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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for your reaction! Any resourse or Islamic refernce are welcome. I really want to convince them my rights and duties.
  2. Thank you for your clear reaction. It helped me alot!
  3. If she comes to the Netherlands she has to apply for a special visa. This visa allows her to stay in the Netherlands with me and live with me. There are rules for this visa to get. 1) I have to prove she is my wife with a Nikah nama for example 2) She has to learn basic Dutch and has to pass a beginner's level Dutch at the nearest embassy in Pakistan 3) I have to have sufficient and stable income. It has to be at least 1600 euros. And there are more rules but these are the most important ones. The first 2 are easy to fix. The last one means thaf I have to work full
  4. The Netherlands' immigration system is tough. My wife can only come to the Netherlands If I (not my parents) have enough stable income. Now I have alhamdullillah enough income for myself, but it's not enough for 2 people. So I have to work, which I now can't because I full time study.
  5. I will fullfill my rights. And if not I will have a good chat with her parents. Maybe I will invite an Imam to help things out.
  6. Asallam aleykum brothers and sisters, I was through my daily amount of posts. But know I can reply to your posts. Thanks anyways for helping me out! Greets, Jawad
  7. Thanks for your reaction. My wife can't join me in the Netherlands yet because I study. To have her in the Netherlands I muat have stable income, thus having a job. We sleep together but we don't have intimacy. They trust us on this. Also they might ask their daughter if we had sex or not if I'm not around. They think I'll fail them to get their daughter to the Netherlands. So as a precaution we aren't allowed to have sex with each other because then the girl doesn't get pregnant and is not seen as used in the community. I know their way of acting is against Islamic laws.
  8. Thank you all for your lovely and informative reactions. I have learned alot now. I'm going to have a chat with her ( and maybe her parents) about my rights according Islamic laws for having intimacy. Thank you all for clearing my mind and helping me out. It means the world for me. Thanks. Ps. Any more suggestions are welcome I will definitely read them !
  9. Yes I know everything about birth control. That is also what I'm going to use to delay pregnancy. I don't want children now. But I do want to have fun with her without thinking it's bad and against Islamic laws. But I do know now that it's my right to have intimacy. I'm going to make it clear to her.
  10. Thanks brother, that's exactly what I was thinking. But I didn't if my thinkings were at reason in the Islamic point of view. Thanks for your reaction
  11. Not directly but I can think of this situation that might could happen. But I (we) hope not. Because we truly love each others.
  12. She doesn't deny me intimacy. She is just afraid of her parents. They might find out that she's had intimacy. But I know that in an Islamic point of view it's not their business to be in the middle of me and my wife. But we all can be afraid if our parents come yelling why we have had intimacy. It's a kind of hidden taboo and respect to their parents. But it's difficult for me and for her.
  13. No I didn't made such agreements during performing of Nikah.
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