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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Speechless, these are just the production of US Media and warmongers.
  2. Happy Independence Day to all people of Pakistan from a Pakistani, I hope that one day we will achieve our objective of Making Pakistan Truly an Islamic State which follows Islamic Principles of equality, brotherhood and unity. Love you Pakistan. Enjoy this National song.
  3. Brother, you should never lose hope in finding out answers of your questions. There isn't any perfect truth except God. Many philosophers and scientists reached to conclusion that there has to be an intelligent one who keeps balance and regulate affairs two examples of this are Leibnz and Einstein. While searching for truth you be tested with: 1. Restivity, and 2. Wrong thoughts But, its solution lies in being Patient and thinking about the properties of problem itself. This will help you to find your way back to Allah (عزّ وجلّ). I wish you good luck.
  4. You converted ? I thought you were born syed.
  5. https://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235060867-discord-server/?tab=comments#comment-3194291
  6. However, it should be proper to bring those people to court with evidence so that these kind of lame excuse shall not be used to protect any criminal.
  7. The manajat which I copied above is not targeting at any person but confessing of own weakness as far as I know from the words.
  8. Indeed, it is a huge grief, however, Our Aimah, never forsaken the Eid prayer and never forbade to come to their house for greetings. It is day of unity and brotherhood, and it should celebrated as Imam (عليه السلام) did.
  9. If I were you, I wouldn't have stopped.
  10. Very very strange answer brother
  11. I just am really against such portraits which are propagated that it's Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) or Mola Abbas (عليه السلام) just because they didn't liked to be depicted for a good reason.
  12. Anything that's going to be taken by people as real depiction of Holy personalities is haram. Other than that it's fine.
  13. Same as that of Al-Islam.org. Art is haram when it is used for bad purposes or when there is slight chance that it is going to be taken for wrong purpose. Otherwise not.
  14. As regards status of Imam Ali (عليه السلام), Prophet (PBUHHP) said: "O! Ali, no one knows you except Allah (عزّ وجلّ) and Prophet (PBUHHP)". I would like to say that we are not to think about what Imams are made of or about their creation, It is secret known to Allah (عزّ وجلّ). It is not less than miracle that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) wore lighter clothes in Winter and heavier clothes in Summer, even then he was not perturbed by those things. He never was wearied in wars. Allama Muhammad Iqbal said to himself "Iqbal bhi Iqbal say Agha Nahin hain, Kuch iss main tamskhar nahin, Wallah Nahin hai" (Iqbal is not aware of Iqbal himself, that is not joke, I swear it is not joke). Let us leave Ahlebait (عليه السلام) and talk about what they talked about. Neither you nor I know what they were. And, it may happen that while you talk about them, either you lower his beings or make exaggerations in it. Alams and Ziyarat are symbols, when we pray facing them, it is like we pray facing kabatullah, because Kabatullah is also sign of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) and not real house of Allah (عزّ وجلّ). Like we face Kabatullah and have Allah (عزّ وجلّ) in minds, when we face towards Alam and Ziyarat, we have Mola Abbas (عليه السلام) and Imams in our sights. We use them by saying that Ya Allah! this is the sign of your great one who gave his entire life for you, commemorating those pure personalities besides their symbols,we ask you with their intercession, you fulfill our such and such dua. About Hazrat Abbas (عليه السلام), the correct way of prayer should be that O! Hazrat Abbas (عليه السلام) intercede on my behalf and pray to Allah (عزّ وجلّ) that He (عزّ وجلّ) give me son. However, if a person do not want to learn the correct way, then it is matter of Hazrat Abbas (عليه السلام), Allah (عزّ وجلّ) and that man. Sajda is haram except if they do with the intention that it is to Allah (عزّ وجلّ) for thanks. There are some people who are spreading Nusairiyat, and reading books, is not proof that they are right. If people put garlands to Ziayarat what wrong is in it ? Ziayrat are symbols and they can be taken care of and flowers can be laid before them to respect the Martyred ones as world do lay flowers in commemoration of those who are killed due to terrorist attack and what is wrong in crying near symbols for the person who was associated with that sign ? Is it forbidden to remember the one who is been commemorated by the symbol ?
  15. It means that our presence depends on the presence of God while God's presence is independent of someone else presence.
  16. It is of government. It has all the resources and power to restructure a society. They could have done it before the problem had started at the first place. At first, the problem of Extremist is not due to India and Pakistan but because of Russian occupation of Afghanistan. Northern Alliance was also too stubborn to ally themselves with Pakistan. So, the then government thought that it would be better to create a new entity who would keep Indian influence out of Afghanistan and Pakistan do not have to fight two wars. So, mistakes were done by everybody in this region of Asia. As regards this, they might be drinking alcohol and having illicit relationships in your country, but in Pakistan, it is still a bad thing and people often detest such persons and keep distance from such things while in India, many Modern Muslims do not consider such thing as bad rather normal and those who consider it bad are living miserably which are than taunted with slogans whenever they say that people are oppressed in Kashimir that "Why not you go to Pakistan".
  17. Well, when you are hurt constantly, you fight better and I believe that a war that finishes all battles is better than waiting for war to come. It is the fear of economy that has been the reason of such a long wait for Kashmir issue.
  18. As a Muslim, we believe that God is more present than Jesus himself. And, we believe that God is more present than we are. We believe that our cognitive abilities and actions are only because Allah (عزّ وجلّ) is ordering us to do so, if Allah (عزّ وجلّ) wishes, I will die without even blinking. We do not say that God was present in fire, rather we say that God conversed to Hazrat Moses (عليه السلام) through fire. or Allah (عزّ وجلّ) talked to Moses (عليه السلام) through trees. and When we said God talked, we do not say that it is His original voice, no one has heard his original voice, voice itself is a medium, if Allah (عزّ وجلّ) wants, He puts messages into hearts of his beloved ones and they understand it.
  19. Same user name, Isaam but I left will join tomorrow. Insha-Allah. Username Flying_Eagle
  20. Talking about Pakistan, that is the mismanagement of the Government. Tribal System has never done any good thing except that it brings chaos in the society, and it is not only in Tribal Areas but in many areas of Punjab and Sindh where tribalism has brought civil disturbance and primitive tribal law has been destroying many lives, where is in the time of Prophet (PBUHHP), no any tribe had the audacity to cause civil distrubance and have its own law. So, these kinds of things are due to incapable leaders who have no regard for Islamic values. Talking about Muslims working in bollywood, tell me how many of those Muslims pray one time or have not touched Alcohol or any of them have no affair with a Hindu girl. Knowing that religion forbids it. Like Muslims in foreign countries are living a difficult life where they have to deal with lot of mockery and racism due to being Muslim, Muslims of India also suffer such thing. And, as we are Muslims, I think that those areas where Muslims have similar culture and values should live together for their security lies in their unity. And When Imam al Mehdi (عليه السلام) will come all of Muslims Countries would have the status of Provinces and their Union as Muslim State. So, we are not separate. Let us not bring nationalism into our ranks.
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