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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hmmm you have read about Prophet (PBUHHP) better than Ayotullah Seestani, I doubt that. For a person such as you who thinks that Ayotullah khoi iss less knowledgeable about classical fuqha than you and who considers Ayotullah Seestani to be less knowledgeable than him what can I say? You brother, i suggest that open a seminiary and rant about your knowledge, no one is going to be your disciple except those who have lost their way. I can show you many Marajas who recite tashud which is being normally read. And, you should better go such Ayotullahs as wrong, we will gladly listen to you and I wi
  2. Well bro, I have no words for a man who considers himself more knowledgeable than existing all Marajas who had a consensus on Tashahud. You are not a Mujtahid bro, and you have no authority to reject Ayotullah khoi without knowing his complete answer. If you are that much convinced why not go to Ayotullah Seestani and obtain a fatwa that you are right and make a video. If you refuse, it means you are aware of your weaknesses and therefore giving pleas for it. For that I am sure that you will find a plea to refuse.
  3. Three qualities of an Alim are similar to Camel, he stores knowledge in his brain like camel stores food in his hump; he recognizes the source of knowledge like Camel recognizes source of water and he his feet never sinks into desert of infidelity like feet of camel never slips into desert.

  4. Sometimes, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) delays his mercy to establish evidence against believers and unbelievers as to who remained patient and good-doer.

  5. A virtuous man will not take liability of leaving bad children for which he will be constantly tormented in his grave. Children can both be goodness and punishment. So, he be cautious about it lest his children be such that they kill others and do bad deeds. So, the day the girl change herself in accordance with the teachings of Allah through her acts, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) would put her love in somebody's heart.
  6. If a good man find her actions to be in accordance with her faith, he may ignore her past. The only problem for the virtuous man is that he doesn't want his children to be raised by a female of bad-habits because there is no other wealth he leaves behind except his charity and virtuous children. That's a wealth for afterlife.
  7. How would such a girl guarantee her "husband to be" not to repeat it again or she has changed completely?
  8. Imam Hussain's martydrom is a seal upon the truthfulness of Islam.

  9. Imam-e-Zamana (عليه السلام) corrects his disciples but their eyes don't see him, he is blessing of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) praise be to Him who waters the barren land, while thinkers think it cannot be fertile again.

  10. You can give testimony in poetry too, it's most attractive and easy to remember. If you say that Imam said you recite what is best then how could you rule out poetry not to be best? I'm trying to say that if that hadith is Sahih where Imam said recite what is best. Then a layman like you should not interpret this hadith and start reciting poetry or whatever comes to his mind. But ask scholars who know that Quran says:"Quran is not poetry but its words of Allah". And also says:"learn from those who know". So, you learn from narrators what is meant by "best". The "best" here means "not p
  11. I am no one to elevate or reduce position among the great scholars. End note is that Ayotullah khoi had more knowledge than Imtiaz Sahab, me and you. And his argument is based on extensive research work. First you said that Imam asked to recite what is best and when I told you that will you recite poetry, you say there are hadith saying that Imams read up to Aliyun Aliyun waliullah. It means you are not agreeing with that hadith because it fails to logic ? Right. After that I will answer further.
  12. Tashud is taken from Shahid meaning testimony. If you say that Imam allowed you to say any best words make a poetry about tauheed and Risalah and Wilayah and read it in Tashud, it's best gift from you. No? About Imtiaz kazmi Sahab, Its not my concern that he is usuli or not, Ayotullah khoi is usuli too. You feel no pain for saying him that he should be rejected while he is mujtahid. Why would I feel anything for imtiaz Sahab, he is not even close to Ayotullah khoi in religious degree. You can find many hadith which mention that Imams recited Tashud up to what is being said by majori
  13. Now you are desperate and confused, the moment you realize you are wrong. Imtiaz Abbas kazim never goes to Mujtahids and corrects them, if a person is really true in his claim, he should challenge mujtahids if he really want to guide ummah. Thus, avoiding challenge, makes me think that his claims are meant to pervert simple man like you. Even if Kashi says that Ashab ul ijma think this hadith to be correct, there are other ahadith that contradict this hadith and they are held correct too. When a situation arises that two contradicting hadith are held Sahih, the onus is on log
  14. So you mean that Jesus was meant by son like normal human beings were meant? And by son is meant one who is under the care of God and not truly a son of God.
  15. Lolz, wiki is an open source web, every one can write there whatever they want. The views of khoei are in agreement with ijma of all ulemas in this age, and if you were right about your claim, the great number of Mujtahids would not have differed to ijma which you claim. About Allama Abbas kazmi, there are many ulemas in this age that say things that aren't said or meant by our Aaimah such as Jawad Naqvi. So, it doesn't mean they are right about what they say. Brother, about the hadith you mentioned and claims to be sahih if it's in reality Sahih, it means that read the best
  16. You mentioned ijma of Shias, shias or Mujtahids? And about Ayotullah khoi, you have more weight than his statement? Are you mujtahid please show your sanad here. Thirdly, if Imam said recite what is best, for this, shall we look upon what they read or they said read best not from us but what best poetry you can come up with ?
  17. 1. What is meaning of above arabic highlighted text? 2. Did Imam say you can add whatever your heart says is right? 3. Did Imam says Aliyun waliullah? 4. Can you provide the views of same author that there are not other hadith contradicting this hadith, where imams limited Tashud to what is being said by majority 5. Have you exhausted all hadiths to declare the taqlid to be void by proving they are wrong?
  18. I think himanbeings are mentioned in Bible to be children of God. Am I correct?
  19. I don't think that people have really understood what actually means by hurs.
  20. My elder brother @Ashvazdanghe has given you half answer. Iam his sidekick and I have next answer. We will recognize our families in afterlife so dont worry, your memory will not be wiped out.
  21. That can be a valid explanation as well.
  22. Their "Astagfar" is not "repentence" but prayer for "Protection" from enemies of Allah (عزّ وجلّ). ASTAGFAR has many meanings one of the is to "protect".
  23. It means increase in faith and love towards Ahlebait (عليه السلام). bravo brother. Masha-Allah.
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