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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. If this guy who is your cousin has good akhlaq and is a good Muslim then just proceed with him because you will eventually develop feelings for him because of his good nature. However, u need to find him atleast somewhat attractive or appealing because physical attraction is also important in a marriage. don’t stress a lot and go with the flow. Allah has already destined the person you’re supposed to marry so if u’re meant to marry the other person whom u like then no matter what happens things wont go right with ur cousin and u’ll be eventually be led to the person u’re dentined to marry. However, don’t reject someone who is a good person and a practical Muslim. Insha Allah whatever is best for you works out.
  2. Well, the greed and hunger for money is never satisfied. I agree that it’s difficult to survive on one income but isn’t it also true that even with more money you’re never content. Its about how you live your lifestyle, how you spend and save and how content you’re with what you have. What about all the extra care and attention a husband gets with having a housewife whereas when his wife is working he comes home to a tired/dull wife.
  3. I’ve come to notice that almost all men want a working wife. Lately, a lot of alliances have rejected my sister because she doesn’t work or because she wears hijab. What kind of era are we living in where the woman is expected to work in order to support her family or she is meant to be a trophy wife by exposing her beauty! I’d like to hear the men’s opinion on this issue.
  4. Start listening to lectures from different speakers. Its a good way to feel motivated and be guided to the right path. Listen to Ammar Nakshawani, Sheikh Azhar, Sheikh Al Hilli, Mahdi Al Modaressi, Mohammed Qazwini and many more
  5. How did you get ready to be treated? She isn’t agreeing to seek help? If you don’t mind asking, what kind of treatment did you go through? therapy? medicines?
  6. Marriage is destined by Allah and saying that its impossible for you to get married is like doubting Allahs abilities to grant you from his blessings. I know men who never worked or were inconsistent with their jobs getting married to women who are successful engineers from top universities and I’ve seen suitors reject a woman because she isn’t employed inspite of being educated. I don’t think so marriage has got anything to do with being employed, even though it might increase your chances of finding a spouse sooner but ultimately its what is written in your destiny. Be patient, work hard and keep praying because only duas can change your destiny.
  7. Well this is the tricky part because when I emailed him asking about it, his office replied that its not permissible then how is it that you’re telling it is?
  8. If he himself has issued a statement against it then why is it openly done? Why is something that is not permissible done at a marjaas office by himself? Can you explain the logic behind it?
  9. We( women) were asked to put our forehead on his hand. (a way to greet)
  10. I know someone who is going through depression since a long time due to a relationship that her parents didn’t approve of. She was a bubbly and happy girl and now she is depressed. I tried to help her out but she doesnt want to talk or seek therapy. She is still unmarried and doesnt even work. I am really worried for her. Will she ever get out of it? Do you know someone who was going through long term depression and got out of it? How can I help her?
  11. I visited Ayatollah Sistani while on my trip for ziyarat. We were given a lecture by him followed by men and women greeting him. However, when it was the turn of the women to greet him, we were asked to put our forehead on his and and kiss it over a cloth. The cloth was his black abaa(overcoat) and was quite tranlucent. I found it quite strange and uncomfortable doing it but fell into the environments pressure and did it. Upon coming back, I emailed through his website asking if its allowed and I got a reply saying its not. What is the matter here? I don’t understand whats going on. Have any of you faced a similar situation with him?
  12. Thank you for your answer. I agree but should I eliminate all the people who don’t regularly pray their 5 prayers. They maybe performing some of their waajibats but not all of them, so should one consider someone like that?
  13. When seeking for a spouse, Islam recommends us to choose a one who is religious. Can you guys elaborate what are the boxes to tick if looking for a religious partner? If someone has good akhlaq and is also a lover of Ahlul Bayt, Is that enough? or it is absolutely necessary for that person to be performing his waajibats? If so, then that makes the pool of prospectives very small. What should one do in such case?
  14. Thank you so much for that long answer! I really appreciate it and the I liked the idea of imagining every stage of marriage I will go through to realise its not living in dreams.
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