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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I saw sistani’s rulings on it and he has said that their saliva is pure and that if u have one hair one two or three hairs on u its fine and if its more it could invalidate the prayer
  2. Salam everyone my siblings and i all want a pet kitten, we follow sistani and i know there arent any problems with having a pet cat except for the normal cleaning issues which we’ll deal with but my parents wont allow it and my dad also said that it’ll remove all the blessings from the house but then i stumbled upon this Imam Ali al-Reza (as): لا ینبغی ان یخلو بیت احدکم من ثلاثه و هن عمار البیت: الهره و الحمام والدیک 'It behooves all to have one of the following pets as they are blessings for houses: cat or pigeon or rooster. (Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 73 p. 163). And i sent this to him, can someone give me more hadiths about cats so i can prove it to him that its fine to have a cat
  3. Wait u were warned about it? Did u end up reading it, if yes then do j believe it?
  4. Sorry for making it not clear enough, my question is that do we have sharia law too and what exactly is sharia law?
  5. Salam everyone could someone tell me what exactly sharia law is and if we shias follow it too, as uk from my previous topic i asked about homosexuality and my doubt was cleared and it was said that we cant behead them or anything without our imam but this sunni person from my class keeps on saying its in the sharia law and im just doing what our prophet said, i was like just mind ur own business and stop going around saying that cuz its kinda the same like those jihadists who say we killed in the name of god someone please help me on this one too thanks
  6. Oh woww, thankyou so much that cleared my doubt
  7. I think ur right about the warning part and trying to make them understand that what theyre doing is wrong but if they don’t understand and still continue with all that then i think we should let them be because we’ve fulfilled our part and the part where ur supposed to kill them, i dont get how thats fair Im sure Allah has his own ways of dealing with people like this so i dont get how we get to decide on killing them and burning them and now im confused about how sometimes islam says not to even curse at ur enemies and stuff like that but then it also says to murder a person who wants to be gay like i dont get it and sorry for replying late
  8. Salam everyone, i came across this the other day and cant seem to stop thinking about it it just looks very weird and racist to me and i dont think Imam Ali would ever say this so can someone tell me if its true or not I cant seem to upload the screenshot but i read it on shiavault.com and ill write what it says below It is stated from Hazrat Ali as that the woman whos hand one seeks in marriage should possess the following qualities: a) wheat complexioned face b) broad forehead c) black eyes d) medium height e) heavy hips
  9. See i dont hate them and i also dont go around supporting them in the public. Im just neutral with them and i might not even care if someone is from lgbtq, is it sinful for me to not hate them and not care?
  10. Salam everyone my friends and i have an account on instagram for mental awareness and our followers arent that many but mostly friends from the school and around. Yesterday they posted about about how lgbtq get the most mental illnesses. After posting that we got a lot of hate from our muslim friends saying that we support them and islam wise we’re not allowed to do that. We hadnt even said that we support them but just that they have mental illnesses too. Now my question is that is it wrong to not hate them and bully them cuz i think that we’re all human and should care about each other. One way to put it properly is that i dont hate them and neither do i love them, im just neutral and apparently thats wrong cuz idk so will someone please tell me if me not hating them is a sin cuz i am a human and i dont want to go around telling people that we should behead them
  11. Salam everyone my aunt’s son has a condition called the breath holding spell where if he hurts himself in even the slightest way like falling on the mattress he doesn't cry normally and becomes blue and then becomes fine after a minute or two so the thing is that her mother in law told her to take a few things that we’ve never heard of and a few sticks from outside their house and cat hair and burn it for three days also there something else that she has to feed her son for five days all of this sound very weird to me and my aunt like who even burns cat hair but can u guys still tell me if youve heard of things like this before and if it works or is just some useless stuff thankyou and please reply faster and her mil needs picture proof of my aunt collecting and burning those things
  12. Its available on youtube and on an app called Shia toolkit but in this book a lot of Sunnis turned into Shias and ill listen to it again and see what their discussions on Umar and all were
  13. Salam everyone I recently listened to the audio book of Peshawar nights in Urdu and its about an evemt where a Shia maulana would answer the questions a the Sunni moulana by giving proof from their Sunni books and in the end all the Sunni people converted into Shias so my question here is that if most of our stuff is present in their books then why is there so much conflict between us like I don’t get it, Sunnis and Shias should read this book and Sunnis should also properly read their books like I sometimes think about what if Sunnis are right and Shias arent and then I go back to the book and it straight forward tells me that we’re the same so why so much conflict
  14. Sistani has clearly said that wearing all black except for mourning is allowed and not makruh
  15. I do have it around my neck in front of my dad but infront my brothers I roam around just like, I don’t know where she gets these things from
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