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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Depends on what you mean by everyday Muslim.. To gain insight and transcend this world you need to be a person who refrains from any kind of sin and indulges in constant zikr of Allah
  2. Very well said.. and that why you see a society where almost everyone is heedless and drowned in this world and the one who is awake feels like a misfit in this world. Nonetheless we should always look up to the examples of some great scholars who are living in the present time amidst this world of materialism and yet dedicated to the life of spirituality.
  3. You’ve missed the point.. An ascetic who runs away from his responsibilities including the family and the community is not encouraged in Islam but what I am talking about here is giving up the luxuries of life so as to benefit your soul and get close to Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). You didn’t paste the whole sermon where Imam Ali himself says that a big house in this world is of no use except if it’s used to serve the community. Amir al-mu'minin went to enquire about the health of his companion al-’Ala' ibn Ziyad al-Harithi and when he noticed the vastness of his house he said: What will you do with this vast house in this world, although you need this house more in the next world. If you want to take it to the next world you could entertain in it guests and be regardful of kinship and discharge all (your) obligations according to their accrual. In this way you will be able to take it to the next world. Illuminating the heart, speaking words of wisdom and discerning defects of this world is sums is well why we should live a lifestyle like that.
  4. The excerpt you posted from Nahj Al Balagha does not say so that it is just for people in charge of the community. Infact Allah in hadith Qudsi of ascension talks highly of the people who live an ascetic lifestyle. Whatever the Imams and the Prophets did was an example set for us and sure we can never reach their level of doing a certain act but we can strive to get close to it. I don’t think so they would do a certain thing if it wasn’t recommended for the normal crowd. Can you give me reference for this?
  5. It’s definitely not haram! There are not one but several hadith advising and praising this kind if lifestyle and it definitely isn’t something that can be undertaken by everyone. What is haram in Islam is monasticism and monk lifestyle. Asceticism is different than that.
  6. Yes I’ve done that.. It’s been a year since I haven’t watched any movie and I’ve been reading a lot of books and in fact reading books is what really inspires me to go further.
  7. Anyone here ever desired or tried living an ascetic life despite having money and big house. I have always been a minimalist but for quite sometime now I’ve been fascinated by the lifestyle of some great philosophers and scholars and desire to live a more ascetic lifestyle whereby limiting anything beyond the basic including food. However I live with my family and it’s difficult if not impossible to practise it. I want to hear of your experiences of how you’ve moved from a normal city lifestyle to an extremely simple and ascetic one and how did the experience make you feel. Is the feeling something ephemeral and you would want to go back to the usual life or it is a forever bliss?
  8. U.K but it’s okay if the doctor is in any other country and can advise over whatsapp or phone.
  9. Hi A friend of mine confided in me and told me he is going through some issues related to urology but is scared to consult a doctor. He also told me he has not told this to anyone else but me because of which I feel I have the responsibility to help him. I couldn’t do much cuz I live in a different country. He is afraid the doctor might diagnose him with a big disease and also afraid to visit a hospital because of the whole Corona thing going on. Can someone here get me connected to a doctor (a urologist to be precise) who can advise him personally. Maybe it’s not as serious as he thinks or maybe it is. I am afraid if his problem is a serious one, can have consequences if ignored. Please help! Thank you in advance!
  10. Salaam Alaikum I am starting to get into reading tafsir of the Qur'an. I started reading Tafsir Al Mizan because I really admire Alammah Tabatabai and his work. However, I am having a very hard time grasping its essence . His way of explaining is beautiful as he chooses to explain one ayah through the other ayahs of the Qur'an but I get overwhelmed with information when he throws one ayah after another and I feel very lost. All my attempts to read it have been failing. Can someone who have read tafsir books advise me if this one is the right one to start with? Also, can I get some tips on how to make it easier for me to understand them. I’ve been reading it in English and have no knowledge of Arabic at all. Thank you for your help.
  11. Yes absolutely! I myself experienced this last year. I listen to a lot of Shia speakers and maulanas but when you read the words of the urafa, they take you to a new level of proximity to Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى). It’s like your eyes opening to the whole new world especially reading the likes of Alama Tabatabai. I wish we could get a chance to spend time or learn under these great personalities without going through the traditional route of hawza
  12. Religious people may or may not be boring but most non religious people would find religious people boring because their definition of fun revolves a lot around haram like listening to loud music or partying, watching movies and shows. A person who is practicing in true sense also realises that a lot of halal stuff like watching shows is a waste of time and something that you have to be answerable for to Allah(سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) and hence knows the importance of putting time to its best use like gaining knowledge.
  13. I am looking for a mentor in life. Someone who I can look up to for a guidance and direction in life so as to know what decisions to make. How do people end up finding a mentor in life? I can’t think of anyone who I can make my mentor. Any idea or suggestion?
  14. Do they accommodate people from outside UK? Last time I enquired they told me it’s limited to people from the UK or EU due to visa restrictions.
  15. I’ve actually travelled to some of those countries you mentioned and have travelled quite extensively to other parts. Firstly I never said all men are thrash. Like I said earlier I didn’t have any exposure to men all my life. I did not generalise and that is why I said based on my experience ‘it’s hard to believe’. I did not say the words ‘I don’t believe’.
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