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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The Right Wing in America likes police but typically doesn't like unions. Like I said, they're great for pay and benefits but terrible when it comes to negligent retention. You get this with teachers' unions as well. It's practically impossible to fire an underperforming teacher unless he or she breaks the law. You typically find police unions in more left leaning areas than right. Most right leaning states are at-will employment. It isn't a magic wand fix but it's a pretty good start, I'd say.
  2. As I've already said, I was a liberal that opposed the Republicans when I was a teenager for precisely this reason. Not that the Democrats are any better these days. There's nothing wrong with having a strong military; I just oppose being the world police. We go into an area, make things worse, and make the local populace hate us. That, and I don't understand my country's fascination with Israel. I'd rather we stop giving them money for simply existing.
  3. There are plenty of monuments to the Everyman. I've already provided a list of just UDC monuments with the inscriptions attached. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_monuments_erected_by_the_United_Daughters_of_the_Confederacy
  4. Well, we aren't trigger happy. People think that I wake up in the morning just itching for a gunfight, or that I'm so much of a coward that I immediately go for my firearm. Let's say I shoot someone and they die. I have to surrender my weapon for evidence. Then, I have to write an extremely detailed report telling step by step what happened, within 48 hours of the incident. Then, I get to go home and lay in the bed, knowing that I killed someone, even if justifiably. Then, I have to hire an attorney to represent me for any indictments coming my way. Then, I can't sell my house or
  5. Libertarians tend to be pro-drug legalization and pro-abortion. Conservatives tend to support the drug war and are pro-life. Libertarians think taxation is theft. Conservatives like taxes just as much as liberals, they just call them "fees." Conservatives tend to be more prudish when it comes to sex. Libertarians are pro-legalization of prostitution. Conservatives want a culture like that of the 1950s. Libertarians want the Wild West. That's my observation.
  6. Patriotism, to me, is civic engagement and loving your country. Nationalism is loving your country and your countrymen before any other. Example: I have a problem with illegal immigrants who come here and get benefits when there are homeless and poor Americans that could use those same benefits. When our own citizens are taken care of, then we can try and fix the world.
  7. The Far Right, just like the Far Left, hate police officers. They have a higher tendency to argue, escalate, fight, run, and shoot you. Then, they'll file liens against your house and make a scene in court because they don't recognize the authority of the judiciary. Like I said, it's an automatic "send me a second unit" encounter.
  8. I think this goes against the idea of a caliph that rules over a worldwide Islamic government. There's quite a bit about Islam that I like, but there's too much that I disagree with to convert.
  9. I'd be in favor of black folks having an argument. They actually have a dog in that race, so to speak. Problem is, the politicians down here down put it up for a vote or invite public comment. They just quietly hold votes without any sort of public input and I vehemently oppose that. I don't care what they build near 9/11. If they want to build 15 mosques because the local population necessitates this, then go for it. We have religious freedom in this country for a reason.
  10. I can only speak for what I've experienced, but most of us end up in a mix between conservative and libertarian. I started out as a liberal and voted for Barack Obama twice. I left the ballot blank for president this last go round. I'll vote for Trump this November. A lot of officers end up jaded and cynical, being that we only see people at their worst. It has a profound psychological and sociological effect on you. I'd encourage you all (in the US, at least) to find a couple of departments and do some ride alongs. Don't pick the same size agency, either. Pick a larger agency, a
  11. Sorry, but when it comes to my family and my ancestors, I get emotional and I think any American would. As far as bin Laden goes, if Dearborn, Michigan wants to erect a statue of him, that isn't my business because it isn't my culture and it isn't my problem. I think it would be disgusting and anti-American, but I wouldn't tell them they HAD to take it down. There's a statue of Vladimir Lenin in Washington state and I think that's terrible. But, it isn't my home, so I don't tell Seattle what they need to do. As far as black folks goes, I notice that no one has suggested erecting
  12. No worries. I've found that most people, regardless of their political leanings, are pretty level headed. It's when you get them into a group that it becomes a problem (mob mentality, herd conformity, deindividuation, etc.). The problem I see with a lot of departments (and you'll notice it too, if you look hard enough) is with police unions. Police unions are great when it comes to benefits and salary. They're terrible when it comes to retaining officers that have no business being there. A great deal many officers that shouldn't be there get to keep their jobs because they have uni
  13. No, that isn't what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that if people have access, legally or illegally, to military grade weaponry, then I should have the ability to match force with force. Riot gear and tear gas are pretty much mandatory when an assembly becomes a mob. I'm not going to get a brick to the face because my appearance is unsettling to some. As for the 2nd Amendment, I want more people to own guns because the majority are lawful and not violent.
  14. Respectfully, the Bible and the Qur'an are not law within the United States. This is another area of disagreement I have with Islam, though that's for another topic.
  15. And what happens when the citizens are using military equipment against us? Stand by for hours and wait until the National Guard shows up? That's exactly what happened at Columbine (though in this case, it was the SWAT team, rather than the military).
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