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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You present to us about your proof, you are one who is claiming, I asked you four questions: 1. Show any Hadith which Proves that Al-Yamani is called as son of Imam Mehdi. 2. Show in any Hadith that Al-Yamanis name is Ahmed. 3. Show in any Hadith which says that Al-Yamani will live after Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) and will not die before him and will rule after him. 4. And show any Hadith which says that Imam Mehdi's son will appear before him.
  2. Once upon a time a person came to Abu Huraira and said: " I have bought onions and I am having trouble selling it, could you help me ?" Abu Huraira said: "Come at the end of prayer". When prayer ended, he said to people: "O! people, wait and listen from me a valuable hadith. I listened Prophet said: "Whoever will eat onion from the area that outside person has brought will enter in Jannah directly". And hence Abu Huraira's trick become famous both in yellow journalism and Business tricks.
  3. Thanks for sharing, I do not deny nor confirm about 12 Mehdis after Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) but it is a matter of discussion which would only be cleared by Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) himself, the knowledge which is widely accepted among us is of Imam Mehdi's (عليه السلام) arrival. When Imam comes he will explain to us what is to pass after him.
  4. Brother, if you do not want to debate why have you made a post in the first instance ? I am just giving you brief of what you have ignored and it is not that my answer that is problematic, its your question that is limited to one part and ignores all other aspects, You are right, there is too much details to be discussed but for that you do not have much time as you have said that you are not here for debate. From truthful sources that are Prophets and coherence into their teachings and from scriptures and coherence among them. While you have got no proof for your views that they are correct from a recognized known truthful person but humans who have lied and who have made mistakes, My belief and my history has backup of infallible Prophets and their quotes and remarks of their enemies suggest that they were truthful and honest.
  5. 1. You delve much on one side and not on the other side. Let me tell you the history, When Adam (عليه السلام) came to this world, one of his son was killed by the other and was damned. later on, Adam got other sons and they multiplied and when one Prophet left, most of them forgot the religion and begin to earn wealth by illegal means and denied shares of his brothers. So, when the power of oppressors grew, Allah sent another Prophet and he tried to convince them but most of them denied so those who took such relaxation for granted saw their end but some obedient were saved and their children grew and among them some become obedient and some disobedient so this cycle continued. You think that God destroyed whole nation, there remained some who continued human race. It may look game to you as Allah has said in Qur'an: "The life of this world seems a playground to them". because you do not understand that God wanted to give knowledge to His creation as to what is best for them, but to us there are lessons. I do not know why you oversee this purpose. 2. Historically, we are the asset of previous nations to you, those who left this world but delegated their responsibility of today's monotheists, we are their legacy. 3. God did not nip in the bud, because it want to show you that there is no refuge besides God and if you disbelieve in his law, you are going to be destroyed, if there were no signs before you of those who perished for their disobedience you would not have been warned.
  6. Time of 12 Mehdis will come after Imam-e-Mehdi (عليه السلام), When Imam Al-Mehdi (عليه السلام) comes, he will define us about 12 Mehdis, I have read in Hadith books that in the time of Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام), Rijah will occur and first one among them will be Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) and it is latter said that Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) will recite the Janazeh Nimaz of Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) and Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) will reign till his eye brows fell on his cheeks. It is also said, Rasolallah and Imam Ali (عليه السلام) will also rule, So, no one knows whether those 12 Mehdis are Prophet (PBUHHP) and eleven Imams or some other personalities.
  7. My dear brother, I never said that I am perfect human being to answer these questions, I am just trying and if you think I am wrong, I am ready to learn from you, there is no harm in admitting if you correct me.
  8. well, logic is sentence and philosophy is essay. Doesn't make difference. Same formula.
  9. Yes, people compared their religion with Islam and they found it is perfect and that is philosophy to know the reality of things from observations.
  10. lolz, Through Philosophy you find true religion. I do not agree with what you have said.
  11. I think that he is is considering bad-ideas to be philosophy, and he refers to it by saying that philosophy lacks spirituality. He should have said bad-ideas lack spirituality and not true philosophy, The problems which we face today is because we never understood philosophy of Islam. Besides, he was never pondered over Qur'an and Hadith like philosophers would do, he read it with outward eye and made everything halal and haram according to his own intellect and never thought over the words of Qur'an which asks us to think and ponder. Probably, because he did not read books from good scholars and used his own brain or he could not understand it or his teachers distorted philosophy before he began to think upon it
  12. @Noor Taleb It is called as mixed comments, I wrote everything up and down have to correct it
  13. one point lastly, I did not say that you would not choose fire, if you really wanted it. I asked will you choose fire if you knew it ? You said you would not, but if you would. God has not made promise to keep you infallible.
  14. good academic definition of logic, but I have come to know that he used to refute philosophy and philosophers use logic and everything which you have today including literature of any religion which is being defined by its taught in Madrasas and Masajid. Probably, he was not that much oppose to some kind of philosophy, if not all
  15. second part, if you knew about death, I think you would have tried to make most out of worship and would not have come here to benefit us with your thoughts at least, this is quite a reasonable justification for me at least.
  16. That was mistake of Shaitan, that is why he got punishment. All knowledgeable is God. If he would have repented, he would have got relief, and his idiocy was proved when he was kicked from heaven. I do not think you are right about him. God wanted to eliminate his arrogance by humility but he preferred arrogance so did not know humility, you are wrong.
  17. You are welcome, I do not deny that God does what he wants, but if determined that creation may have two ways whether to go into heaven and hell by their choice, God is not to be blamed for it, he provides everything such as guidance and amenities and if someone puts his own wrongdoing upon Allah (عزّ وجلّ), then he must know that he choose it and not God for HIm. I am sure that if you try you will get answers, Insha-Allah, with best wishes.
  18. Problem is that you do not understand our construction. There are three types of creations, one are perfect human-beings like Imams and Prophets by looking them we are convinced that undoubtedly the one who created them must be most perfect than them. However, when creation of God such as Angels look upon us, they say that what a great mess ignorance is and pray for us. So, God's real motive is to teach His creation about His marifah.
  19. Their choices were always between good and best, that is why they are called infallibles.
  20. Ok, this one, if God gives you knowledge of everyone of your affairs, there is no choice to make brother. For example: - You have knowledge of fire that it hurts, will you put hand in it ?
  21. I think, I have addressed you all points within part 2 of my answer. further more: You said that God wants for him goodness, yes Allah (عزّ وجلّ) wants for him goodness but there are 2 goodnesses. 1. Either he accept truth and get into heaven, he got truth and he got reward. 2. Or he does not accept the truth and get into hell, in that case, he will ultimately get one goodness that is truth (eventually on judgement day) but it will be late for him to go into heaven. So, God offers goodness from his part, it is he who choose disgrace for himself.
  22. He refuted Philosphy and made tabligh that it is haram that is why if you ask many people who believe in his school of thought would say Philosophy is haram. What is the way if it is not logic ? You recognize miracles with logic and differentiate who is Prophet and who is ordinary. With logic people became Muslim by believing in the truthfulness of Prophet PBUHHP. And Prophet PBUHHP was not assigned with the task to bring people towards God other than Logic that is Threat and force. Qur'an always says that Prophet was sent for teaching Wisdom, purifying you.
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