunnis brothers should avoid every kind of dispute. Today, discord among us will only benefit those who follow neither Shi'ia nor Hanafi. They neither want this nor that to exist, and know the way to sow dispute between you and us. We must pay attention that we are all Muslims and we all believe in the Qur'an; we all belive in Tawheed and must work to serve the Qur'an and Tawheed
  2. 2075 Mbps of International bandwidth is not much. If you are in one of the downstream countries (does not have much content), then most of the content is coming from overseas sources. Assuming that there are 1,000,000 internet subscribers in the country, this translates into 2 Kbps, a partly figure. Even if you assume that only 1 in 10 is using their connections at the time, this is 20Kbps ... better but still very slow. We are not accounting here for all the businesses that can be heavy users. Other things at play: a. if you are a residential subscriber, you could be facing higher bandwidth oversubscription levels than businesses. b. government may be snooping and/or blocking site which will slow you down c. Your ISP could simply have bad infrastructure d. You could have virus or if you are on a cable like service, viruses considerably lower your speed. It is estimated that Cable companies in N.A. traffic is 20% due to compromized boxes
  3. http://observer.guardian.co.uk/internation...1577750,00.html Bush plea for cash to rebuild Iraq raises $600 Mark Townsend in Houston Sunday September 25, 2005 The Observer An extraordinary appeal to Americans from the Bush administration for money to help pay for the reconstruction of Iraq has raised only $600 (£337), The Observer has learnt. Yet since the appeal was launched earlier this month, donations to rebuild New Orleans have attracted hundreds of millions of dollars. The public's reluctance to contribute much more than the cost of two iPods to the administration's attempt to offer citizens 'a further stake in building a free and prosperous Iraq' has been seized on by critics as evidence of growing ambivalence over that country. This coincides with concern over the increasing cost of the war. More than $30 billion has been appropriated for the reconstruction. Initially, America's overseas aid agency, USaid, expected it to cost taxpayers no more than $1.7bn, but it is now asking the public if they want to contribute even more. It is understood to be the first time that a US government has made an appeal to taxpayers for foreign aid money. Contributors have no way of knowing who will receive their donations or even where they may go, after officials said details had be kept secret for security reasons. USaid's Heather Layman denied it was disappointed with the meagre sum raised after a fortnight. 'Every little helps,' she said. In the past 12 months, Americans raised some $250bn for charity, including other foreign causes such as the Asian tsunami victims. Layman said: 'There is no financial goal. People are looking for a way to help rebuild Iraq and this is a way to facilitate that.' The fundraising comes amid concern that some US projects in Iraq will be s[Edited Out]ped or only partly completed because of rising costs. Some officials fear that money may run out before key projects are completed. Last week, the number of US troops killed in Iraq rose above 1,900.
  4. You are Shia?!!! Do you think Imam Ali would approve of what your insinuating?
  5. Yes ... before Zionist colonization ... 7-10% of population was Jewish ...
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/is...vid/index.shtml The Safavid Empire was based in what is today Iran. This Islamic Empire was strong enough to challenge the Ottomans in the west and the Mughals in the east. The Safavid Empire lasted from 1501-1722 It covered all of Iran, and parts of Turkey and Georgia The Safavid Empire was a theocracy The state religion was Shi'a Islam All other religions, and forms of Islam were suppressed The Empire's economic strength came from its location on the trade routes The Empire made Iran a centre of art, architecture, poetry and philosophy The capital, Isfahan, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world The key figures in the Empire were Isma'il I Abbas I The Empire declined when it became complacent and corrupt Origins The Empire was founded by the Safavids, a Sufi order that goes back to Safi al-Din 1252-1334. Safi al-Din converted to Shi’ism and was a Persian nationalist. The Safavid brotherhood was originally a religious group. Over the following centuries the brotherhood became stronger, by attracting local warlords and by political marriages. It became a military group as well as a religious one in the 15th century. Many were attracted by the brotherhood's allegiance to Ali, and to the "hidden Imam". In the 15th century the brotherhood became more militarily aggressive, and waged a Jehad (Islamic Holy War) against parts of what are now modern Turkey and Georgia. The Safavid Empire dates from the rule of Shah Ismail (ruled 1501-1524). In 1501, the Safavid Shahs declared independence when the Ottomans outlawed Shi’ah Islam in their territory. The Safavid Empire was strengthened by important Shi’ah soldiers from the Ottoman army who had fled from persecution. When the Safavids came to power, Shah Ismail was proclaimed ruler at the age of 14 or 15, and by 1510 Ismail had conquered the whole of Iran. One of Shah Ismail's most important decisions was to declare that the state religion would be the form of Islam called Shi’ism, that at the time was completely foreign to Iranian culture. The Safavids launched a vigorous campaign to convert what was then a predominantly Sunni population by persuasion and by force. The Sunni ulama (a religious council of wise men) either left or were killed. To promote Shi'ism the Safavids brought in scholars from Shi'ite countries to form a new religious elite. They appointed an official (the Sadr) to co-ordinate this elite - and ensure that it did what the Shah wanted. The religious leaders effectively became a tool of the government. The Safavids also spent money to promote religion, making grants to shrines and religious schools. And most craftily of all, they used grants of land and money to create a new class of wealthy religious aristocrats who owed everything to the state. In specifically religious terms the Safavids not only persecuted Sunni Muslims, but Shi'ites with different views, and all other religions. Alien shrines were vandalised, and Sufi mystic groups forbidden. This was surprising, since the Safavids owed their origins to a Sufi order and to a form of Shi'ism that they now banned. They also reduced the importance of the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca), replacing it with pilgrimage to Shi'ite shrines. Religion in the Safavid Empire - the Positive The early Safavid empire was effectively a theocracy. Religious and political power were completely intertwined, and encapsulated in the person of the Shah. The people of the Empire soon embraced the new faith with enthusiasm, celebrating Shi'ite festivals with great piety. The most significant of these was Ashura, when Shia Muslims mark the death of Husayn. Ali was also venerated. Because Shi'ism was now a state religion, with major educational establishments devoted to it, its philosophy and theology developed greatly during the Safavid Empire. ......
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ You are right. If these are his words, then he is an idiot. To kill a man for such a perceived offense is ignorance. To quote another posting I had "Moderation in life and religion is a key to success. Zealots have used religion to justify all kind of excesses and caused unimaginable suffering."
  8. Actually you are wrong! Moderation in life and religion is a key to success. Zealots have used religion to justify all kind of excesses and caused unimaginable suffering. Moderation in everything.
  9. US forced to import bullets from Israel as troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed http://news.independent.co.uk/world/americ...ticle314944.ece US forces have fired so many bullets in Iraq and Afghanistan - an estimated 250,000 for every insurgent killed - that American ammunition-makers cannot keep up with demand. As a result the US is having to import supplies from Israel. A government report says that US forces are now using 1.8 billion rounds of small-arms ammunition a year. The total has more than doubled in five years, largely as a result of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as changes in military doctrine. "The Department of Defense's increased requirements for small- and medium-calibre ammunitions have largely been driven by increased weapons training requirements, dictated by the army's transformation to a more self-sustaining and lethal force - which was accelerated after the attacks of 11 September, 2001 - and by the deployment of forces to conduct recent US military actions in Afghanistan and Iraq," said the report by the General Accounting Office (GAO). Estimating how many bullets US forces have expended for every insurgent killed is not a simple or precisely scientific matter. The former head of US forces in Iraq, General Tommy Franks, famously claimed that his forces "don't do body counts". But senior officers have recently claimed "great successes" in Iraq, based on counting the bodies of insurgents killed. Maj-Gen Rick Lynch, the top US military spokesman in Iraq, said 1,534 insurgents had been seized or killed in a recent operation in the west of Baghdad. Other estimates from military officials suggest that at least 20,000 insurgents have been killed in President George Bush's "war on terror". John Pike, director of the Washington military research group GlobalSecurity.org, said that, based on the GAO's figures, US forces had expended around six billion bullets between 2002 and 2005. "How many evil-doers have we sent to their maker using bullets rather than bombs? I don't know," he said. "If they don't do body counts, how can I? But using these figures it works out at around 300,000 bullets per insurgent. Let's round that down to 250,000 so that we are underestimating." Pointing out that officials say many of these bullets have been used for training purposes, he said: "What are you training for? To kill insurgents." Kathy Kelly, a spokeswoman for the peace group Voices in the Wilderness, said Mr Bush believed security for the American people could come only from the use of force. Truer security would be achieved if the US developed fairer relations with other countries and was not involved in the occupation of Iraq. The President, said Ms Kelly, should learn from Israel's experience of "occupying the Palestinians" rather than buying its ammunition. The GAO report notes that the three government-owned, contractor-operated plants that produce small- and medium-calibre ammunition were built in 1941. Though millions of dollars have been spent on upgrading the facilities, they remain unable to meet current munitions needs in their current state. "The government-owned plant producing small-calibre ammunition cannot meet the increased requirements, even with modernisation efforts," said the report. "Also, commercial producers within the national technology and industrial base have not had the capacity to meet these requirements. As a result, the Department of Defense had to rely at least in part on foreign commercial producers to meet its small-calibre ammunition needs." A report in Manufacturing & Technology News said that the Pentagon eventually found two producers capable of meeting its requirements. One of these was the US firm Olin-Winchester. The other was Israel Military Industries, an Israeli ammunition manufacturer linked to the Israeli government, which produces the bulk of weapons and ordnance for the Israeli Defence Force. The Pentagon reportedly bought 313 million rounds of 5.56mm, 7.62mm and 50-calibre ammunition last year and paid $10m (about £5.5m) more than it would have cost for it to produce the ammunition at its own facilities.
  10. What I am saying is that the overwhelming majority of Sunnis believe that Shias are fellow Muslims. There are the nut-cases and there are few on both sides in this forum. Having said that, I am not aware of Ibn Baz statement, would you have access to it for reference.
  11. Check http://www.edwardsaid.org/modules/news/
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO How many Shia would be left in S.A. if Sunnis actually believed this?
  13. I am the last to defend S.A. but Shias are not considered Kuffars there. I am not sure what NourFatima is doing in the last few posts except to agitate for hatred to attain his Shia Ummah. It is true that there is discrimination against the Shias in S.A. However their lot is getting a lot better than before. I wonder how NoorFatima illusion of Shia Ummah (Another thread) is going to improve their lot. Iran do not treat its Arab Shias and Sunnis any better. One can argue that their lot is worse. This may put a hole in NoorFatima's Ummah!!!! But then fanaticism knows no logical boundaries. Shia suffered and continue to suffer in S.A. (albeit much lower intensity than before) because of sectarianism and Sunnis firsters. I wonder how the promotion of sectarianism (so clearly pronounced in NourFatima postings) and Shias first ideology is going to achieve a betterment of the status of Shias in S.A.
  14. Basic flaw in logic. You cannot derive one from the other. Just because something is xxxx, another is not necessarily xxxx. I studied the history of the Middle East in Canada (while I have a Ph.D. in engineering, history is my passion) and not from so called "Sunni/Nasibies" sources and there were several instances where Sunnis and Shias were forcibly converted. The juxtaposition (the placement) of the words "Sunnis" and "Nasibies" tells us much about the character of the person. Those who continue to forment hatred toward their Muslim brothers, be they Shia or Sunnis, are the enemy of Muslims. I just hope that my Arab brethern do not fall into the trap of sectarian hatred.
  15. It is these statements that stoke hatred and suspicions. Those calling for a Pan-Arab Federation are racist while those calling for a Shia "Ummah" are the embodiment of enlightnment. I wonder how many Sunnia and Shia Arabs will die in the attempt to achieve this monstreous vision. How many decades, if not centuries, of strife are we supposed to endure as the Arab countries are torn apart to accomodate the lunacy of sectarian firsters. Would we Lebanese follow the same path? What would happen to Iraq, Saudi Arabia? Al-Mashriq Al-Arabi will be knee deep in blood because of these fantasies. Those who seek to divide Arabs and promote sectarianism are the enemy of the Arabs and allies of the extreme Zionists. They wanted to see the Arab world fragmented along sectarian lines: - A christian statelet in part of Lebanon - A Druze statelet in part of Lebanon, Syria and Jordan - A Sunni Statelets in part of Syria and Jordan - An Alawi statelet in part of Syria - Eviction of the Shia from large part of the south by Israel to control Litany water resources - A Kurdish statelet in Iraq and Syria fighting off Turkish and Iranian attempts to crush it - Kurdish insurections in Turkey and Iran - A sectarian bloodshed between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq - Persecution of Shias in Saudi Arabia since S.A. will be worried about sessionist movement and the Gulf countries more beholden to the Americans for protection If that what Arabs want, then follow the maniacal fantacies of Sunni and Shia firsters. This may not mean much to a person living few thousand miles away. Arab Shias and especially Lebanese can either follow the authors of doom or agree with Samahat Al-Allamah Ayatollah Al-Ozma Al-Sayyed Mohammad Fadlallah
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