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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Allah huma salih ala Muhammad wa aal-e-Muhammad wa Ajil Farajahum Ajmaeen.
  2. Well, the wise feels sufficient at what he possesses, sometimes, too much power can be a fuss such as some soldiers would think that they shouldn't feel sleepy while they are patrolling but they never comprehend the conditions of those who cannot sleep due to a neurotic disease, I have seen a female who could not sleep for years yet she does not consider it as a power but as a disaster for her life as she cannot feel refreshing and cries for it. Be sure that your body can take the up-gradation of your brain cells.
  3. No any issue with Nad-e-Ali, It is a dua and can be prayed but the pretending molana who says to pray by imagining Imams is a fake.
  4. lolz, you mean normal children being adopted by people who are not mentally sound and they think that it is ok for a man to marry a man and female to marry a female ? They well catchup a disease which they never had. Still, go to destroy innocent brains.
  5. I have seen plenty of people on the net, you could see pictures where female actresses deliberately dress their boys and adopted boys in girls dressing. Science and Sociological research do have plenty of articles which say that people were nurtured as girls and they became patients of depression and ended into suicide, I would also request you to read those articles as well.
  6. You are guessing right my dear sister, there is an intricate truth hidden behind a pair of male and female that few of Muslims recognize, to put it simply, In Qur'an, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) says: "What could a calf did for the Bani Israel, it never guided them yet they worshipped it". People here can be trained to become cannibals but question is how it serves humanity and same question I ask from those who support gays.
  7. To begin with Biryani, Pakistani and Indian Shia eat biryani but Iranian Shias might not like too much spices as I know, they eat less spices and Biryani is Spice-Heaven. 1. Now to the rest of questions; there are plenty of similarities between Shias and Sunnis, both Shias and Sunnis believe in Prophet (PBUHHP) as last Prophet and love his Ahlebait and companions. However, there is a major difference of as to who is the worthy successor of Prophet (PBUHHP). We Shias have plenty of evidence from Qur'an, Hadith and History that proves that Imam Ali (عليه السلام) should have been paid allegi
  8. Ideal dream at Ideal age. I am envious of you as to how much lucky you are to be you!!!!!. Your dream tells that there is nothing in your thoughts except Ahlebait (عليه السلام) and tells that you have managed to save yourself from evil-effects. Besides, tradition of Prophet (PBUHHP) says: "One of the gifts for a believer in this world, is a beautiful divine dream".
  9. Allah (عزّ وجلّ) does not need symbols that is why He (عزّ وجلّ) made our Prophet break every idol.
  10. eat little and go to toilet before you go outside, it will help you not to run for toilet if you cannot find one.
  11. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) says: "If you love listening to what God says and ponder on issues which are related to religion in good faith, you are actually one who is near to spirituality".
  12. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) says: "Anything which you have listened but not seen, there is strong proof that it can be a lie"....and He says: "What you see, is actually the truth". If you have experienced quantum jumping yourself and you can teach me as to how can I do that without resorting to drugs and heroine, I could really make a further comment.
  13. Well, I would say that even if people don't celebrate along you, you should have to celebrate it with your soul. Eid is not a day but a condition which Imam Ali (عليه السلام) says: "Every day will be an Eid day if you do not sin on that day". Make everyday of your life an Eid day, keep up spirit of Ramadan for the rest of eleven months until the next Ramadan comes.
  14. Shaytan is locked for the one who fasted in the month of Ramadan with its due right and trained himself with the real objective of fasting.
  15. I am waiting for you to continue, will be happy to learn your opinion.
  16. Allah (عزّ وجلّ) does not create gay people, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) do create humans with imperfections but that is only for us to know that we are not perfect and understand our weaknesses and do not put ourselves in his opposition. Let's talk about a normal human-being, I am a normal male but I lack beautiful facial features that may make girls to cut their hands for me like the females of egypt did for Prophet Yousuf (عليه السلام). but since I do not have such quality, am I to change myself into Prophet Joseph ? Everyone would say no and ask me to remain what am I because the disappointment
  17. However, you must constantly ponder as to how many abilities does a human have to see things, it might happen that you get such ability with practice that you could see the one who was absent. However, practice does not mean to falling into bad practice such as believing in magic and deception but skills that Allah (عزّ وجلّ) has granted to human-beings. And, I am sure that by following Allah (عزّ وجلّ), no any Jinn would pass near you nor any angel of mercy will abandon you.
  18. Religiously, there are strong traditions that say that Prophets do see angels. About Jinns, if you read Qur'an, you would see in it Jinns approaching to Prophet Muhammad (PBUHHP) and were amazed to hear the Qur'an from Prophet (PBUHHP).
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