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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This brings forth a discussion on The Omnipotence of the Creator. My Islamic Studies teacher beautifully explains this theory
  2. Well, arguably the best Middle Eastern restaurant in Toronto
  3. Sallaam, I believe the chorus of the latmiyah determines it's title of the latmiyah... So apparently the chorus starts with cursing the killers or enemies of Ali (عليه السلام). It would be best of me to leave the translation to the better speakers and understanders of Arabic.
  4. Sallam, please can anyone note down all possible ways to curse the killers of Ali in arabic and or farsi? thx
  5. I'm currently going to make some warm tea with milk, and then eat naan (long flat bread) with lamb karahi (stew)
  6. I found the recitor and the latmiya along his other pieces last Muharram... If it was'nt for you I wouldn't have found him, thanks. Let me ask you, how did you find this latmiya?
  7. May Allah strongly help you on this path to ultimate nearness to him. our prayers are with you throughout you journey. It's nice for someone to reach out to the community and show that he/she cares about us and is willing to sacrifice many things along the way.
  8. Recitor is Reza Helali... Thats all I can tell you for now, will update you time to time.
  9. I would advise you to look up the 'Lonely Planet' Persian handbook. It is really popular and helps you learn sentences needed for important scenarios. the book also contains all vocabs in the Persian dictionary. There's a free PDF offered online, check it out!
  10. Sallam, I am replying from my main account. Thank you very much for helping me! May Allah reward you,
  11. Sallaam. The following video is a latmiyah recited by a renowned reciter in Iran, his name is Haj Mahmoud Karimi. I really love the and would love someone to provide a Farsi write up. JazakhAllah khayr! حاج محمود کریمی شب دوم فاطمیه دوم 95 زمینه فوق العاده زیبای مادر منم مثل تو خمیدم
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