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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    HaqYaAli786 reacted to siraatoaliyinhaqqun in Where Any Of The 12 Imams (a.s) Mother's Black?   
    I always ask myself IF the imam ajf rises from Israel and look like an Israeli what would shias and Sunnis do?
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    HaqYaAli786 reacted to JimJam in Where Any Of The 12 Imams (a.s) Mother's Black?   
    No one should be racist
    Imam Ali (as) has said
    “....Resentment is of four branches: arrogance, boastfulness,
    egoistic, and racism. Whoever is arrogant turns his back to the
    truth. Whoever is boastful indulges in sins. Whoever is egoistic
    persists in sins. Whoever comes in the clench of racism commits
    Al-Kafi H 2852, CH 163, h 1
    “Once, Ali ibn al-Husayn, recipient of divine supreme covenant,
    was asked about racist feelings. He said, ‘The racist feeling that
    is a sin is the one that makes a person call the evil doers of his
    own people better than the virtuous individuals of the other
    people. A man’s loving his own people is not racism but it is a
    sin to help one’s own people to commit injustice.”
    Al-Kafi H 2547, CH 119, h 7
    Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) has said
    “On the Day of Judgment Allah will join those who practice
    racial discrimination with a race in fire.”
    Al-Kafi H 2544, CH 119, h 4
    “The Messenger of Allah has said, ‘Whoever has racist feelings
    in his heart of the size of mustard seed, on the Day of Judgment
    Allah will raise him with the Arabs of the time of Jahiliyah
    (dark age).’”
    Al-Kafi H 2543, CH 119, h 3
    “The Messenger of Allah has said, ‘Whoever practices racial
    discrimination or it is practiced for him has removed the collar
    of belief from his neck.’”
    Al-Kafi H 2542, CH 119, h 2
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    HaqYaAli786 reacted to A true Sunni in Where Is Fatima (a.s) Buried?   
    perhaps these words are a true reflection of this so called muslim a Khariji in Sunni clothing true antipathy towards the ahlulbait. His words are factually correct but betray a certain coldness and harshness towards the Leader of the women of Paradise.
    It has been hypothesised from Hadith that the grave of Hz Bibi Fatima (as) is forever a corner of Paradise. To refer to it as a grave betrays some disease in his soul
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    HaqYaAli786 reacted to 89jghur32 in Where Is Fatima (a.s) Buried?   
    1) Abu Bakr (ra) died bro! Umar (ra) died bro! Uthman (ra) died bro! FULL STOP! They're all waiting for their positions in the next life too. Why are you still trying to justify everything they did? They lived their lives, now leave it alone. Isn't that the point of your post with regards to Fatima (as)? You've missed the point and why does that always happen with regards to the Prophet's family.
    2) The people you refer to as Sunnis do not stress Sayeda Fatima's (as) example enough. To them, Sayeda Aisha (as) is everything.
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    HaqYaAli786 reacted to Montather in Where Is Fatima (a.s) Buried?   
    According to your theory, the prophet should have also had his grave hidden, to save shia from worshipping it! I mean why leave one out when you can leave them all out? Unless this is a partial blessing for us? *shrug*
    Also, I still wasn't given a reason for her death and a reason for as to why she wanted no ceremony (Sunni view, ofcourse, but thank you Zareen). Sayyida fatima (a.s) loved her father dearly, would it make sense that she was not buried next to him? Why would it make sense? And you cannot tell me so that people do not "worship" her, because as far as I know, the prophet's tomb is easily accessible for "worship".
    Also, you said shia's "worship" graves. Can you please give some evidence to backup this statement. Note: The word "worship" means to literally worship, to idolise, and nothing else. So upon making such a heavy accusation, your bound to have something to back it up.
    To answer your question: Being a believer of the truth, I would go and make dua (to Allah s.a) for the sake of our sayyida, I would constantly visit her if possible, I would not neglect and betray her like the 'muslim' ancestors did. I would try to empathise with her grief and suffering, I would seek blessing from Allah (s.a) on her behalf. etc.
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