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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. His point of view is that we don't have the processing power that a computer has. His argument is that we already have a symbiotic relationship with our devices. He wants to increase neural processing power.
  2. Imagine looking at something and processing it as fast as a Google search. That's what he's proposing. See also his comments on Joe Rogan.
  3. Personally, I don't really understand it. It seems that people simultaneously hold two different diametric ideas: "Appropriating other cultures is wrong." "Diversity and multiculturalism is a great thing." People can't honestly expect multiple cultures in close proximity to each other (the world, these days due to the internet) to not start overlapping and beginning to blend together. Take a look at ancient Alexandria.
  4. That statue is actually Baphomet, not Satan, though it's easy to get the two confused. What's funny is that Baphomet is the idol that the Templars were accused of worshipping. One of the prevalent theories is that "Baphomet" is a corruption of the Latinized "Mahomet." It's possible the Church thought the Templars were worshipping an idol but were actually Muslim converts.
  5. You know, the whole stereotypical Muslim shtick. "The streets will flow red with the blood of the non-believers" and all that. Though I've also noticed that Reddit tends to be a little less friendly.
  6. I haven't been called an infidel or a kafir even once. I'm very disappointed. I enjoy it. I spend more time reading old threads than anything else since I'm not knowledgeable enough to speak on religious matters.
  7. They're complimentary, not the same thing. But, they're also not exclusive to each other. Romance can increase love and love can bring you to want to romance. Romance is the "walking on air" feeling for the first 3-6 months. It starts to wear off after that. Romance can bring that feeling back for a short while.
  8. If you can't romance your spouse, why are you with them? Sex? Children? Contrary to popular belief, marriage doesn't exist just as a pressure valve where you can FINALLY have sex. You've just relegated your spouse to the same status as a sex toy. What're you going to do when your toy can tell you it doesn't feel like it? Or it's sick? In the Christian Church, marriage is a vocation just like Holy Orders (becoming a priest or nun). There's a reason it's a vocation and a sacrament. Because it's hard to do and difficult at times.
  9. In this thread, it looks like a lot of you are making the mistake of equating love with romance. I've been married twice. I've been with my current wife for 10 years. Statistically, we're an anomaly in the west. We're the weirdos. Love is not romance. Romance is bringing your wife flowers for no reason other than they're her favorite. Romance is intimate dinners in low light conditions. Romance is walks on the beach just after the sun goes down. Love is saying you're sorry, even when it isn't your fault. Love is listening to your wife snore, keeping you awake. It's knowing when to pick your battles. It's knowing that she's gained weight but you still tell her she's beautiful. A good marriage will not bring you constant happiness. Couples that act perpetually happy in front of people are usually hiding something. A good marriage will, however, bring you a simple joy that always exists in the background. My wife has made me mad enough to want to leave her plenty of times. For some reason, I still want to be her husband. That's love. (Note: As I said, I've been married twice, so I'd only trust 50% of what I say.)
  10. Also, the New Testament has the best prayer ever for an agnostic. I have yet to find its equal and it's only two phrases. I dunno if it has an actual name. I call it the agnostic's prayer:
  11. My favorite is the book of Job. It sounds scandalous to some Muslims from what I've read here and there, but something like this: ...can help you when you're a teenager and you feel like the world is against you.
  12. I have resting mean face, so I just learned to accept that I naturally frown all the time. The few times I tried to act happy, it ended up being more awkward than me frowning.
  13. It's an interesting phenomenon. Muslims, seemingly, straddle the fence and appear like they could go either way. I guess I'm the odd man out on this board. I lean more right than left.
  14. You mean Israel vs Iran? That's what that war would be. A proxy war for Israel. It would mean the destruction of ancient Persia, a venerable civilization. It would also potentially mean the destruction of the United States. The republic I love and call home, all so John Bolton's mustache will be happy.
  15. In his defense, perhaps there was a wasp or something on the picture and he was trying to kill it before it stung someone.
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