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  1. I don't know what to say in situations like this, but never ever be alone with a man in private. Calling police, asking help from parents or other trusted sources, etc. Be very careful. I became upset when I read this. Never ask such a person for marriage. That was upsetting
  2. Avoid all sins and don't compare them like big sin or small sin. Once avoided, you're good. Don't feel bad about yourself. BTW, what other people are doing is not approval or excuse for our own actions.
  3. I don't think there's a general answer to this question. It depends from person to person. Some may use it the way it should be done, some may misuse it as you said.
  4. Keep having conversation with your husband. Try to be affectionage with him. Your problem is not as big as you think. It seems your husbsnd understands you and realizes thst his mom behavior is wrong. Try to spend more quality time with your husband and if possible move to another place (if your mom in law lives with you). Sometimes not caring about what she says or does, like ignorance, might convey the meaning that her reactions won't have any effect and gradually she will stop. This should be taken carefully but let your husband know beforehand. I also have same problem with my siblings. I try to not pay sttention to them snd focus on myself. I know it may be hard sometimes, but I try. Gradually, I become stronger to focus and paying attention to myself and what I like to do.
  5. If the guy has a bad quality like unemployed and doesnt look fir job, smokes drugs, etc. or especially short tempered, get out of the engagement asap. If you don't have any logical reason and you just doubting about it, then disregard all satanic thoughts. If he's a good guy, then go for it. Dont overthink.
  6. Because what prophet Muhammad and his Ahlulbait made Haraam is Haraam up to the end of the world and what they made Wajib is Wajib up to the end of the world. It's Wajib to pay Mahr/dowry.
  7. True. I didn't want to make my post lengthy, but what you said is true.
  8. I know a guy with same situation and same age. Don't think about yourself negatively, focus on yourself, and if rejected look for someone else. Don't overthink and take it easy. Most girls don't know what they are looking for especially younger ones. I remember a girl rejected me then asked me to get together as soon as she realized where I work etc. etc.
  9. Take it easy, enjoy working out, if single marry asap
  10. What you said is wrong. According to Shiite Imam is not physically present and he guides people through religious scholars (مراجع دینی like Ayatollah Khamenei, Ayatollah Sistani, etc.).
  11. Salaam Alaykum, You can check Al-Islam website. Recite this: اشهد ان لااله الاالله و اشهد ان محمد رسول الله Feel free to go to a shia mosque. They teach you how to pronounce that statement, how to pray/fast/islamic views, etc. Always be connected to reading authentic islamic books. Last but not least, welcome to the islamic life style
  12. Brother, I see that you tried to do your Islamic responsibility to get your kids married. Mashaallah, and may Allah reward you and other parents should learn that from you. However, it is not a good idea to stop her from going to another city because of what her grandmother said. It should be a decision based on your thought, your wife opinion, and your daughter opinion. This way your kids learn that they have to be independent on their decisions just like their parents. You can also ask for advise from trusted sources in your communities etc., but usually grandparents are very protective and their advise may not be a good one. Second, it is also a good idea for your daughter and the guy to talk to each other face to face. Talking through social media doesn't reflect the bond between couples. Ask them to talk to each other in person and go over their problems. If your daughter still feels that she is not a good match for the guy, marriage may cause more problems in the future and ruins the lives of your daughter and the guy. Asking her to marry the guy just because you are afraid that it may cause problems in your son marriage is very wrong. Your daughter is not responsible for your son life. Whatever decision your daughter and the guy make, it's their own decision, and no one including the guy family should mix things up and make a big deal out of the situation
  13. I'm not divorced, but I had a trust to some of my family members who made me upset from time to time. I tried to settle down with them, but I ended up realizing that they will keep doing it. So I had to move on and minimize my relationship with them until they do Tawbah and do the right things. It was very hard for me and I felt broken and upset inside. I'm good now alhamdulillah by just being far away from those people and not thinking about it. Time heels it. Take it easy and focus on yourself and your future goals. During the time of heeling, I corrected myself and tried to avoid any sort of behavior that may create issues. You can also think about yourself and try to be better for your future family. Insha Khair Also remember conflict always comes into life somehow. It cannot be avoided. Just try to show the best of yourself at the time of conflict
  14. Usually, it's ok by both parties to have a a period of being mahram to each other through mutah before Khutbah
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