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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. all of these replies made me feel better and i understand the real meaning of this hadith now, thank you so much
  2. Salam everyone, i came across this hadith which says that cursed is the person who eats alone. Now i have this mental disorder called misophonia which literally means hatred of sound, so there are certain sounds, mostly mouth sounds and other body related ones which bring out this reaction in me, like i start to sweat, my heartbeat increases, i feel angry, i want to cry and escape those noises. ive struggled with this all my life, kids in my class click their pens all the time which distracts me from my studies and ive also have a few anxiety attacks at school and my family members a
  3. i didnt find this post before but i think it has been explained well, its sad that they cant be straightforward about it and make it haram but what can we do, at least now im not that frustrated about it, sorry for using all ur time, if i had found this post then i wouldnt have started this one and since there are other threads already, if u wanted to delete this post then id be completely fine. thank you
  4. youtube critics? that was just a point of if i as a shia dont understand how islam allows this and dont know the full answers then how will others, its not like if someone asks me about this, i can go like because islam wishes so and its none of ur business, we like to get our infants married to men and even if they consummate then oh he'll just get a sin cuz you know they were married. i this kind of mentality will bring a lot of people towards islam, lets see. and the fact that none of u know the answers and are just defending this
  5. ok this makes sense but its sad how marjas are ur go to people and yet they say these things and the fact that theyve studied for so long is this mentioned in the quran? do u know of what sistani mightve said about this, they may make mistakes but this isnt anything small, any non muslim who would read this could be immediately turned away from islam
  6. why even talk about it at all so ur saying ayatollah khamenei is wrong about it, im so confused
  7. ive read them and many were defending the marja but i still didnt get the main answer of why this is allowed as it seems like something islam wouldnt do yet its still allowed i dont think a 4 year old would have gotten puberty or would understand what marriage is
  8. you guys are brushing it off, he is a well known marja and people are following him , on what basis has he allowed this
  9. then why is this allowed by ayatollah khamenei, he said its allowed even with a suckling infant
  10. Salam everyone, yesterday i fell into the rabbit hole of child marriages and to be completely honest i am deeply disturbed, this topic is going to be my most serious topic so far because i actually need answers. so i read the whole thread about child marriages on shiachat from 2012 i guess and i found out for the first time that it is allowed even for girls who are younger then 9. if can see even if he proceeds with sexual intercourse its just brushed off as a sin. so ive inserted the screenshots and im disturbed. they're saying that she can get a divorce once she reaches 9, no
  11. Salam everyone, Another day another argument, so one was my relatives was going to put a fireplace in his room and then he didnt do it cuz of his personal reasons, so i was like oh thats really good cuz u know u need wood for that which is cutting down trees and u burn them which is so much pollution and how we should be taking care of the earth and our trees. Of course he disagrees and says that quran lets him do it so why should he stop and i was like where in the quran does it say this, he goes like theres an ayah which says something like Allah gave u trees so make good uses of them a
  12. Salam everyone i wanted to ask if 2 or 3 ear piercings are allowed cuz i cant seem to find any rulings on it so if someone could just help me out, id be really thankful. By the way i follow sistani. thank youu
  13. so it means that the hadeeth is authentic which is sad to me actually and by the way thank you to everyone whos still giving in points and keeping the topic alive, its extremely helpful
  14. ohh thank god i thought it was saying that prostration could be done to your husband after God so theres no authentic chain of hadeeth for the prostration to ur husband hadeeth right?
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