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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Not only at Ghadeer, Prophet (PBUHHP) at various other occasions has defined about the successorship of Imam Ali (عليه السلام) read about Battle of Tabuk, also Prophet PBUHHP said: "I am city of Knowledge and Ali is my door". Also Prophet (PBUHHP) said in Khyber: "Today, I will send a person who will never return without victory". In Qur'an, there are two principles for appointing a King or Vicegerent, Read in Surah Baqarah when Jews asked as to why Hazrat Talut (عليه السلام) was chosen as King, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) replies: "It is because he has been gifted with knowledge and courage".
  2. For mental disease, recite at least 5 verses of Qur'an daily with translation, you will really get mental therapy. Haram means like Magic or Jadu ?
  3. You took it from website of Ahmed al Hasan, in Arabic it is written that he will be Khalifa of Mehdi that is Vicegerent or representative of Mehdi, not successor of Mehdi man. Khalifa is also used in Qur'an, so does it mean that Allah (عزّ وجلّ) has a successor ? East to Medina is Iran and not Iraq, so how come you refer to this person from East ? Disputed Hadith in the last part, His name matches Mine, Imam Muhammad al Mehdi (عليه السلام) if considered (nauzbillah) father of Ahmed al Hasan, then Imam Mehdi's name don’t resemble with that of Hazrat Abdullah. This hadith
  4. In your case, Imam Al Mehdi (عليه السلام) is hidden and Ahmed is known lolz.
  5. Arabic text ? And secondly, you say that Imam al Mehdi (عليه السلام) has died and is succeeded by your man ? So, are you from one of the person to whom our Imams pointed out that one group of people will say for Imam Mehdi (عليه السلام) that he has died!!!!!
  6. No need to be scared. The people whom you call satanists, have actually named ignorance as Satan. These are two different things. Satan is not ignorant of his actions that he is doing bad. he is aware of it and even though he knows it, he does wrongs not caring about his duty. While ignorance on other hand is different. ignorance is lack of knowledge. And. satanists actually mean that through ignorance, you know that what is the value of truth and goodness, such as if you lie, you feel remorse and when you do bad, you get bad. So, the wrong with the satanists is that they are using word S
  7. lolz brother, why would he be a false Prophet ? What the account says of him. Let alone him, let us talk about his disciple Imam Ali (عليه السلام), he was not known to have worshiped idols and when he was martyred, his own enemies said that after his death, the religion has lost its scholar.
  8. Brother, Allah (عزّ وجلّ) has taken responsibility of preserving Islamic knowledge. The volumes of Hadith were compiled after 200 years but whose says that there weren't small books containing hadiths. Muhaditheen collected those small books and put into a large book. The science of Hadith did not evolved after 200 years, hadith were being discussed then and there were books around which were famous for being credible. Hence, it is a wrong notion that hadith came after 200 years.
  9. Qur'an says about Hadith: "What Prophet says is but a revelation revealed". I do not consider Qur'an and Hadith to be separate but I think both are part and parcel of each other. The explanation of Qur'an is known from Hadith and Hadith 's authenticity is known through Qur'an.
  10. If there be two twins one is Kafir and another is Momin, so would you deny Momin because his appearance looks to you like Kafir ? There can be two Hadith, one fake and other correct, it would be disaster if you try to learn Qur'an by rejecting 2nd Hadith because 1st Hadith looked to you false.
  11. My dear brother, when you come to discover Islam while you have not learned the ways how to discover it, you have actually reached to a level which is sensitive and demands perseverance. If you do not be patient and become overwhelmed by the wrong thoughts rather than finding answers to them, you will not find peace. So, First step towards learning religion is patience and second step is struggle which is also called "Jihad". As regards the negative comments about Islam, you are not alone in this, our Prophets were called as liars and magicians. So, why you feel so sad about those negative rem
  12. @Isaam Besides that, the person who discovered the formula of Benzene could not do so and was disappointed. He slept and saw the formula of Benzene in dream. You can search it on youtube about it.
  13. Once I was troubled by wrong thoughts every time and questions coming to my brain about belief, I did not want to have them. So, I slept and saw a dream in which someone said to me in dream "argue with your shaitan". When I woke up, on the same day, I was looking through hadith in my mobile and I saw hadith of Imam Muhammad al Baqir (عليه السلام): "When you have viswas (wrong thoughts or questions about faith by Shaitan), argue with Shaitan". Didn't look to me a coincidence.
  14. I can't understand. Can you post your question again?
  15. well, you win brother , you might have seen jinns in your life, I have not seen them with physical eyes neither I consider them as material beings for if they were, they would not have been called as concealed. And, I have not seen people possessed by Jinn in history, thanks for your positive remarks and your warnings that I be brushed off as if I really care. I would just say that we need to discover and think over Qur'an.
  16. It is true, envy does have effects but giving sadqah prevents it and also giving Sadqah lengthens life.
  17. I have seen few miracles in my life and those are not coincidence.
  18. Miracles happen for the believers for non-believers even if they happen before them, they call it coincidence.
  19. Don't have evidence either whether an ape give birth to a human lolz.
  20. I have Qur'an on my back up, Majnoon is derived from junoon and its root is jin. So, I am quite convinced about it, if you disagree, its your choice.
  21. Thanks mod @starlight for updating.
  22. Yusuf Ali English Translation and for Tafsir there are many; 1. Aqa Mehdi Poya; 2. Molana Farman Ali; 3. Ayotullah Makarem Ali Sheerazi 4. So many Tafseers. I use this website for reading Qur'an online. https://Qur'an.al-Islam.org/ on the top left corner click the buttons for tafsir and translation.
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