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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam Alsykum Brother, Mashaallah on observing Halaal and Haraam. May Allah keep you in the path of Ahlulbait inshaallah. First of all early 20s is pretty young, so be energetic and happy Second, you can work as receiptionist/staff in a library, university, hospital, etc. There are so many positions out there for you. If you are bilingual, you can do online tutoring as well.
  2. When you don't understand the concept of a mathematics rule, you go and ask a mathematics professor. Follow same approach in religion. The more knowledgable the professor, the better answer you get.
  3. Imam Sadiq:" Reappearance of Mahdi takes long in a way that some doubt his existence, some don't believe it, and only some people keep believing in him".
  4. You're a Muslim. Don't do it. Do this instead. If you are bilingual or know math or physics or programming or something, do online tutoring. My frind used to make 100k each year through online tutoring.
  5. ان الکرمکم عند الله اتقاکم Indeed the greatest in the eyes of Allah is the most faithful one He probably refering to the verse الرجال قوامون علی النسا. It's correct, but it's for leadership positions like family, country, etc. It's better to leave overal leadership of the family to man and house msnagement to women. I dont see any superiority or inferiority in this task management
  6. We all know the story of قوم لوط from Holy Quran
  7. I look at the believes of the person not how long he/she can talk. Not all people are same. Maybe you're a silent person with a beutiful mind. Who knows?
  8. I personally become closer to Allah if things are normal and ease. I know I should remember Allah and Ahlulbait during hard times. I try to control myself, but at the same time I try to control the situation, so that it wouldn't get worse. It's very hard to control my thoughts during hard times. Please do dua for me to forgive myself and being patient and forgiving to others.
  9. I sticked to Salah Jafar Tayyar and I'm now much better. I hope it gets better because my relationship with the family worsened since then. I hope it gets better inshaallah. Thanks all for the comments. Keep doing dua please
  10. I agree with what you said. It really not what other people say. In my case, my relatives see my current situation not studying 10 hours a day back when I was at school. They don't see my past. It makes me upset seeing people with this ideology. I've seen a person who said:" I did not know living in US is this much hard. If I knew, I would have changed my mind".
  11. Thank you sister for sharing the Dua. That dua is very famous and I will stick to it. Thank you brother for sharing this rational approach. I have told them several times that it's not in my hands etc. I decided to stop thinking about that for a while, and limit my interactions. My privacy and life should be respected, and no one should put his/her burden on someone else. What you said is logical especially the part the negative thoughts are result of unresolved problems. That's very important, and I think Allah wants me to learn and practice that in my current stage of l
  12. If I were you, I would remove her number and start doing an in depth research on religion and following it by ACTION. I'm not sure if this post is written by a muslim though
  13. I immigrated to. I felt a bit shy initially practicing religion, but after a while I got used to it. If you face your fear, you can get over it. If you want to be same and shy on it, then it would be hard to practice, and it may convince you that you should forget religion. I had so many occasions like not shaking hands in job interview, telling the CEO to take the wine off the table, blah blah blah Eventually you can do it if you do Tawakkol and work hard
  14. I've been struggling with negative thoughts a lot since last 6 months. It's mainly family issues. This is my story. Please read (I try to make it short) I had good educational background and could get scholarship and come to US. Since then, some of my brothers putting pressure on me that I have to help them to come here. I worked very hard to come to this point very. I helped one of them and he came here. Honestly I didn't expect my help would work. My brothers are not hard working same as me and have some jealousy towards me too. Now, my other brother says it's my turn. Help me too. I'm
  15. Salaam Alaykum Mashaallah on you paying attention on Khums and money of Imam Zaman. 1. I used to send my money to imam-us.org, but recently I decided to have some money back home country, Iran, and keep it in the hands of a trustworthy person. I ask him to go and pay my khums to my marji on the day of khums and send me receipt. You can ask other people at the mosque to find a trustworthy organization or mosque to pay religious dues. 2. I never par any dollar to those who advertise on youtube etc. Instead, I have few trustworthy friends back home that keep my money. I tell them t
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