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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Allah is qadir with along being wise. Why would he want to become a lesser being which is sign of being unwise ?
  2. Ayotullah Tabatabi is said well that after exhausting all the pleas and questions of unbelievers, jihad can be invoked upon them. Thus, if an unbeliever asks you to show a miracle so that he believe, can you show him? If not then you have authority up to the extent of your capability and it's for Imam-e-Zamana to answer such question and for him to call for jihad in event of rejecting clear signs. Ayotullah Murtaza muthari adopt the approach of child not taking medicine. Albeit, I slightly and respectfully disagree with that because only the parents of child have the right to decide whet
  3. Art is not itself a bad thing nor the drawings are but their use make them bad. You can make human sculpture for education such as teaching medical students how inner body organs look. Paintings are not bad if they tell about a time or culture but when it comes to divine personalities, there are restrictions for them because in past people made pictures and sculptures of their pious and following generations considered them as deities.
  4. I disagree with your answer. You should have said when people love someone, they want to see it so these people have made these pics because of that. However, it is uncertain that our Imams looked like these pics and although one may not argue people for those illustrations as it would bring discord but our own Imams said: "People started making idols of their pious ones so the first generation loved them, next generation bowed before them and even next made sajda to them". So, these pictures shall not be made lest we do same sin.
  5. It's ok sister, just try to focus on your education or career and it will fade away with time. I suppose, these voices increase when you approach and study Islam and offer prayers. Also, it increases due to depression which follows after some mistakes done by a person, I do not mean it by you but explaining basis of such disease. Also, sleep well because it is also related to less sleeping. If you see that you cannot focus on an activity then perhaps you shall get an appointment to psychiatrist.
  6. Imam Ali (عليه السلام) said: "Those to whom message of Islam could not reach, they be decided on the basis of how much humane they are?".
  7. It provides for both phases of a society. Individual is important more than the treasure of the world through whom a society would become holistic.
  8. On my mind is remembrance of my beloved ones those divine and those who cared for me.

  9. 1. Both shias and sunnis are at forefront of anti-imperialism. Zionists are not human and Shias aren't in secret collaboration with them. Is there anything common between them as regards belief or way of life that they might be collaborators? 2. Shias believe that killing any human not only sunnis but any human unjustly and due to evil wishes, is as if killing whole humanity. Taqqayih does not mean lying but it means cutting the cause of fighting between two innocent human beings. 3. Houthis are humans who are made to suffer in their homeland so we shall help every deserving human
  10. Parwardigar main buhut kamzor hon Ahlebait (عليه السلام) k vastey mujhe kabhi tanha na chorna tu janta hai mera koi terey siwa nahin hai, tu hi hai jis ne meri ankhein kholi ab enko shirk say band kar de aur apni azmaton ki taraf mabzool kar de. 

  11. Race and nationality arent problems but culture is which is result of religious and educational differences. That can be a big problem.
  12. @Ejaz If you meant by "they agree", if they believe in forcing into Islam then I'm sure they don't believe in such thing. I'm pretty sure.
  13. I think Wilayat-e-Faqih are more cognizant than me in affairs of religion and I have learnt this through men like them who are transmitters of Quran and Hadith from the day Imam-e-Zamana (عليه السلام) went into occultaion till today. Do you disagree that a liar who is shown truth and proved in Court of law can escape from the sin of his obstinacy? If you don't then Wilayah-e-Faqih don't disagree as well.
  14. @hasanhh We can warn and don't have right over a creation to force it to change its belief. But, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) through his vicegerents after completing His responsibility through miracles and admonitions can issue a threat to accept the truthfulness or get destroyed in which there is no wrong.
  15. If something is proved in a Court of law against a defendant, can he escape justice? Only a Prophet or Imam can threat or back away from threatening just as like all prophets threatened and proceeded with what they were threatened except Prophet (PBUHHP). No one else can threat bro because no one else has authority of miracles. So this does not apply to ordinary muslims.
  16. The fear of your being supreme has locked my tongue, mind, eyes and ears. Your might has paralyzed means to sins. I think not for the fear, I do injustice, I say not for the fear I transgress my limit, I hear not for the fear I be one among sinners, i see not for the fear you ignore me. Perhaps that's what the great ones feared about. 

  17. You said truth brother. May be he meant by Wali, a person being blessed with the help of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) and Ahlebait (عليه السلام). A man of piety and good moral character whose prayers we think had greater chance of acceptance.
  18. The problem of unbelief is that it offers no system for well-being of human kind. Secondly, there may be various reasons for Prophet Suleiman (عليه السلام) to threat Queen of Sheiba: 1. There might be living adherents of Prophet Suleiman (عليه السلام) in the country of Queen of Sheiba who might be treated unjustly; 2. It might be will of Allah (عزّ وجلّ) to convert whole country of Queen Sheiba into monotheism and end social evils of such country which might be affecting the inhabitants of Prophet Suleiman (عليه السلام) culturally. 3. Even if Allah (عزّ وجلّ) wants to convert a
  19. Every boy is lazy I was starting to sleep while i was reading this whole Mom's oppressive schemes, we boys are born lazy. Moms can be dictators sometime but the worst thing is they are so cute and lovely too that we cant live without them. I can live without video games but not without hugging my Mom. So sister, be patient. There can't be anything like your mum, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) never created anything more delicate, cute yet dictatorial creation. Enjoy your mom's attitude rather than complaining about her.
  20. True brother, this is what I said but I will call It being patient and not being monk as Quran says. Nikah is one among wajibat and I know that urge can be too great that's why its allowed to have mutah with non-muslims. The other way possible way I think is that Muslims become imbibed with ghera due to morality lessons so they can't afford their daughters to live a life of temporary wife. However, with non-Muslim woman, you can marry them and deal them with moral teachings of Quran. Don't force them to Islam if Allah (عزّ وجلّ) wills she will know greatness of islam and if she dont then broth
  21. May be I didnt get your question. You mean how can 85% of muslims unaware of religious teachings be wrong? Is that what you mean? No one can judge creation, there can be many good souls among them unaware so for them Imam Ali says:"Every one be judged according to his intellect". Walis cant be ignorant but who knows there is one simple soul who neither harms others nor do bad deeds and improves it day by day, and Allah (عزّ وجلّ) loves him like he loved saints. Keys to heart are with Allah.
  22. I once saw Ayotullah Seestani but the guard was pushing me, was not letting me hug him. And, I didnt have honor to meet Ayotullah khamnei but met Ayotullah Aqeel ul Gharvi. Masha-Allah, I love him so much and eager to meet him. By the way, a Wali in Pakistan recently left this world to meet Ahlebait (عليه السلام). His name was Allama Talib Johri. You can learn from him, walis are not infallible so they may do some little wrongs perhaps like smoking or eating paan if you what paan is. There are varying degrees in Walis like Hazrat Salman (عليه السلام) and Hazrat Abu Zar (عليه السلام) but as far
  23. Brother, if I speak of myself, I am blessed to have not born in west. Secondly, I had strong feelings while I got adult but I prayed to Allah (عزّ وجلّ) that help me to counter it. So, right now Allah (عزّ وجلّ) has favoured me with so many tasks that I hardly think that way and when it happen, I just ignore it because I have to pray daily. I would request those:youths: 1.Just start praying daily and you will get rid of that habit and won't think about committing sins for you can't do five times ghusal and pray. That's what Quran says: "Salah prevents from evil and bad habits".
  24. I have not encountered any wali but yes, a wali is muqalid of anbiya and can do acts just for being safe just as he may not insult belief of people but rather take a rational approach like Prophet Ibrahim (عليه السلام) when he denied heavenly bodies by rational arguments. He may also adopt Taqqiyah to safeguard his dear ones. So, it depends in what situation is he in! By the way, have you found any wali? Tell me in inbox, I want to talk to him desperately and ask my questions.
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