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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Very very pathetic trick which is so common nowadays that everyone makes use of this. Ahmed al Hasan cannot tell the root of its word Ahmed that whether it is from Aramic language or Ibrani language and he is speaking about this hadith. We Shias never run on names but on attributes and that is how we distinguished Allah (عزّ وجلّ) from the rest of idols. Like there were many idols before our Prophet (PBUHHP) spoke about Allah's attributes, there would also be many impostors before our Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) and like our dear Prophet pbuhhp destroyed those idols both logically and physic
  2. Agree, I am one among them probably and pray to Allah (عزّ وجلّ) that He (عزّ وجلّ) may forgive my sins and make me follow Islam with its due right for the sake of Ahlebait (عليه السلام). Ameen
  3. there is nothing strange in it sister the believers at the unbelievers because they tormented them and called them liars, idiots, stupids and oppressed them in their lives. The believers would laugh at unbelievers in happiness that they were truthful in this world and Allah (عزّ وجلّ) proved them right. So, they are not laughing because they are put into hell but they will laugh as what was promised to them has been fulfilled. Tell me a boy or a girl who has studied hard in hot summers and his class fellows mock at him but his teacher says him or her that you will eventually pass with good mar
  4. becoz they don’t find out answers of their questions in Islam and research it as it should have been researched.
  5. You would have been right, If Prophet pbuhhp would have depicted what you are saying in his life. There are other verses which say that do not eat something upon whom name of other than Allah عزّ وجلّ has been taken. Now, you can reject what I am saying and life of Prophet PBUHHP showed and what Qur'an says. If Qur'an shows with whom you can eat, it means it is limiting yourself not to sit often except those people, the reason of this is not with the food but their views that are rebellious. I have seen such liberal Muslims who would second your opinion fallen into making girl friends and alco
  6. If it does not say it then why does not it mention name of unbelievers along with believers ? Since it mentions believers and people of the book, therefore, it says about them and not about unbelievers. However, Prophet (PBUHHP) said: "If a believer speaks lie at three places instead of truth, he would indeed be recording good deeds instead of sins namely 1) for praising her wife's food or praise her, 2) for not telling a fellow Muslim brother the sins of his rivals and 3) to lie for the purpose of reconciliation among two Muslim brothers"..... In this context of food, Ayotullah Sees
  7. Allah's mercy depends on the level of ignorance a person possesses. To illustrate this, I would give some examples: - 1. Prophet (PBUHHP) waived every right arising out of homicide at the last Hajj which was done in pre-Islamic ignorant Arab society. The reason of this is that such hatred had been kept for centuries and it had evolved into tribal rivalry even though generations had passed since the murder or homicide was conducted. This rule, however, would not apply to a person who has murdered and then accepted Islam just to evade punishment for two reasons. Firstly, the person may have
  8. I personally believe that a Muslim should not implies towards a biological weakness or infirmity as his or her being or lower value but Iman. As pointing out towards bodily infirmity is actually implying towards what he or she could not amend but one should speak about their such faults at which they had authority to change but they did not change. Prophet (PBUHHP) was not hurt by Bibi Ayesha or Bibi Hafsa due to their infertility but their lack of obedience.
  9. You do not have to look out for friends for yourself, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) and Ahlebait (عليه السلام) are always around you.
  10. Khuda ko kiya Chahiye ? jo kar dey har maidan fateh, Kia woh sipahi chiye, jo kar de josh barpa, ya woh Zeban chiye, jo ho har zeban say ayan, kia woh nara chiye, Khuda ko yeh nahin chiye! Jis ki dharkan zikr-e-Khuda kare, woh dil chiye, Jis ki soch fikr-e-ilm main rahe, woh demag chiye, jis ka rahe tawakkal par bharosa, woh roh chiye, Jis say aae khulos ki mehak, woh zeban chiye, jis ho al-aman ka sabab, wo wujood chiye, khuda ko faqt band-e-peero-aey kul-Iman chiye!
  11. Allah huma salih ala Muhammad wa Aal-e-Muhammad wa Ajl farajahum Ajmaeen.
  12. lolz, 1) I think the responsibility of feeling deplorable and at the mercy of your partner also rest upon you as well, you have to be confident and strong and take stand like many brave ladies have taken, I have even seen women who fought their husbands and they were beaten but they also beat their husbands lolz, I would not appreciate that but in case if someone's husband is too much ahead then knocking the head doesn't look too bad if it does not kills him. 2) If that would have been the rule, Prophet yousuf (عليه السلام) would not have married Bibi Zuleikha (عليه السلام) but she
  13. My dear sister, there are two big traps of Shaitan that you need to remember while doing two things: 1. When you are going to sin, Shaitan would say: "Allah (عزّ وجلّ) is so merciful, so lets do that sin, you will be forgiven". 2. When you have sinned, Shaitan would say: "Lolz, you have sinned so much that you cannot be forgiven at all". Allah (عزّ وجلّ) is, indeed, merciful but why you take such mercy for granted, it has a limit that is till end of life, you have to let go every sin because we never know when will be our last day so how would a person stand if he dies in midst
  14. can you write the following dua in Arabic, Allaahumj'alnee Min Amri Haadhaa Farajan Wa Makhrajan.
  15. Allah huma salih ala Muhammad wa aal-e-Muhammad wa Ajil Farajahum Ajmaeen.
  16. I think, I could not put it right, there has always been lot of research which aimed at finding ways to stay vigilant for longer times, this was one of the main reason for which coffee was discovered in past history. Coffee can make some people awake for a longer time but it also drains your energy which one would soon find out. I am just telling that improving one thing might have consequences for other abilities.
  17. Well, the wise feels sufficient at what he possesses, sometimes, too much power can be a fuss such as some soldiers would think that they shouldn't feel sleepy while they are patrolling but they never comprehend the conditions of those who cannot sleep due to a neurotic disease, I have seen a female who could not sleep for years yet she does not consider it as a power but as a disaster for her life as she cannot feel refreshing and cries for it. Be sure that your body can take the up-gradation of your brain cells.
  18. No any issue with Nad-e-Ali, It is a dua and can be prayed but the pretending molana who says to pray by imagining Imams is a fake.
  19. lolz, you mean normal children being adopted by people who are not mentally sound and they think that it is ok for a man to marry a man and female to marry a female ? They well catchup a disease which they never had. Still, go to destroy innocent brains.
  20. I have seen plenty of people on the net, you could see pictures where female actresses deliberately dress their boys and adopted boys in girls dressing. Science and Sociological research do have plenty of articles which say that people were nurtured as girls and they became patients of depression and ended into suicide, I would also request you to read those articles as well.
  21. You are guessing right my dear sister, there is an intricate truth hidden behind a pair of male and female that few of Muslims recognize, to put it simply, In Qur'an, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) says: "What could a calf did for the Bani Israel, it never guided them yet they worshipped it". People here can be trained to become cannibals but question is how it serves humanity and same question I ask from those who support gays.
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