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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Is it implying to the weakness of children that they think they know but they don't know? If I'm wrong please clarify to me its meaning.
  2. Elder's bad habit of not sharing to youth confidential information. Explanation: - some time elder family member think that this lad is havoc, he may not do something terribly wrong. Yeah it may be because they are young but you dont know for sure. And, elders shouldn't thing all lads are emotional and will act without calculations. Some are way older than you that you won't understand. Btw, you aren't gonna hide it forever there is intermission period of judgement day. Please share with you children dont be coconut.
  3. You and I have one thing common. We both are sticky. Otherwise, you are better.
  4. This is I accepted. And pride, astahfurllah. With pride comes trials.
  5. Let me correct my self, I meant by hadith source. Sorry for that.
  6. Well, it is confirmed by traditional figures another source huh.
  7. I gave you that huge dictionary source. And I'm the problem. There isnt anyone like me. I'm single piece.
  8. I forgive you brother. You think whatever you like. I don't have anything against you in my heart. My little cute bro.
  9. I showed you a dictionary meaning and gave you source where is says it was Hallow in edged. And, you are refusing. Bent on asking for forgiveness.
  10. If I start assuming, I can say many things but assumptions in religion is forbidden. It is, however, allowed in investigating a crime in a law court.
  11. If you read about zulfiqar, it says that small scallops in the edge. That I posted last.
  12. Interesting is to read about meaning. The aforementioned event is disapproved that it was used by any other person. Traditions are that it descended upon Prophet (Pbuhhp).
  13. http://www.tyndalearchive.com/TABS/Lane// A double edged sword. Fqr meaning half at two places. Arabic dictionary.
  14. I have not even cracked my fingers to start for this topic bro let me research.
  15. Mashoor thing should not violate logic that's condition.
  16. Let's say there is no hadith mentioning its structure so does it prove that you are right ? I don't think so. There is another thing in islamic law called mashoor. Anything which is widely accepted as true unless denied by an explicit hadith or Quranic verse, is held as true. It may be that people missed or lost the hadith about its structure but they didn't forget the text. This is one answer for other unwilling try to find a hadith. Meanwhile you find a hadith which contradicts double edged sword.
  17. Wait for sometime. I reply you after I do sit ups at night
  18. Hadith are transmitted by pious people, they transmitted what they saw. You on other hand, is a believer too but you make assumptions about thing which you didn't see. Preference in religion is to be given to transmission and not assumptions in religion.
  19. One can believe in the testimony of the pious who have seen things then speech of a pious which is nothing but an assumption.
  20. Dhul and faqar has many meanings in arabic. So, let us accept the popular view until Imam Mehdi corrects it or disapproves it.
  21. Qur'an says that do not visit people in afternoon and at night during time of rest because it may be they are having rest. This probably implies that a person might be resting without his shirt on. However, the morals teach us alot. A Muslim may feel shame even because of Allah's name in mobile attribute to man. And, therefore, such shame prevents him from sleeping with only undergarment on. You can sleep without shirt but shouldn't sleep just with lower body undergarment, wear a soft trouser and sleep.
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