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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It may be considered morally wrong in private, though I would like to know what makes you think so, (also where did come the rule in scripture that kissing in public is wrong? This kind of ruling depends on the society you live in or does it not?) however, Sharia is not particularly interested in what people do in private. Even homosexuality is essentially so condemned because of the public side. In my opinion this has something on it that may relieve the pressure of some people who go against the norms in private, but it also gives the entire society a strange substance which I can't quite explain. Some kind of a willful denial. I'm not sure what you mean, but there were women and all besides for the household or Lut were distroyed. The women had supported the men's sins and committed their own as can be seen from Lut's wife's behaviour (she was clearly a disbeliever, immoral and disloyal). That's okay. Let's leave uniquely out and just say feminine and masculine. To force someone to be more feminine or more masculine than what they naturally are is abusive. I have heard a generally Conservative and yet homosexuality opposing scholar say it is okay to have the characteristics.
  2. No. That seems to be the first issue. The gender roles are strongly defined by the culture in Islamic countries,but less by Islam. There is no way for me to stress this enough. Yet I'm not sure what your point was with that. It is not wrong for Muslim man to have feminine qualities about him. Nor for a woman to have masculine qualities.
  3. The word "symbol" being rather vague, "Something that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention, especially a material object used to represent something invisible. n. An instance that typifies a broader pattern or situation." from wordnik I won't directly object to your choice of calling the Qur'an a symbol (of Allah?). But I don't find it recommendable. A Muslim is encouraged to avoid anything doubtful. Setting a symbol for Allah is doubtful, and to do so, even by something so magnificent as the Qur'an, can only limit Allah in speech.
  4. They weren't just having sex. They were according to many views having sex publicly, shamelessly and raping other men. How do you know this "never been done before" refers to sex and not to all those other things, or moreover, to all those things combined. Surely, there is no evidence here to say there was no homosexuality before that.
  5. You mean homosexual acts? (Or some even say it refers simply to anal sex rather than sex overalls) But based on what? The Christians said that too for a long time, now they've began to reconsider. I'm not saying it's right or wrong. I really don't know. But I see the issue and its investigation as something much more complicated than that. You should not follow blindly what the scholars say. What if they are wrong? Everyone will be responsible for their own sins even if they have been fooled into committing them. Forbitting what is lawful is an sin and here would count as oppression (of other Muslims as well).
  6. I'm not an expert but I think if the genes mutate they don't de-mutate back. Nevertheless, there is no scientific basis whatsoever to expect that there is human's-fault reason for ever mutation in the world. Including animals.
  7. Selam alaikum, I'm not sure why you say you 'failed miserably'. Having patience when Allah tests you does not mean being perfect in this material life or having everything go well for you. The core of it, as far as I know, is to not fall into haram action and moreover, into a haram lifestyle as a consequence. One thing that I recommend you to be careful about is assessing your problems as it is extremely common for people to say they are stressed out because of this and that in their life, such as a lot of work or school or children, but the answer may as well be found in something completely different that one never really ever stopped to think of. With social anxiety you should try (but if you live in the middle of nowhere it may not be possible/easy) to get treatment for it. And if the reason for this mental anguish is connected with being secluded from fellow Muslims, or other opportunities then you might even consider moving. I hope you find ways to make your tasks easier for yourself soon.
  8. There is no symbol and no one can invent such a thing. The end, unless you wish to cross over to shirk.
  9. People can't be trained to be gay as far as science and sociological research shows. It could serve humanity on many ways, by uniting them for instance. It's your opinion about the words of Allah and you may support it by presenting those particular words and explaining how they led you to believe so. He was referring to the women in the city. Calling them "my daughters" was normal and in fact still can be if the person speaking has authority. The story has not changed ever, but is often represented in a specific light to serve the purposes of individuals and communities. Where does this idea come from? Lut doesn't anywhere say "you can have any 'daughter of mine' as you wish, I don't care what they say". This is making a huge assumption.
  10. Similar verse is found in Al-Ankaboot verse 28 followed there by (literal translation) : "Indeed, you approach the men, and you cut off the road and commit in your meetings evil?" And not was (the) answer (of) his people except that they said, "Bring upon us (the) punishment (of) Allah if you are of the truthful." They were guilty also of robbery, of rejecting and insulting the Prophet, and most remarkably of committing acts of sex publicly, which in Islam is forbitten to all. Apparently this sexual acts also included rape.
  11. I doubt that can be answered by man except with speculation. Usually they are described as a test. Down syndrome for instance is known to be common and yet occurring without any apparent reason (according to my little knowledge of it). for instance if we think Allah didn't make the genetic mutations, for sure Allah created genes and the fact they can mutate could not have been an accident. And if there is a hidden reason behind it which causes this to happen to certain people, it is by the will of Allah.
  12. I'm referring to the Christian apologetics and other significantly religious people. But they don't make most of Christians of course. I echo still, most Christians have never read the Bible and they're not planning on reading it. Here is one statistic board; 20% of Americans have read the entire Bible at least once. And that of course does not mean that they follow it. https://lifewayresearch.com/2017/04/25/lifeway-research-americans-are-fond-of-the-bible-don’t-actually-read-it/ Christians fight among each other as well. Which may balance the world. I don't want to generalise.
  13. It doesn't sound right that there would be such a period of time. Allah knows everything. There is no need for/no use of excuses for mistakes or sins.
  14. Quality is what I thought too. Population is growing and travelling gets easier all the time. But do the Muslims become more religious? Or less religious?
  15. Aware of what truth and inform about what? What kind of foot hold do the Shia preachers want?
  16. This cannot be true. Look at the story of Yunus in the Qur'an for instance.
  17. It certainly makes since we are still under the command of Allah in Jannah. However, Allah says there will be no unseemly things in Jannah, such as envy or bitterness, so naturally there should be mocking either. And besides He says that on Jannah the people will have whatever their souls desire. It doesn't go well hand in hand with "taking orders". The ayah is possibly speaking to the disbelievers as a warning more than to the believers as of the conditions of Jannah, possibly.
  18. Anything that people create are created by Allah. God creates people we know as having 'genetic problems'. There is no scientific proof that a homosexual can become so simply because of society. Which is why the common "fear of homosexuality and contamination" is absurd.
  19. Where does it say so exactly? When the Qur'an says such abominations have not been done before, it does not refer to homosexuality alone - some even say it doesn't refer to homosexuality at all. But most agree that it doesn't refer to it alone. They committed many other sins.
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