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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I also have and had so many duas that Allah rejected. Allah rejected duas of prophets as well. Noah told Allah: He is my son in water, o Allah, rescue him. Allah responded:" He is not from you. He will be drowned". All kids of Imam Hussain wanted to see their father alive, but he wasn't. Allah knew their desire and intention but rejected it. Brother, it's ok. That's how Allah plans. Just live with it. He knows what he's doing. Imam Sadeq said:" On the day of judgement once Mumin sees the rewards of his rejected duas, he says: I wish none of them were accepted". This is very interesting and hopeful
  2. I don't think Tusi ever believed as such. If they wouldn't be infallible, it means that they did mistake somewhere in their words or actions. Since we take religion from their words and actions, it might have been accompanied with mistake. This is SO WRONG. They have to be infallible and that's what we read through all prophet traditions and words. Quran Ayah Vilayat says that they are infallible.
  3. I respect parents who have many kids especially mothers. Hard work and they do it with love.
  4. I said that shiite islamic teachings is a better method to define a good person compared to other methods defined by normal society norms, philosophers, thinkers, etc. (not just doing religious obligations, but moral values and being ethical). I'm a bit conservative and wanted to say it is the only way, but I wanted to make it easier for readers to understand.
  5. I see many people at the comminity and nonmuslims that use the term good person for the people that they are in interaction with(or even people that they know very little which is even more odd or maybe odder ). I had few occasions that the person wasn't really descent and I was wondering why the first person had such a feeling about him/her. Good person is beyond individual understanding. Only Allah can judge. I've seen people misusing the word good person a lot. I believe religion and especially shiite islamic view gives a better picture of the term good person. It kinda defines it. I see some agree with that shiite islamic guidelines in definition of good person, but when they face a person who actually practicing it, that person will be excluded from the category of good people in the view of those some people which is kinda hypocracy or not having stable mentality. Another thing is that we should differentiate good action from good person. Good person does majority or all his/her actions good, but every one can have some good actions in his life but doesn't go into good person category necessarily.
  6. It's like saying why a car breaks down. There are so many reasons. Alternator might go wrong, battery might go wrong, transmission might go wrong, etc.
  7. As soon as you found a potential case, marry her. Regardless of what stage of life you two are in.
  8. I broke up with a girl that it made her upset. I'm upset about it deeply and do dua for her. These are my 2 advices from my experience. 1. Always ask for the girl photo before talking to her. It should be done through a third person and not the girl herself. If you did not like her, don't let others to change your mind by telling start talking to her maybe you like her later, etc. 2. If you are talking to a girl and felt not interested during the discussions, end it ASAP. Others may come in between and say it's ok, keep talking, be open to her and go out together, etc. Never do that. You are the person who wants to live with the girl. It's 100% on you and not others. I hope it helps you. These are my experience. I wish you seccuss in your search.
  9. Is the girl Iranian living in Iran? It may be common when you talk to girls oversease, there might be some silence or not having topics to talk about or not showing their interest, etc. She hasn't seen you yet, so she's not sure yet. Especially when you said she's religious girl alhamdulillah, she wants to make sure that you are looking for marriage and family. I know you are, but look from her point of view. She doesn't want to be heart broken if things didn't go well. Otherwise, she'll be heartbroken. One advice I have, do not be in a hesitant situation. Breaking it up early is better than keep talking and being in a stage of still not being interested, etc. She may gradually fall in love, and breaking up at that point is harder for both of you.
  10. This clannishness is within everyone to some extent. I also feel alone in the community even though I'm born muslim. There are so many reasons for that which needs snother topic. To the OP: try to engage your husband in your islamic issues or confusions. Communication is important. I'm happy that you two got married and started your family. I hope you feel better in regards to Ramadan etc. Good luck
  11. You're right. Parents should watch their kids not playing any games. I'm not a gamer. I prefer actual sports or hanging out with well mannered friends. But I agree that knowing hralthy games for kids is importsnt as sometimes kids just want to plsy video games
  12. We don't have modern or non-modern or traditional or semi-traditional or semi-modern parents.
  13. Such a condition is a violation of islamic rules. It seems like justifying a haraam act under the guise of islamic rights.
  14. No advantage. If it's going to be spent on wife and kids, then advantage and charity too
  15. I have a good accomodation like apt, car, etc. I have a good job alhamdulillah
  16. If it's حق الناس, ask the person for forgiveness (except backbiting which you should not tell the person and instead do dua for him). If it's حق الله, do tawbah and try to make it right through dua and supplication. Allah forgives you. Do not tell your sins to other people. It is Haraam. Keep them between yourself and Allah.
  17. I never watched or paid anything to Netflix. I feel this media tries to prioritize the human desires, anger and intimacy, on top of the human mindset. It destroys mindset, moral values, family, religion, everything.
  18. You said he speaks well. Why not writing down one of your conversations with the kid and ask him to read the conversation from the paper? You need to spend some time with him outside the class maybe 20min-30min and ask him to read your recent conversations from the paper. Gradually, you can change it to a paragraph of a book, an article, etc. You can write the conversations, starting with a short one, and give it to him to read that conversation from the paper. You sound like a responsible teacher
  19. Yep, used car prices went really high recently. I remember I could buy a reliable budget car under $3k 5,6 years ago, but it costs $4k or 5$k now. It may deviate us from the OP topic, but I don't care about heated seats or moonroof, fancy stuff. I want a car that takes me from point A to B without any problem within a time span of 5,6 years. This particular car you said seems to be good one though (I'm not sure).
  20. Yes, but not in the bathroom we have. Let's say you have a swimming pool or something like that, then yes you can do Ghusl in that. The condition is that water should cover whole body at once. Obviously, it's not possible with regular bathrooms we have at home, but in swimming pool it's possible.
  21. Don't get out of the car with a gun in your hand cause this makes them more scared Buy a used car for your son or see if he can buy himself with his own money, and ask him to come home himself from now on. He learn responsibility towards his car, feel more independent, doesnt need to wait for you in winter, and you don't need to worry about those girls. A used toyota is like $5k and works very well. My student car was a mazda3 2007 with 115k mileage that I bought from a guy for $2k.
  22. Salaam Alsykum, First, I want you to know that I like your police car. Is it as big as Tahoe? It's good that you think of those muslim girls. You don't need to get out of the car. Call and tell your son that hey I'm outside. Come here. Give him direction on the phone. Or if you have another car, preferably small car like civic, go with that car. If you have to get out of the car, you can wear muslim dress like arab men. You just wanna be out with that dress for 5mins. Who cares? Or else, wear old dress and walk like a humble person very slow. Another thing, those girls walk away first 1, 2, 3 times. Eventualy they see you with your son and realize you are just there to pick up your son. I mean you can give it some time.
  23. Don't think about that. Be yourself. Don't give yourself stress or anxiety of false thoughts. Relax and enjoy. You eventually meet someone
  24. I rearranged my apt. Now I work in one room and sleep in the other. I have more space in work room so I can walk and think sometimes. Plus my desk is in front of the large window. I see back yard with trees and birds flying around. Its much better now. I live in CA, and it's a perfect time to go out nights and walk. Peaceful
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