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  1. My faith used to be shaky like that until I researched more and more and I am convinced with certainty I will not turn from ahl al bayt. My advice keep researching bro salam
  2. Wa alaykum asalam. ahsantom brother, there is no shame in bringing up the hate of Aisha towards Imam Ali عليه السلام
  3. Nope. It was clearly a joke, go watch the sheikh's videos regarding these laughable accusations.
  4. I'm not a fan of hassan allahyari, as he has insulted Sayed al-Sistani, Sayed al-Shirazi and Sheikh Yasser, to name a few. No doubt though, allahyari has responded to many arguments in a clear, logical way. May Allah forgive his shortcomings.
  5. It's forbidden to give a time for the reappearance, many ahadith about this say if you do so, Allah will do bada' and delay the reappearance
  6. Brother, they cut the lecture short, the sheikh responded to this in his lecture in the night after. What he was saying is that the protestors should protest in Najaf so Sayed al-Sistani makes a fatwa against the government. You are no different to the nasibis from anti majos who cut lectures short and saying this is shia belief. Here's the full part for you: and here, the sheikh responds to this laughable lie:
  7. ويلك - يا بن قيس -! كيف رأيتني صنعت حين قتل عثمان ووجدت أعوانا؟ هل رأيت مني فشلا أو جبنا، أو تقصيرا في وقعتي يوم البصرة وهم حول جملهم الملعون من معه، الملعون من قتل حوله، الملعون من ركبه Imam Ali (peace be upon him) said to Al-Ash'ath, son of Qais: "Woe to you, O son of Qais! What did you see that I did when Uthman was killed and I found men to support me? Did you see from me any defeat, or cowardice, or any short-coming during my battle on the Day of Basrah, while they where surrounding their camel?! Cursed be whoever was with it! Cursed be whoever was killed around it! Cursed be whoever rode it!" (Bihar al-Anwar, volume 29, page 469)
  8. That's a mistranslanslation of what Imam 'Ali (a) said about aisha
  9. I don't know. But I'd do ghusl before a shower.
  10. A number of our people have narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn abu Nasr from Hisham ibn Salim from Sa‘d who has said the following: “Once, we eight people were in the presence of abu Ja’far (عليه السلام). We spoke of Ramadan. The Imam said, ‘You must not say, “This is Ramadan or Ramadan is gone or Ramadan has come.” Ramadan is one of the names of Allah, the Most Majestic, the Most Glorious, which does not come or go. What comes or goes is what is not durable. You instead should say, “The month of Ramadan.” The word “month” in this case is used in a possessive case in relation to the noun, the “name,” the name that is the name of Allah, the Most Majestic, the Most Glorious. This month is the one when the Holy Quran was revealed, and He has made it a festival and an example." Al-Kāfi, Volume 4, the book of fasting, chapter of the prohibition of saying 'ramadhan' instead of the month of ramadhan.
  11. Bismillah. Salam Brother You can contact me, I live in Dublin.
  12. Wa alaykum al salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. I found there is one shia mosque in Bristol: https://m.facebook.com/hosseiniehfoundationbristol/ http://www.cbmosques.org.uk/home/hosseineh-foundation
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