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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Send me link of the Discord channel you are using Isaam.
  2. Muslims brought new culture and good changes. Although there were bad Muslim monarch too. I don't know why they portray Muslims as backward extremist bigots while they are sending same message to the world that they are backward, jealous having sense of deprivation by such portrayal.
  3. that is also one of my reason lolz
  4. Every person of my country who says that we love Islam but when said ok so why not you support "honesty, fairness and equal rights", they say: "it is in the system". So, who the hell is part of system ? Why don't you people change before God change you and you be beaten in graves.....
  5. If this be the case, then it would be great crime for which even Pakistan would be held accountable.
  6. Army Men then pilot, then Robin Hood but Islam says Robin Hood is not good, so, now aiming to become a good Muslim.
  7. British attempt or Hindu Mindset ? Nehru disagreed to give due rights to Muslims in the constitution which was the major cause of this division. He thought may be it will be impossible for Muslims to run a new state, however, they did not thought that they were new too, in their country. Kashmiris know that Muslims of India do not have such rights as Muslims of Pakistan. I have seen white beard man being slapped on to the face just for the sake of Cow meat and youth strangled onto trees. Haven't you seen most of Indian films, in which if they portray a Muslim as terrorist, they will portray them in the dress of Muslims residing in their own country. Besides, you have to see what is the wish of the people, the people of Kashmir think that they are better with Pakistan than India.
  8. You just heard one side, did not learn another opinion. On 3rd June 1947, Lord Mountabatten announced a partition plan for Pakistan and India in which it was stated that every state has to arrange a referendum in which vote of the population would decide which side they want to join. Kashmiris wanted to join Pakistan because they have one major commonality with Pakistan that they are Muslims. One of the journalist covering independence rallies, Mr.. Richard Symonds says: "As August (1947) and the e partition of India drew near, there were many meetings and demonstrations in Poonch in favor of Kashmir joining Pakistan". The wish of Maharaja is not the wishes of the people. He was a Hindu and obviously wanted to be with Hindus. If wishes of the rulers were to be taken into account than the rulers of Hyderabad, Junagadh and Jodhpur wanted to accede to Pakistan. This shows that case of India is weak, If I were the ruler of Pakistan, I would have really struck a war with India.
  9. No brother, we haven't occupied it, they have their own political order and acting like a state of Pakistan. However, since they are Muslims, they have ceded to Pakistan for security purpose. You can visit Kashmir and you will see Kashmiris happy with Pakistan.
  10. Besides, Iran wouldn't be asked about Iman of Kashmiris, they will answer themselves. The question which will be asked by Iranians and all Shias, why didn't you hate oppression even if it be against innocent unbeliever.
  11. brother, it doesn't matter if its palestine or Kashmir, everywhere there are kids and women and innocent men, there are very less people who follow propagandas.
  12. Ya Rab! I never claimed that I am your absolute obedient, neither I say that I fulfill rights of my family and those around me. But, at least I keep a heart that hates my wrongdoing and is afraid of your punishment and your rejection. I am faqir in the world of piety, having no wealth to spend except remorse at my disobedience and I have always been keeping my eyes on the rich among the pious with eyes like that of a beggar who looks at the rich only if he pay attention to me and give me some from what you have granted him. I am disaster for myself, sinner who has no hope in himself. Several times you have saved me from my own mistakes yet I am not learning to be obedient. Who will help me if not you, while I have no hope in your creation among whom everyone is a player vying for their vested interests becoming trial for each other to ascertain what is his peer ? Sinner trying to find more sinners to appease his heart that he is not the only sinner and boastful good-doer trying people so that he can boast that no one is more righteous than him. I am one who say that I am absolute sinner mourning over my sins and biting my own hands as to why wasn't I much enlightened at the first place. Will you make me your humble servant, Ya Rab! knowing that I am a sinner yet I repent and feel bad and detest myself. Please forgive me for the sake of Ahlebait (عليه السلام).
  13. Kashmir is a Muslim state being occupied by the Indians, it has same status as that of Palestine except that It is not that much occupied. I wish that we have at least one war with India over this, they will never understand until they cry for their loved once when they die before them.
  14. So, you meant to say that God was contained by the fire, and God was contained by the Jesus ? Do you say that fire and Jesus were so strong to contain God within themselves ?
  15. I will tell you quote of Imam Ali Reza (عليه السلام) who is our Master and Imam, he says referring to those who did not believed in the Wilayah of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) rather considered him as Companion of Prophet (PBUHHP): "They are Muslims, however, they will not attain to the status of Momin, until they believe in the Wilayah of Imam Ali (عليه السلام)".
  16. very well brother, you are really not in mood of telling me. so, I will not disturb you.
  17. no I cannot ignore please tell me
  18. All praise be to Allah (عزّ وجلّ).
  19. could not understand please can you make it non-idiomatic for me. I am not good at idioms or puns
  20. How is a personal God more closer as compared to impersonal God ? I rather think of it as a weakness that human-being always want to comprehend thing according to his own aspiration although he knows that there are different ways of seeing things some things are seen with the intellect and some have physical appearance even among creation. So, why does human is obstinate to contain which is see-able through intellect into physical appearance.
  21. Question is why those people think it to be better than impersonal God ?
  22. I see. If God is personal, it is fully described as it is thought of like a creation having a body and limitations, and is known as well as comprehensible. While impersonal God is known but not comprehensible, you have not seen Him and nor do you know about Him absolutely, hence, you cannot put into limits as opposed to personal God. Even if you say that impersonal God is known to be incomprehensible, you cannot say to which extent He is incomprehensible yet his in-comprehensiveness is beyond your thought.
  23. Define personal and impersonal God concept and then someone can answer you.
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