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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do Taubah and be sure that Allah forgives you. Do Mutah instead if it's out of control. Don't let satanic thoughts come into your mind telling you that you're not forgiven. You are
  2. I'm not sure if he forgets the ghusl, but I'm sure that he must do ghusl BEFORE fajr Adhan. For example, the person wakes up at the middle of the night to eat Sahar. He realizes that he is Jonob. He must do ghusl before Fajr Adhan. Another fasting law that may not be relevant to your question but good to know. Being in the state of Jenabat for quiet a while invalidates fasting. For example, the guy wakes up in the morning in the month of Ramadhan and realizes he is jonob. He postpones ghusl several hours later. It invalidates his fasting.
  3. All types of dogs are Najis and impure. Have you thought about how you wanna pray? Islamically, it is makrouh to have dog in the house. Some people like sheperds do need dog and they keep it outside of the house.
  4. How you guys manage your time in Ramadan? Some people sleep in the morning to noon and work from afternoon to Fajr Adan, then go to bed. How you manage it?
  5. There is no relationship between beard type and your career
  6. If you doubt that something is Najis or not, it is Tahir and clean unless you are sure. This is a general rule. Do not wash other parts of cloth or body. Your ghusl was valid. Only wash the blood stain on your clothe and the small part of your body that it touched. You are fine and ok. Everything good
  7. Brother, that was the email that I got, but I fasted today as یوم الشک. It means if it was Ramazan, I fasted today. If it wasn't, I fasted as the last day of the holy month of Shaban. Here is the rule. Always fast last day as یوم الشک. You don't lose anything. That's what I do every year
  8. I'm about your height and heavier than you. You can do pushups because I can do with my weight. I should lose weight and excercise more often
  9. https://www.imams.us/ At the bottom says click here to sign up. I always get email at the exact night before start of the month. For example, if Shaban starts tomorrow, I get email tonight
  10. If you live in north America, Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America emails and notifies you of the beginning of all arabic month
  11. I listen to Iran leader on muslims in China. I never listen to western media when it comes to Iran, Russia, and China and in general anything related to east. I don't really know what happens in Uighur, but I heard some say they are Wahabi like ISIS, some say different. I listen to IRan official notes only(I dont know about their policy on uighur).
  12. Some users send links sbout this foundation being authentic, so forget about my previous post. I myself live in US and pay my Khums to https://imam-us.org/ Thank you all
  13. Why did she mail it to them? Did she do a research on that foundation?
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