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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Simply being good representatives isn't going to be enough. Sikhs can be good representatives, Hindus can be good representatives, and Buddhists can be good representatives. You'll have to start by explaining how original sin doesn't exist in Islam, thus no need for a savior. That's the entire point of the incarnation, to defeat death with death. Read On the Incarnation by Athanasius of Alexandria. That's the book that defeated Arius.
  2. I know. Look at how evil these creatures are. Practically demonic. I wish you guys luck in spreading Islam to Southern Americans. Good luck telling a bunch of country boys they can't own dogs as pets.
  3. If Trinitarian theology doesn't sit well because it isn't logical, then don't ever read Thunder, Perfect Mind. The first time I read that, I almost physically fell over.
  4. That still doesn't make sense. If Jesus is a messenger, mentioned in the Qur'an, then what is the point of learning who he was, that he brought a Kitab of guidance, that his mother was holy, etc., if it's just merely there to make mention of? It seems like a waste of tradition to me. It would probably be more palatable to Christians who want to convert if they could keep the prayers that their families have taught them for centuries. Is everyone supposed to take down the framed needlepoint Bible verses that their grandmothers made them? I could completely understand this argument for people that came after Muhammad, Baha'u'llah, for example. Not saying Baha'I prayers would completely make sense.
  5. See, topics like this confuse me. I'm not trying to be an off-topic troll, but this is completely inconsistent. You can "add" the line about Ali in the Adhaan, even though it was never said during the time of Muhammad. But if Sunnis add "Prayer is better than sleep," that's a bidah? Is it because it's bidah, or is it because it's bidah added by Umar?
  6. Sorry for the late reply. This sickness has had me busy. I can understand that an "act of worship" could be off limits, same as adding in turning to the left and right during salat, since salat is a formal act of worship. The Hail Mary prayer and the Beatitudes aren't acts of worship. They're more devotionals. Intercessory prayer is allowed in Shi'ism, from what I can see. As long as nothing violates La illaha il Allah - Muhammad ar-Rasulallah, I don't see why it matters. People say their own personal du'as all the time. Jesus was a messenger, David was a messenger... just because the Bible and the Psalms are said to be corrupted, that doesn't mean that every single word in them is corrupt. I have a very difficult time finding the dividing lines between bidah, ijtihad, and fiqh, to be honest.
  7. I don't get the concept of bidah. I understand that it means innovation but what exactly does it mean and where does it stop? Does Islam allow for personal or cultural expression of faith? Or is everything that wasn't done during the time of Muhammad bidah? I was listening to a YouTube video (Mufti Menk, I think). He told the story of a recent convert to Islam of about 3 months. She had on a necklace or rosary, I believe, with some Arabic on it. Some guy walked up to her and told it was haram and bidah. He then ripped the necklace off of her and threw it in the trash. Sunnis say that Shi'as who strike their chest and mourn Karbala are committing bidah. Shi'as say that Sunnis who say AMEEN and do wudhu differently and do group Qur'an readings during Ramadan (I think?) are committing bidah. If I were Muslim and I were to say the Hail Mary prayer (changed from Mother of God to Mother of Christ), is this bidah? If I were Muslim and I chanted the Beatitudes, is this bidah? What about the Psalms? What is bidah?
  8. The Shi'a don't trust the Sunni hadiths. The Sunnis don't trust the Shi'a hadiths. The Qur'anists don't trust ANY hadiths for their own reasons. How is someone like me supposed to definitively know which tradition's orthopraxy and narratives are more reliable? NOTE TO MODS: I'm not sure if this should be here or the jurisprudence section
  9. From an outside perspective, It's things like this that will cause converts to hesitate, among other things.
  10. You could always do Robert. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_of_St._Albans Of course, Gabriel is a good name, too, I mean... I'm just saying...
  11. His point of view is that we don't have the processing power that a computer has. His argument is that we already have a symbiotic relationship with our devices. He wants to increase neural processing power.
  12. Imagine looking at something and processing it as fast as a Google search. That's what he's proposing. See also his comments on Joe Rogan.
  13. Personally, I don't really understand it. It seems that people simultaneously hold two different diametric ideas: "Appropriating other cultures is wrong." "Diversity and multiculturalism is a great thing." People can't honestly expect multiple cultures in close proximity to each other (the world, these days due to the internet) to not start overlapping and beginning to blend together. Take a look at ancient Alexandria.
  14. That statue is actually Baphomet, not Satan, though it's easy to get the two confused. What's funny is that Baphomet is the idol that the Templars were accused of worshipping. One of the prevalent theories is that "Baphomet" is a corruption of the Latinized "Mahomet." It's possible the Church thought the Templars were worshipping an idol but were actually Muslim converts.
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