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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. My post are strange but its only common sense. At the beginning I am happy to see that I am making a little sense but Insha Allah I will prove what I am saying through things you can see in coming days. as for answering peoples question and concern I try to do that as much as I can on the topics I can help. I have been commenting here and there. But I rather focus on the topics that are very important to raise. Soon I will raise many topics and I like to see where people stand on each topics.
  2. So This ayah is your proof for Turba? so you claim Allah according to your reason that someone may Allah forgive me to say this that He puts his face on Earth and in the skies. How can you explain physically how you understand this verse. Again. What is SJD? The problem is that you are connect the word Sajad to physical description for one to put his face on the ground or turba.. now if I tell you enter heaven while you are SAJIDOON would you end it while dragging your face forward on the ground towards heaven? This is contradiction and I ask you again how can you connect 2 things together like that? Especially you have no proof from Qur'an. I am troubled.
  3. Salam, you have a very bright mind but don’t listen to people who only recite what is written in their books but if you pay attention its not Qur'an they are holding nor other Holy Books. 12 Imams are 12 princes and they are from Ismail tree of family. If you open Torah you will see the verse regarding Prophet Ismail that he will be given 12 princes and they will have a great nation. So stop hurting yourself regarding the Imams. unspecific part in Qur'an it refers to mathematical knowledge there are numbers and equation that just doesn’t fit with our world and people try to use this to determine when the end of the world is but Qur'an is clear stop it you will never going to find out only Allah knows the HOUR. This is only one part of the example but I hope you get the point. Second the one is clear proof precise verses it indicates things you can see you can’t deny the truth unless you rebel against it just like Satan did regarding SJD to Adam he knew the truth but didn’t want to submit so he become a KAFIR. Also regarding all these sects .. Oh Allah I am innocent to what you guys dispute and what you associate with Ibrahim’s Deen. Ibrahim was a Monotheistic Human being. Qur'an talks about one system a simple one too. But we have complicated it by adding peoples books of thoughts until it because School of Thoughts and you are forced to choose one of them or else how would you be a Muslim.. wow.. step one open the Qur'an Step two: Shush read the Qur'an and slowly read it understand it. Step three face the Qibla head down on the Qur'an and ask Allah to guide you and do not associate anything or any one with Allah. He will guide you if Allah wills. But first you need to choose it. Thanks.
  4. What I do is I decipher and decode Languages and Quranic words are the most easiest to decode. Why? Because it has no shame. The word has one definition. The Language of Qur'an cannot be shamed. This is why you people have so much problems understanding it because your leaders tell you when and how and what to do as if they are some chosen people to understand Qur'an. Well I beg to differ I can understand it because I don’t allow contradiction when it comes to what the word is. SHRIK is SHRIK either physically or internally , it is Shrik. Don’t give your self headaches about it. People forget that there is one being who is still alive throughout the history His name is “SATAN” you think he is not working us out. Now as for the Turba or the Black stone.. Yes it comes from the same family. An idol. Because you can prove its not an Idol by not using Qur'an. I can prove its Idol by Using only Qur'an. I mean I dare any one who thinks Qur'an is not enough to judge this. But through intellect
  5. “Once I came to the Messenger of Allah (S) and saw him praying on a straw mat.”7 This statement is another proof which supports the Shi‘ah view that prostration on whatever grows in the Earth other than what is eaten or worn is permissi Jabir ibn ‘Abd Allah al-Ansari says: "كنت أصلي الظهر مع رسول الله صلى الله عليه وأله وسلم فأخذ قبضة من الحصاء لتبرد في كفّي اضعها لجبهتي أسجد عليها لشدة الحرّ." I used to perform noon {zuhr} prayer with the Messenger of Allah (S). Because it was very hot I used to take a handful of small gravel, keep it in my hand till it got cool, and place my forehead on it for prostration.8 Ibn Sa‘d (d. 209 AH), in his book, At-Tabaqat al-Kubra, thus writes: "كان مسروق إذا خرج يخرج بلبنة يسجد عليها في السفينة." “Whenever Masruq (ibn Ajda‘) traveled, he used to keep a mud-brick with him on which to prostrate while onboard the ship.”9 Rizin says: "كتب إليّ عليّ بن عبد الله بن عباس رضى الله عليه أن ابعث إليّ بلوح من أحجار المروة أسجد عليه." “‘Ali ibn ‘Abd Allah ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote to me: ‘Send me a tablet of the stones of Mount Marwah so that I may prostrate on it.”12 Imam as-Sadiq (‘a) says: "السجود على الأرض فريضة وعلى الخمرة سنة." “Prostration on the Earth is obligatory while prostrating on a straw mat is a sunnah.”15 He (‘a) also says: "السجود لا يجوز على الأرض أو على ما أنبتت الأرض إلا ما أكل أو لبس." “It is not permissible to prostrate on anything except the Earth or what grows in it excluding that which is eaten or worn.” https://www.al-Islam.org/Shia-rebuts-Sayyid-rida-husayni-nasab/question-19-why-do-shiah-prostrate-on-turbah-dried-clay When the actions of prostration on Earth, strawmat, gravel, brick piece etc are permissible by the sayings of the Prophet saww and the actions of the companions following him how does it constitutes Shirk to prostrate on turbah made of clay? Brother your information is NOT correct. You keep using peoples book to justify The Turba not being an idol. I will give you an example Allah gives to his servants. Now.. is the blind man is as equal to one who is not? be careful you need to be logical and reasonable. Awaiting for your humbly reply.
  6. I am a graphic designer and I can speak a lot and very clearly.. If I wanted to I too could make videos visual videos and talk and talk and talk and talk. You see as a experience talker I came to realise that “TALK is CHEAP” Proof is everything. Show me an AYA of Allah ordering me to pray on Turbah.. but thank you for sharing these videos because I already seen them but to me its all stories that has no backing of Qur'an or any other Holy Books of Allah.
  7. Salam, Don’t complicate this because Allah has someone for you in this world. But brother you need to understand you don’t pick your wife but Allah does. if you going to be choosy then yes you will end up alone and that’s your fault. instead face the Qibla head down and humbly ask Allah to give a a good wife that Allah choices for you. Say to him you want to settle down. You want to be responsible, you want to have kids so they can grow up and serve you Oh Allah. You need to this without associating anything thing or anyone with him, Ask him alone to guide you. brother the opportunity comes no matter who she is if she says yes marry her. Because she is good for you. Don’t worry about what you want. Worry about What Allah want. May Allah guide to my friend.
  8. Ok then choose to suffer for the rest of your life chasing him until you reach day of judgement. What if he doesn’t give divorce? What then? you see Qur'an is clear, you chose to THULM your self then hereafter will be the same. Qur'an protects the Woman more than man. But instead we have man controlling the Woman and they think they are following Qur'an. Still think not true??
  9. Dear Sister, your pain is what many woman go through especially a believing woman in Allah. According to Qur'an I will say that do not place your self in great suffer. At the end it is you who have control over yourself as your husband has control over his self. Yes it is a test from Allah, a test for both of you. Sister stop stressing, no need for it. You are creating an environment that is not good for you or for your little child. Allah never wants his servants to suffer but rather he wants you to help yourself with the powers you already have. Once you realise that then face the Qibla and give thanks to Allah in submission. As for you husband may Allah guide him back to you and his family. He really needs to realise that this is his family and he is responsible for you and his child. Now... if he doesn’t come back to you within an year of no contact unless he will grant your honour and dignity by divorcing then you are automatically divorced. No need for anything sister. Unless you want to suffer under society rule or Qur'an that would be your choice. Right now you are being judged how you are looking after your child. Do not worry about your husband. Be at peace.. choose peace. Peace will choose you.
  10. Salam Ruqaya101, What a beautiful question!!! It deserve an answer so Insha Allah I will do my best to give my opinion about this. I will tell you in the story form. Once a upon a time in a very hot day in a place that was Piously Pure a boy was born. This boy was very peaceful when he was a baby and never gave any hard time to his mother on the first few years. He was the most peaceful baby the mother ever could raise because all he did was SLEEP.. as time went pass the boy was growing and he start to understand thing goes around him but then he asks any way what is this, and what is that like most kids do. But this boy was a bit different because he always pays attention to his surroundings and people. So from young age he started to questions and talk and talk to people very curious little boy he was. At age of 5 he noticed lots of corruptions within society and he use to say to his mother why do people fight and always angry and his mother said that’s how it is around here but the boy never understood that answer to justify what was going on. As time passes at age 12 he get introduced to Allah. This boy was so excited to hear this word because it sound so good. May be because he hears it in the background when his parents pray. But never less at the age 12 he gets to study about Allah. He gets so interested in Allah that because everything about him is beautiful and non contradictory. He started taking classes for Talawa reading the Qur'an, He had such a nice voice and the way he pronounce the Quranic words so to the point with passion. He was known to be the one who start the day with reading the Fatiha at school in front of big Assembly every morning he was loving life .... until he hit puberty and every thing changed ..... his interested from Allah to girls , money cars you name it. Yes he believed in Allah but he also believed that he had needs in this world, he needed money to pay bills or else he will go homeless, He also had so much family problems to the point it became un bearable . He sometimes prays to Allah and says Allah I am not a disbeliever please look after me as time passes you get married and have kids and still going through the same problems since you hit the puberty which is Man my life when I was reading the Qur'an was so good but I have changed. So this boy tries to go back his Deen and realises things he never seen which is so much corruption and so many people are divided. But he tried to follow his Deen . As time went pass this guy is still feels the same. He sees people with no deen has the best personality and the person with deen with worse personality. Why??? Allah Why??? Why am I not happy.. I am doing everything you asked. I asked people with knowledge to teach to be on the right path so I can feel your mercy because of so many sins I committed. But Why don’t I feel your mercy. As time went pass one day he stood faceing the QIBLA and said... Ya Allah I have something to say to you which you already know what I am about to say but I will say it so the I will be witness against my self on the day of Judgement. I believe in YOU alone, I believe in your Holy Books , I believe in Hell and Heaven, I believe in the angles and jinns. I also believe in the Prophets and Messengers you have sent. HOWEVER, curse your people and curse me , I am done with looking for your mercy. Everyone telling me different thing to receive mercy. But I never do. I will not pray nor fast any more but I will be believing in you and in day of Judgement if you say I deserve hell then be it because I rather have this world peaceful and then after hell better than having to living in hell in this world and heareafter. All I ask is one thing give me a the chance to raise my child. Oh Allah if you don’t approve of me then I challenge you to teach me yourself because I truely believe you can teach me directly to me. I don’t want to be follow people any more so either you teach me or throw me in hell.. I am done... As time went pass Ramadan came. And he was very sad. He said I will not fast. There is no point so he didn’t fast. He instead, spent the whole month reading the Qur'an. While he was reading the Qur'an BANG he felt Allahs mercy by opening his eyes and his ears. This boy now man started to understand everything, he started to see the sky and Earth in a way that was so amazing just like when he was a kid. He say all the Allah creatures worshipping Allah. Allah told him how to understand Qur'an. Allah told him how to look for the truth, Allah told him how to speak to people with Truth. Allah told him how to think with reason, Allah Taught him how to find Qibla if you were blind. Allah Taught him how to speak with other faith to tell them that we are one nation. Allah opened and filled his heart with soo much NOOOR to point that he also showed him Allahs throne in the SKY. HIS life immediately changed. All his worry gone. Now this man only lives by the will of Allah because this world is a test and he is living his last day every day until he meets his Creator. But before that happens he must teach and warn so many people of today before the hour comes suddenly. Because then it is too late for Allah mercy. Don’t wait for Allah to have mercy on you because he will not until you truely want his mercy you really need to go to him alone and don’t associate anything or anyone when you talk to Allah. You see that’s the trick . .. only if you knew.
  11. Salam Mr.. Muslim2010. I am not rejecting the Prophet Hadith or Allahs Hadith. I would never ever follow any other Hadith but the Hadith Allah gave to Mohammed May Allah grant us to be one of his companion. So, May I know what is the Chapter and Verse in Qur'an are you referring it to ? awaiting for your humble reply.
  12. Salam Mr. AAAZ1618, I would love to talk about the Black stone but I rather not, way too sensitive to talk about people wont bare knowing the truth. Regarding Shrik. Let’s define it , What is Shrik in your opinion?
  13. Wa Alyka Salam wal Huda Allah Mr. Realizm An Idol = S N M anything that is is made of clay, gold, silver copper etc. if its a statue of something then its fine but when it is associated with Allah to pray then that object you feel you need in order to connect with Allah becomes an idol. Also just because you write Allah on it then !00% becomes an Idol. Because you need to read Surat Al Ikhlas. In Fact the whole Qur'an you can clearly see Allah obeys us not to have any kind of Idol when we are praying to Him. So I don’t know Qur'an says its Idol.. but people say its not. Logically and reasonably some one is wrong, I don’t think Qur'an is wrong so that leaves the people to explain it selves how are they justifying it not being an Idol.
  14. Salam Alykum, Jinn has no power over you, they can’t possess you in any shape or form they can’t enter our world but they can see it and you and we can’t enter their world and we don’t see it or them so the only thing they can do is influence you like a wind passing by. How ever you can have a good Jinn with you as long as you don’t serve any God but Allah ALONE! And do not associate anything or anyone with Allah. For every human born there is a jinn born at the same time , you either invite fahsha in your life or Allah’s Noor in your heart. As for the ring! Let’s not idolise it. Not worth worrying about it. Just like anything else if it’s meant to be lost then it is better for you. But don’t create or believe in stories unless you are certain you have Allah backing you up on it. Hope I shared my opinion
  15. That’s because our leaders in every level whether in religion or personal work society are as lost as people feel but life goes on right. I wonder do people ever wonder why my life feels like wrong? Why does it feel wrong when I believe in Allah? I should feel good but I don’t........ When people feels like that’s because Allah puts that pressure on you so you can realise may be I mean just may be I am doing something wrong!!!!!! Allah created the human with tools that is built in such as your senses and best of all YOUR BRAIN. We can intellect and we can reason. We know if we do something wrong we feel bad.. but when we do something right we feel good. BUT when we don’t do the right thing when we are told it is wrong makes it WRONG. And when we do something wrong and really deep down we feel good you wonder why!!! But it is wrong.. blah blah blah. Why waste words on it. Why not research and why not Ask Allah to guide you. I mean really Ask Allah to guide you. ask him ALONE you see that’s the trick. Do not associate anything or any one with him. Guys you got to stop complaining and complicating things. Keeps things simple. Hope I gave my opinion.
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